Sunday, November 30, 2008

take that rapture ready for 2012?

Take That ("Circus") ready for take of in 2012?

The timing fits, as we observed already in May
with the release of Indiana Jones 4 and other events I wrote about already before May22 about
a media created play with the raputure theme, the 3,5 years and 22dec2012.
(In the comment section with the help of a reader we came to the importance of the November date as it would fit with 3,5 years plus one year plus one month(13 months/12 plus one).
Goro Adachi already pointed to the half year connection which can be observed
at the Indiana Jones release (May 22) and the India Bombings and other "India"-events(Nov 26).
On Nov 24, 4 years plus one month (also important here 11.11.11) left to the
alleged 2012, dec 22 event boygroup Take That relases the single
"Greatest Day" from the latest album (released on Nov28/title "the Circus" was officially anounced at Nov 22 (11:11?))-The album comes out the same day with Britney Spears new album with the SAME TITLE (also "CIRCUS"):Britney playing on the back cover a Alice in Wonderland theme:
Britney Spears(27) "Circus", her birthday present from the clown as her birthday is:
dec02 or: 1202 aka 2012

Circus like in Circle/relating to to time/Mayan calendar/12 around one/see also picture of the boys standing in the circle with 12 on the top of a tower(see pic above). They stand in such position that the circle symbolizes the great year and their shadow cuts it into half (half year). When the "12"-circle in the video appears, the song line says: "Let's make a new start - the future is ours to find". Then also the name of the single "Greatest day" was of course interesting as it points in video and lyrics to a coming day (dec 22, 2012) of a possibly staged rapture. At the end of the videoeven the Take That boys are taken and changed during the blinking of an eye, see here:

"Today this could be the greatest day of our lives
Before it all ends, before we run out of time"
"Ooh hold your head high, hold on Arms open wide
Yea the world starts to come alive when you stay close to me"
(Take That Greatest Day)

Jesus sais: “look up, and lift up our heads, because our redemption draweth nigh". BUT

"As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. "Tell us," they said, "when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?"

Jesus answered: "Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am the Christ' and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains." (Matthew 24)

take heed and
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


If you click on Karen Armstrong's
you find not just her new "Golden rule"-project (to
be completed in 2009)
her socalled "Council Of Sages" (with Desmond Tutu as one of them)
but at the partners list that,
besides AoC - the Alliance of Civilizations,
and other names, she is linked with
Here on their council of trustees sit Diane & Paul Temple (LINK)
from the Institute for Noetic Sciences
(which again is linked to Club of Budapest with Ervin Laszló and
cult leader Elijahu Benedikt - (see also the twelve around one symbol))

Temple of Understanding writes of a special event coming soon:
"Upcoming Events:
December 11th, 2008

Donor Gratitude Event:
A Celebration of Sacred Space with with artist Alex Grey"
Alex Grey is an occult painter who's art is used heavily to brainwash the masses.
Before, on On Nov 29, he will enjoy his birthday and then be visible in Basel, Europe.
This is a direct link between AoC and Karen Armstrong with the space brothers.
stay tuned!

Friday, November 21, 2008

global governance incarnated

"Javier is I think a personal incarnation
of the world’s most effective institution
of global
governance, namely himself."

Co-Director, Managing Global Insecurity Project
Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy
Washington, D.C. about Javier Solana.
Thursday, November 20, 2008, page 4, read the whole proceedings here
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

bringing space down to earth

As Constance posted crucial information on the latest (Nov 20) MGI("Managing Global Insecurity)-meeting in the Chrystal Ballroom of The Willard Hotel, Washiongton for Brookings, which looks as Javier Solana's 2008 November present. (LINK: )
They call it:

"A Managing Global Insecurity Project Event with Madeleine Albright, Kemal Dervis, Thomas Pickering, Javier Solana and Strobe Talbott, A Plan for Action: Renewed American Leadership and International Cooperation for the 21st Century.

Already on November 9, Rememberance Day, the Good Doctor played the Peace Man:

"Sarkozy, accompanied by his wife Carla Bruni, and the British royal couple were joined by Lady Quentyn Bryce, the governor-general of Australia, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, European parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana. Prince Charles joined Sarkozy to inspect the Guard of Honour and then, together with Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, laid wreaths in memory of the 300,000 dead."LINK

Another ideological player here is Gareth Evans, long time friend of Solana.

They also published together their ideas on their New Global Agenda already some years ago

, see here:

The Future of Transatlantic Relations - Javier Solana

The Responsibility to Protect - Gareth Evans

and they both were also present at the AoC meeting in January in Madrid (see

is a comment/review/propaganda by Glyn Ford on Gareth Evans book "The Responsibility to Protect: Ending Mass Atrocity Crimes Once and For All" published by Brookings. They write:

"GARETH EVANS, Foreign Minister in Australia’s last Labour Government and a key mover in the Cambodian peace process, has attempted to establish an operational mechanism for humanitarian interventions around the world. For him, the US right to interfere was a precursor of pre-emptive deterrence poisoned with colonial overtones and designed to serve the interests of the West rather than the rest. It underpinned the invasion of Iraq and the seizure of its oil in the name of humanitarianism while standing aside and closing eyes and ears to the tribal butchery of millions in Rwanda"....

"It is a responsibility to react to prevent, protect and rebuild; a little appreciated task for, done well, it is barely noticed. Evans argues that R2P type actions have already proved a success. For example, Burundi in 1994 was teetering on the brink of a Rwanda but a huge – and ongoing – effort by South Africa and others dragged them back from the abyss. Closer to home, George Robertson and Javier Solana, Nato general secretary and EU high official for foreign and security policy, used tough love and the presence of 35,000 Nato troops over the hill to save Macedonia from the tragedy that engulfed the rest of the Balkans.

Yet if the concept is clear the institutions within which it is to operate must be found."

Or in other words: Legitimation for Solana as Warman/Peacekeeper who uses Forces must be found.

The comment concludes: "The EU is the world’s number two for military expenditure. But duplication and a lack of inter-operability are compounded by plans to fight the last war we never had rather than those that loom on the horizon today. The EU needs a common foreign and security policy and if Ireland continues to say “No” it will come from a two speed Europe where the Eurozone countries take on foreign policy responsibilities leaving those outside to jump on board or get left behind."

and even better:

"Gareth Evans, now head of the International Crisis Group in Brussels, has done humanity a service. The world now has a duty to ensure it’s not R2P RIP."

and we have Kopernikus...
What is Kopernikus? "Kopernikus is a European initiative, formerly called Global Monitoring for the Environment and Security (GMES), which uses satellites and other sensors on the ground, floating in the water or flying through the air to monitor our natural environment as well as keeping an eye on the security of every citizen."

"Kopernikus - Observing our planet for a safer world
Kopernikus plays a strategic role in supporting major EU policies by its services:

-Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), including the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP);

-other policies relevant to European citizens' security at Community and national levels , notably the potential that exists for application to, e.g., policies related to Justice and Home Affairs activities of the European Union, such as border surveillance."

Then we have also
"space policy that will allow the EU to take global leadership in selected strategic policy areas. Space can provide the tools to address many of the global challenges that face 21st century society: challenges that Europe must take a leading role in addressing.

The adoption of the European Space Policy communication and its endorsement by the joint European Space Council in the Spring of 2007 gives Europe its first agreed space policy."

And a reporter attending the World Astronaut Congress in Glasgow, just days before I was there, wrote:

" start to wonder if the institutions involved were trying to sabotage any possibility of meaningful press coverage.

You may think the view of this reporter is rather jaundiced. While it is true that he has been around long enough to see quite a few ‘grand projets’ arrive with a fanfare then quietly depart, clearly many of the new services underpinned by Kopernicus have the potential to benefit the man in the street, especially in the area of environmental monitoring.

Yet, while the Lille conference impressed for the efforts of a variety of differing organisations to publicise their work, I’m afraid that the results were yet another indication of a net failure at European level to address fundamental public concerns. Namely, the effects of yet more surveillance of the activities of you, me and every other inhabitant of the planet. ‘The police are very interested in Kopernicus,’ I was told. Somehow I am not surprised.

Kopernicus is promised a budget of some 2.4 billion euros to build up the space component and ensure access. It’s nice to know that your taxes are going to help more and more people check what you’re doing every time you walk down to the shops."

European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC) is an Agency of the Council of the European Union dedicated to the exploitation and production of information derived primarily from the analysis of earth observation space imagery in support of Union decision-making in the field of "second pillar", the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP).

The establishment of the EUSC is considered by the Union as an essential asset for the strengthening of CFSP (and of the European Security and Defense Policy -ESDP- as part of CFSP), especially in the crisis monitoring and conflict prevention function.

The Centre was created by a Council Joint Action on 20 July 2001, and it is operational as from 1st January 2002, under the political supervision of the Political and Security Committee and the operational direction of the Secretary-General.

The Centre, which has own legal personality in order to carry out it's function, also conducts research and development projects. The Centre also carries out training activities for expert personnel in the fields of Digital Geographic Information Systems and imagery analysis.

It is located in Torrejón, in the vicinity of Madrid, Spain."

ESA and EUMETSAT are two main European actors in this area who should play the major role in co-ordination, implementation and operational running of the infrastructure.

Bringing space down to earth

European-level coordination is provided through the framework agreement between the European Commission and the European Space Agency, as well as other implementation coordinating bodies, such as the GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA) for the Galileo satellite navigation system.

GSA's key stated objective is to make GALILEO not just a functioning system but also the world's leading satellite navigation system for civilian applications.

"European-level coordination is provided through the framework agreement between the European Commission and the European Space Agency, as well as other implementation coordinating bodies, such as the GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA) for the Galileo satellite navigation system.

GSA's key stated objective is to make GALILEO not just a functioning system but also the world's leading satellite navigation system for civilian applications."
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Edgar Mitchell programming Germany : "we want contact"

Uri Geller's "UfOZ" and Alien show hosted spacewizard Edgar Mitchell.

Me so ashamed that my home country Germany is sunken so deep.
Is the financial crisis not crisis enough? Now we are under a fullblown occult attack headed by Uri Geller and Edgar Mitchell and his socalled Institute for Noetic Sciences.

The best thing was, that all the critics laughed.
They laughed about last Saturday's evening show in German TV Pro7:
Uri Geller's "Ufos and Alien" and ridiculed the millions who followed the bizarre introduction into the luciferian Edgar Mitchell/Ervin Laszlo/Elijahu Benedikt/2012believe system.
Edgar Mitchell (l.) on the show, playing the OZ-magic man, was there to declare the existence of Aliens and to help to introduce an experiment with the Chrytsal skull, Uri Geller had brought with him. Guest Star Nina Hagen (r.).
Uri Geller asked his viewers to lay a hand on the TVscreen to make contact with the skull's energy(sic):
in front of the blue skull in the background: 2 moderators(left) asking German Rock Queen Nina Hagen, Psychic Uri Geller(with Chrystal Skull) and Ufo-researcher Erich von Daniken.

There is also a short video about it, the Chrystal skull scene apears at 4:30, after an introduction via Indiana Jones: 4:30 You Tube video on Uri Geller and the Chrystal skulls
Then came the Oz-programming: Professor Falke played the sceptic (Professor Falke's name was interesting as this relates to Uri Geller and his alleged contacts with a falk-god-entity named "Spectra".) and the rest of the psychic crew was also there:
Dorothy (Nina Hagen) with Tin-man (Uri Geller), Lion (vonDaniken) and Scare Crow(Vincent Raven(!)) listening to Prof. Falke ("Hawk"-2Spectra") and Wizard of Oz Edgar Mitchell in "UfOZ and Aliens"-show, Saturday evening in Germany under rainbow colours:

Right after the show: Nina Hagen in a "Rosswell-UFO-report":
enhancing the yellow brick road theme.
See full video here: Pro7 Nina Hagen's Ufo Jagd

One night before (full moon) November 14: Nina Hagen played the
Alice-in-Wonderland-theme:"Mein Name ist Hase, FBI"
Btw: This summer someone tried to shock me with this theme,
Alice just everywhere on my way to work,-here just two photos of this happening: even the University's elevator had the left hand of Alice, made of the same paper-material, see here:
Alice in wonderland/Professor "Hawk" on my way to work

Meanwhile the Uri Geller Ufo-show also played on this theme in using
two Ufo-Abductees,
who said they were soul twins and moved just as real twins,
just like the infamous Tweedledee and Tweedledum,
from Sir John Tenniel's illustrations
for Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, see for yourself:
Tweedledee and Tweedledum
At the end Uri Geller wanted everybody to stand up and after the (Final) Countdown bringing things to fruition with "Shalosh"(Measure, summ up, completeness") everybody had to cry out loud "We want contact". Is this the preparation for the coming luciferian mass-initiation???(one can see it at youtube(sic): LINK SHALOSH.)
(and I think the critics oversaw the programming).

Is it so close to the countdown to rapture or extinction?
stay tuned!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Solana:"It is imperative for calm to be restored"

Brussels, 14 November 2008 S371/08
Javier SOLANA,EU High Representative for the CFSP,
extremely concerned at the situation in and around Gaza:
"I am extremely concerned about the violence that has recently returned to Gaza and the
surrounding area and threatens to end the truce. The truce has allowed
Israel and the Palestinian Authority to make progress in negotiations and Egypt to seek to broker Palestinian reconciliation.
A return to violence is a step back for all concerned. I therefore appeal to all parties to exercise
restraint and to respect the truce that has held since June.
It is imperative for calm to be restored." PDF-LINK from the Council of the European Union


today G-20 in Washington: the 2 AOC horns in the symetric center, right behind G.W.Bush.

maybe somebody can provide a picture from front angle?
and yesterday in Nice:
Solana, Zarkozy and Barroso meeting the Russian bear:



pictures: RIA/der Spiegel: " Medvedev: Speaking with a single voice?"

"this weekend's world financial summit in Washington, the two sides agreed to a common position on reform of global financial institutions. Kremlin chief Medvedev gushed about an agreement that "went into the details" and boldly announced that Europe and Russia "would speak with a single voice" at the summit..." writes der Spiegel.

"Brussels and Moscow Rediscover Friendship

The extent of the harmony seen on Friday was rare: EU leaders and Russian President Medvedev agreed to new talks in Nice about political and economic partnership between Moscow and Europe. There was even talk of a "pan-European security pact."...more here: LINK

And back to Spain:

"Only a political squabble over the cost of the art work has been able to cast a shadow over the significance of Barcelo's piece, the opening ceremony for which will be attended by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Spain's King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero on Tuesday, Nov. 18.Barcelo worked for 13 months on redecorating a negotiating room which will now be known as the Chamber for Human Rights and the Alliance of Civilizations,2144,3790677,00.html

"Row Erupts in Spain over UN's New 'Sistine Chapel'" - "The disclosure has attracted fierce condemnation and sparked rows in the Spanish parliament. Opposition politicians are now calling for the country's Foreign Ministry -- which has been criticized over the affair -- to be stripped of its control over Spain's cultural activities abroad." Link:
In June I had already written about the new design in the new UN headquarter

stay tuned!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

AA2, SArA2 and In Die: HannaH Jones

Alex Grey: Obama, PAt Roberterson on PAlin 2012, Russian U-boat accident, IN DIE: Hanna Jones

This is getting weird. Last week I had a series of dreams, all connected through the use of the same unusual kind of "dream-colour". The constant message was: surrounded by many wild beasts there is someone in the beast-house who should not be there. In the following I refer to one of the dreams as it became true faster than expected:

On Friday night I had a dream about an accident near a sea coast with something that looked like a ship, but wasn't a ship. It was just floating n the water. I wrote it's number plate and it said A-A2. And I saw experts typing something into a laptop: it was the first half of my name(FREI-), but also a bit modified.

On Sunday came the news about an accident on the coast of Amur in a Russian Atom U-boat: Type A-2 (Akula II Nerpa)("Nerpa" meaning sea-dog).
20 Russian soldiers died because of the gas FREON.

Somehow related to this dream series was Palin and 2012, although the dots not yet connected, I want to mention, that I am sure that somehow they use also her name as a code for the date:


Interesting was also the answer of PAt Robertson when asked by Larry King about PAlin and 2012: LINK
Palin, 2012, guns and wild beasts: LINK
Will it be Terminator Schwarzenegger and Sarah Connor Palin?
But the New Age crowd is also trying their best with one of their latest Messiahs:
Above I posted a "Obama" picture by Alex Grey, who is linked with Heinrich Elijahu Benedikt and Ervin Laszlo's Club of Budapest. They also focus on 2012.

And all this happens again before a Indiana Jones and 13 chrystal skulls (DVD sellings) background by the "right to die-deathcult" using a little girl in her death struggle -:
("IN DIE:") HANNA JONES, age 13,
MAR-den near HEREFORD (like "Harrison Ford"??)
: A Terminally Ill 13-Year-Old Says No to a Life-Saving Heart Transplant

Btw: Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford is born on July 13,1942,
that is a day before Javier Solana's birthday, July 14,1942.
(the rest of the list is still to come)
stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

change has arrived


Union Med to be based in Barcelona - Solana delighted

While everybody watches America and as some minutes to midnight Mr. Change (No.44) has arrived, 43 countries from the European Union, the Balkans, north Africa and the Middle East agreed on Tuesday to base a new Union for the Mediterranean in Barcelona...

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he was "delighted" by the accord on Barcelona

The Mediterrian Union - oficially inaugurated on 2008 July 14 - Javier Solana's 66th birthday - strengthens (not replace as the link below suggests) his Barcelona Process initiated in 1995.

The Arab League will be involved “at all levels” of the new organisation.
In return, Israel will gain a high-ranking position in the union’s secretariat, or permanent bureaucracy. This will be led (=43 plus 1) by a secretary-general from an as yet unnamed non-EU state, plus five deputies from Italy, Greece, Israel, Malta and the Palestinian Authority.



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