Wednesday, November 26, 2008


If you click on Karen Armstrong's
you find not just her new "Golden rule"-project (to
be completed in 2009)
her socalled "Council Of Sages" (with Desmond Tutu as one of them)
but at the partners list that,
besides AoC - the Alliance of Civilizations,
and other names, she is linked with
Here on their council of trustees sit Diane & Paul Temple (LINK)
from the Institute for Noetic Sciences
(which again is linked to Club of Budapest with Ervin Laszló and
cult leader Elijahu Benedikt - (see also the twelve around one symbol))

Temple of Understanding writes of a special event coming soon:
"Upcoming Events:
December 11th, 2008

Donor Gratitude Event:
A Celebration of Sacred Space with with artist Alex Grey"
Alex Grey is an occult painter who's art is used heavily to brainwash the masses.
Before, on On Nov 29, he will enjoy his birthday and then be visible in Basel, Europe.
This is a direct link between AoC and Karen Armstrong with the space brothers.
stay tuned!


Joyce said...

I started looking at Karen's new orginzation about a week or so ago. The links are pretty amazing. Look at the Board on this:
and this one:

You have the Hapsburgs, John Esposito, Schwab from the World Economic Forum, Tony Blair's Foundation and on and on. You could spend all day making a chart of the connections on all of these organizations who are connected to Karen Armstrong, who completely tears down the Scriptures. a prerequisite to being involved with her.

Here's a Clinton connection:

and on the Global Peace Initiative of Women I found this article mentioned. The link didn't open, but this is a MUST READ:,CST-NWS-fals12.article

I think the links on Karen's site could keep us all busy for a long time. We all know where this is heading..sadly.


björn (farmer) said...

exactly! the Tanenbaum one is a very heavy link, with big names, including Richard C. Holbrooke and
HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal at their program advisory council, with also big links to the economy and Universities...thanks joyce! farmer

Setterman said...

Yes, as Bill Clinton said at the Democrat convention in 1991: “eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has into the heart of man what we can do for ourselves.” The university Tower of Babel is all about what men can do without God. “Peace, peace, but there is no peace.” The universities have invaded the hearts of the people and the people are the Government. When the academic high priests are garbed in their white robes the people bow to the idol of the ivory tower.
We continue to face the question the world asks: where is God? When I am suffering, and make no mistake about it, the world is suffering, I cried out: “Where were you God?” I heard the still small voice say: “I was on the CROSS.” Isaiah 53: Who has believed and trusted our message. . . Surely He has carried our weaknesses and distresses and carried our sorrows and pains. . . He was wounded, bruised for our sins, transgressions, and humanity’s iniquity was cast upon Him. In the garden He was as Mark reported: ‘My soul is grief-stricken with a grief like death. . .’ What a wonderful saviour, what can men do to me? I know He is mine and I am His.
Thank you Lord, for flesh and blood has not revealed these glorious things to me; I pray for all those who visit Farmer's site, his labor of love, and trust in what you have done: "So loved the world that you gave your only begotten SON." Thank you Lord!

Joyce said...

Yes, I'm sure there's a lot more to be uncovered if we keep time permits, I will.

And on the subject of Obama and Soros, I saw this this morning:

Setterman, we are blessed, you're right.. It's not because our I.Q.s are higher, but because God's has revealed what the truth is..something to be really thankful about.


paul said...

Thank you Bjorn, Joyce and Setterman.

Joyce said...

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Paul!