Tuesday, December 09, 2008

EU backs plan to build nuclear fuel bank by 2010


In 1968 the so called Non-Profileration treaty was signed by many and entered into force on march 5 1970. Now 40 years later Solana wants to strengthen this treaty with many before 2010 by creating a "nuclear fuel bank":

"We cannot afford to fail. If we do we may face more problems -- new countries that are tempted to cross the red line and go nuclear," he said.

"But if we succeed, we will strengthen the multilateral nuclear non-proliferation system which is a core EU objective."


So "The European Union backs plans to create a nuclear fuel bank before 2010 which would ensure supplies and cut the need for nations to enrich uranium, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said Monday.

"We want the bank to be established very soon. In any case before the next NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) review conference in spring 2010," he said at a conference on nuclear disarmament. (these conferences are highly sponsored by Carnegie, LINK)

An EU official said that finally bringing a tool talked about for years into being "would positively influence the general climate surrounding the revision of the NPT".

Solana said that the EU has decided to support the fuel bank, to be run by the UN nuclear watchdog the International Atomic Energy Agency, with a contribution of up to 25 million euros (32 million dollars)"(...)

"IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei welcomed the EU's offer.

"The EU pledge, along with those by Norway, the UAE and the USA shows growing momentum for a new more equitable framework for nuclear energy," his office said in a statement.

"It has been the Director General's view that the establishment of such a bank would be an important first step towards the multilateralization of the nuclear fuel cycle."


Same Mr. ElBaradei(born as Solana in 1942) received the NOBEL PRIZE IN 2005, The James Park Morton Interfaith Award and also the Prix de la Fondation award from the Crans Montana Forum,the Organization that hosted cult leader Heinrich Elijahu Benedikt this year.
and on 4 November 2008 in Seville, Spain held an important speech at the
International Seville NODO Prize for Peace, Security and Inter-Cultural Dialogue Ceremony.:

"The architecture, art and cuisine of Spain, and of this region in particular, are a product of the fusion of Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures going back more than 1,000 years. ...We need to remember that we are one human family. Today, insecurity anywhere in the world can very quickly lead to insecurity everywhere. The organization which I have the honour to lead, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has a mandate which I like to sum up as human security. ...This is not just pious rhetoric. I firmly believe that the goal of a more just and equitable world is achievable if we simply change our mindset and work for a world based on equity, fairness and justice for all. We must accept that all men and women in this world are our brothers and sisters and commit ourselves to doing the hard work necessary to bring about lasting change. A world in which every human being lives in dignity and freedom is a world at peace with itself."


You see, the AoC and the Atomic beast (God of forces?) are heavily linked and wait for Solana's blessing or strengthening of the convenant with many under the name of peace and security before 2010.
stay tuned!


Joyce said...

This film "The Spirit" is being released Dec 25. I think you will find something interesting to do with this:


Yes, and God help us with the EU Nuclear fuel bank...

Very creepy,

Joyce said...

This is a better link:



Joyce said...

You can create your own "avatar" on the site.

There's also an art contest which students participated in from all over US,on the site with projects saying "the Spirit is protecting this city".


E said...

Could the fulfillment of Daniel's 'covenant made firm' be near future rather than recent past? Or would this be making firm was had been made firm with the ENPI funding?

The U.N. is going to be much more involved than I ever imagined. I believe Zechariah's prophecy about the woman and Shinar points to this as well.

Joyce said...

Just a heads up. Your friend the Finnish Nobel Prize winner is pushing Obama on Mideast Peace.



Jerusalem Post has an article too..

Joyce said...

Sorry, but this is also from Finland:



Constance Cumbey said...


Great stuff! We are thinking alike. I just saw breaking news on the Irish referendum, put up something brief on my spot and see you happily "beat me to it!"

Great work! I had mentioned you in my piece too and didn't hop over here until I was done. You are "on the case!" Good work!


Constance Cumbey said...

I have some VERY URGENT new material up on my site. Urgent that you see it! Looks like the Maitreya folks are now ready to make their final moves!