Saturday, November 15, 2008

Solana:"It is imperative for calm to be restored"

Brussels, 14 November 2008 S371/08
Javier SOLANA,EU High Representative for the CFSP,
extremely concerned at the situation in and around Gaza:
"I am extremely concerned about the violence that has recently returned to Gaza and the
surrounding area and threatens to end the truce. The truce has allowed
Israel and the Palestinian Authority to make progress in negotiations and Egypt to seek to broker Palestinian reconciliation.
A return to violence is a step back for all concerned. I therefore appeal to all parties to exercise
restraint and to respect the truce that has held since June.
It is imperative for calm to be restored." PDF-LINK from the Council of the European Union


today G-20 in Washington: the 2 AOC horns in the symetric center, right behind G.W.Bush.

maybe somebody can provide a picture from front angle?
and yesterday in Nice:
Solana, Zarkozy and Barroso meeting the Russian bear:



pictures: RIA/der Spiegel: " Medvedev: Speaking with a single voice?"

"this weekend's world financial summit in Washington, the two sides agreed to a common position on reform of global financial institutions. Kremlin chief Medvedev gushed about an agreement that "went into the details" and boldly announced that Europe and Russia "would speak with a single voice" at the summit..." writes der Spiegel.

"Brussels and Moscow Rediscover Friendship

The extent of the harmony seen on Friday was rare: EU leaders and Russian President Medvedev agreed to new talks in Nice about political and economic partnership between Moscow and Europe. There was even talk of a "pan-European security pact."...more here: LINK

And back to Spain:

"Only a political squabble over the cost of the art work has been able to cast a shadow over the significance of Barcelo's piece, the opening ceremony for which will be attended by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Spain's King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero on Tuesday, Nov. 18.Barcelo worked for 13 months on redecorating a negotiating room which will now be known as the Chamber for Human Rights and the Alliance of Civilizations,2144,3790677,00.html

"Row Erupts in Spain over UN's New 'Sistine Chapel'" - "The disclosure has attracted fierce condemnation and sparked rows in the Spanish parliament. Opposition politicians are now calling for the country's Foreign Ministry -- which has been criticized over the affair -- to be stripped of its control over Spain's cultural activities abroad." Link:
In June I had already written about the new design in the new UN headquarter

stay tuned!


Joyce said...

Speaking of art and Nice...and Barcelona, take a look at Jaume Plensa's work from Barcelona in Nice, also in Chicago the Crown Fountain in the Millennium Park:

Getting back to more serious matters like the G20 Summit and the meeting in Nice:

How about this photo with Javier Solana in it:

and this video really tells the whole story:

Wonder what the Russians thought of Plensa's androgynous figures...?


Anonymous said...

Is this the foundation to have the first and second beasts of Daniel 7 join forces? I've long speculated they are (#1) the EU and (#2) Russia...

Rev. 13:1 & 2 indicate the terrible beast of the 42 month second half is composed of a combined first three beasts in Daniel 7...



Anonymous said...

..."If the Book of Daniel and the Apocalypse are melded together, we can clearly see a Central Source of World Power, a power that will hold and control people and resources. No one could trade without being a slave to this power. I'm also convinced in the view that in the future world there will only be one financial currency, though this currency will not physically exist, it will only exist in cyberspace, those enslaved by that single super-system will access their money through being scanned and verified as the rightful owner of nothing but code."..."I see the future as I understand the past and present. We're witnessing a false rebalancing of world power, and a harmonizing of nations in a "positive discrimination" sense, that ignores merit and substance, in favor of an un-Godly balance. All of this goes by the name "Alliance of Civilizations," involving "social reform," and redistribution of wealth. Whereas in reality it all spells and spills out as nothing less than "Global Sickle Cell Anemia."

from: © Johnny D. Symon
"Global sickle cell anemia"

Roma said...

Sure seems like all things are melding into place.