Tuesday, November 04, 2008

change has arrived


Union Med to be based in Barcelona - Solana delighted

While everybody watches America and as some minutes to midnight Mr. Change (No.44) has arrived, 43 countries from the European Union, the Balkans, north Africa and the Middle East agreed on Tuesday to base a new Union for the Mediterranean in Barcelona...

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he was "delighted" by the accord on Barcelona

The Mediterrian Union - oficially inaugurated on 2008 July 14 - Javier Solana's 66th birthday - strengthens (not replace as the link below suggests) his Barcelona Process initiated in 1995.

The Arab League will be involved “at all levels” of the new organisation.
In return, Israel will gain a high-ranking position in the union’s secretariat, or permanent bureaucracy. This will be led (=43 plus 1) by a secretary-general from an as yet unnamed non-EU state, plus five deputies from Italy, Greece, Israel, Malta and the Palestinian Authority.



stay tuned!



Joyce said...

There were terrible storms in the Mediterranean as the meeting was taking place..hmmmm.

Have a look at Marseille:




paul said...

What is an "as-yet unnamed EU state" I wonder

E said...
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E said...

How does this effect the EU and WEU? Is it a tool of theirs?

Anonymous said...

what is ed?

Anonymous said...

what is ed?

Anonymous said...


Spain received a seat at the upcoming emergency financial meeting on 11/15/08 in Washington, D.C.:


Hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

The Economist has published a lengthy, but highly informative, interview with Spain's P.M. Zapatero, that touts Spain's financial successes (interesting timing, given that the interview took place in Sept. and the emergency financial summit in Washington, D.C. will be next Saturday, 11/15/08:


Anonymous said...

P.S. Meant to underline the Economist, not bold it.

Young Grasshopper said...


I am so relieved to hear that you are alright after your frightful trip to the airport recently.

"He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short."

It is interesting that BArcelona is a city built on 7 hills. Coincidence?

Things are happening very quickly!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back safe and sound, Farmer.


Anonymous said...

farmer-what other significant events are there that happened on june 14th since 1995 that are important to europe & javier solana


björn (farmer) said...

Joyce, thanks for that important addentum with the storms from Marseille!
e - yes this is an official EU thing (since July 14), and all external relations of EU relate to Barcelona (since 95).
Young Grasshopper, yes 7 hills, and AoC-partner city Istanbul is also built on 7 hills. Thanks for your shared thoughts and feelings!
James - did you mean july 14? I would then give you a list of his known birthday presents...
anonymous what is "ed"? you mean "ed" from "to lead, led, led" in my text, "led" minus 1 stays "ed"?
The one(1) refered not to 1ed/led but to the yet unknown leader.
Thanks for keeping us informed and up to date: nony(spain seat)(and also asking about my well being) and anonymous(underlined economist)!
and Paul - thanks for your reading with open eyes and wondering - I wonder too...
and thanks to my quiet continious or first time visitors - happy to have you here!
farmer (back with more very soon)

Anonymous said...

farmer--yes ,please do give me a list of his birthday presents--I appreciate that very much thank you


oldmanoftheski said...

I don't usually post here Bjorn, I try to confine all my blogging over at Constance's site, but I've been working on this all day long, and for some reason I decided to check up on what you've been working on and discovered that this fits right in with the subject at hand....

Since the WEU has finally agreed on the site for their new headquarters....

Google Earth...

2° 7'2.87"E

...I started wondering if any of these Mediterranean sea coastal dignitaries might enter the Pedralbes Palace through the Dragon’s Gate. I did some research today and discovered the gate and palace were designed by famed architect Antonio Gaudi. The gate is adorned with Ladon the Dragon, the mythological beast that played a prominent role in the ancient legends, and has been charged by Gaudi with the task of guarding the Carriage House entrance. This "back door" historically offered important visitors a more discreet entre to the Royal Palace.

But alas, Gaudi's patron Eusibi Guell’s estate has been divided by a road that now funnels traffic between the Palace and the University of Barcelona Faculty of Law. That means the Carriage House and the Dragon Gate no longer actually physically connect to the WEU’s new headquarters. (Pity, it would have been an appropriate entrance!)

I wonder if any of these men, as they walk through the Palace's Garden of Hesperides contemplating the fate of all humanity, will pause long enough to toss a euro or two into the Fountain of Hercules?

If not familiar with Gaudi and his Gothic style, see the clips of Hiroshi Teshigahara’s film, which, although it has been poorly copied onto You Tube, is a good introduction for all things Gaudi. Hiroshi’s film opens with the appropriate spooky music and close up images of the “Dragon Gate”.