Sunday, December 28, 2008

300 and a man

source: film "300"

"Bloodshed without end: Almost 300 killed in israeli bombardment of Gaza". LINK

Just too many links here and me no time to go into all details here, so just some hints:

the Sumatra TSUNAMI DECEMBER 26 jubileeum
The Sumatra-Andaman earthquake and tsunami of 26 December 2004, one of the deadliest natural events in human history, caused 300.000 fatalities around the margins of the Indian Ocean. The rupture initiated beneath northwestern Sumatra and propagated 1300 kilometers to the Andaman Islands LINK and
(see also Goro Adachi today, also pointing to the
flood-Osiris-Gaza-India connection:

to todays(!) news from India(about 3000 miles away from Gaza):

300 migrants missing off Andamans

"About 300 illegal migrants are feared to have drowned in the Bay of Bengal off the coast of India's Andaman and Nicobar islands. The migrants went missing after they jumped from a drifting boat and tried to swim ashore...One survivor, identified as Mohammad Ismail Arafat(sic), said he and others had paid a Bangladeshi agent for promised jobs". . LINK
This was 3x30 km south of Andaman capital Port BLAIR (sic-link to Solans MidEast envoyTony Blair)" (link)
(By the way Palestenian leader Arafat, who died in 2004, was said to have owned 300 Mio Dollars, Link. He was brought to his last stay in a Hospital in Paris just 3 days after the Israelian Parliament voted for Solana's 7 year ENP treaty on 2004 October 26/27(=300th day of the year!!!).And at the moment Solana has a 300 person staff working for him.)

"We were left to the mercy of God... after drifting for 10-15 days, when finally we saw a lighthouse, many jumped into the water," a statement by the Indian coast guard quoted him as saying". . LINK
This links to Solana (House of the sun) and the sun-god Osiris
!!!see page 59 of
"Seeing Double: Intercultural Poetics in Ptolemaic Alexandria"
by Susan A. Stephens
She also explains the link to the boat (p60) and the hunting theme
("Order-chaos theme of Sun-God smiting the foe")(p61)
(...and further the Greek link)(also linked to Paris-Diana("huntress") 1997 (11 years and a half year)-linked to my last article with Diana-300 airguns).

so we understand why in today's news:

"Hunters to hold 300 meets

Battle lines will be drawn when hunters and anti-hunt campaigners converge in countryside across Britain at the traditional Boxing Day meets.About 300 "trail" hunts, including 194 fox hunts with packs of hounds, will be held in England, Wales and Scotland.
The Countryside Alliance has launched a new petition calling for repeal of the Hunting Act, which banned killing deer, foxes and hares in organised chases."LINK

this all is of course related also to Gideon's army of 300 (Gaza and keeping the Midianites from crossing the Jordan River, also the 7 years of occupation) LINK
also Noah (arche 300 cubits long) see also: 'Home of Noah' is found 300 ft below Black Sea"Link
which links again to the Black See and Osiris story (see my articles here and link).

stay tuned!


Joyce said...

Interesting connections..
Joseph gave Benjamin 300 pieces of silver.
Samson caught 300 foxes.
Isbi-benob, a descendant of the giants had a spear that weight 300 shekels of bronze.

Abishai used his spear against 300 and killed them.
Solomon had 300 concubines. ( 700 wives)
Hezekiah gave 300 talents of silver and 30 of gold to the king of Assyria.

The perfume used to annoint before HIs death could have been sold for 300 denarii and given to the poor, according to the traitor, Judas.

Russia is going to deliver the S-300 air defense system to Iran to ward off Israeli or US strikes on their nuclear plants after all:

björn (farmer) said...

Well done - great input - thanks Joyce!

björn (farmer) said...

interesting also the name of the Gaza operation: "cast lead" as to predict or envoke a certain situation in the coming year. Btw the melting point of lead is at 2x300 kelvin.

björn (farmer) said...

added 300th day of the year: October 26/27 (Israel voted for ENP).

Anonymous said...

Shrug. I may be obtuse, but more than half the time I don't know what you are talking about in these blogs, Farmer.

björn (farmer) said...

not obtuse, thanks for writing,
if once I should find the time for it I should truly try to express myself more clearly. So this could be a task for the coming year. Until then I must relay on my readers grace and patience with me...I am so thankful to all of you and wish you a blessed 2009! farmer

Joyce said...

I track with you.. The visuals are amazing. You see things that others would not notice...the artist in you.

björn (farmer) said...

:))so happy to have you here Joyce...