Sunday, December 28, 2008

old buddies meet on Jerusalem?

see the NATO picture from 1999 about a
meeting between
(left to right)Gen. Wesley Clark (SACEUR), then NATO Secretary General Dr. Javier Solana and Richard Holbrooke concerning the crisis in Kosovo.
(source: NATO:

Didn't Constance say long ago that Kosovo was the dry-run for Israel?

"The violence in Gaza adds a new foreign policy crisis to the top of the political agenda for Barack Obama and his incoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and dashes hopes for easy, early progress in the Middle East peace process...."
" Mrs Clinton is planning to reinstate the practice, from her husband’s administration, of appointing envoys to certain troubled countries or regions, and has begun considering a high-profile envoy to the Middle East to kickstart the peace process. Dennis Ross, Bill Clinton’s Arab-Israeli negotiator, is among the names being mentioned in Washington, along with former assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke and Martin Indyk, a former US ambassador to Israel." LINK

stay tuned!


Joyce said...

Abbas was quoted as saying he warned Hamas. This looks like the perfect setup to push through some kind of peace plan. Israeli elections are coming up and Livni is looking like a more serious leader getting lots of air time saying that she can't let rockets hit innocent children, although Netanyahu was favored to win. There were supposedly rockets found in Lebanon that the Lebanese army found, aimed at Israel. . Where are the Unifil troops...hmmm.

Difficult to believe, since the Lebanese Army is infiltrated by Hizb'allah that they are actually protecting Israel. We are certainly starting off 2009 with some interesting things and Joe Biden is looking like a prophet.

Obama is looking very laid back in Hawaii as he prepares to be US Commander in chief. Arab news sources are flashing pictures of children in hospitals with blood all over the Arab world. The suspense is too much...what's Obama going to do? Is he going to have endless negotiations that end in failure, like Bush did or is it Superman to the rescue? Sorry.. but the script is just too interesting.

Joking aside, the world knows with Hamas in the way, a peace plan is impossible. I don't think Israel will allow a repeat of Lebanon that ends in the Arab world crying "failure" so this situation is rather serious. There are also families in the Judea and Samaria ( West Bank) who have family in Gaza, so a whole new generation of angry youth are being formed as Israel bombs Gaza to protect its youth.

The leader of Hamas called for the 3rd intifada, and Nassarellah is certainly not quiet either. Young disenfranchised Palestinians who have been trained to be shahaddah with the help of donations from EU for "textbooks" and other media projects, will be willing to die for the cause, sadly.

This will not endear Israel to anyone, even though they are simply defending the cities that are on the border of Gaza.

No word on Gilliad Shallit, which has to be very distressing for his family.

Iran is out of the spotlight, sort of...well their weapons have been being used by Hamas, but for the moment no one is talking about their nuclear facilities, at least not out loud, and question of what weapons sold or didn't sell to Iran is completely off the radar.

...and Condelezza Rice was doing the Sunday Talk Show circuit singing the mantra "two state solution". The realities on the ground make that sound like a good joke at the moment, but will provide more impetus to push forward with a "political solution".

Of course this is not just a game of pac man. There are real lives being affected on both sides, so we need to pray for them. This is actually very sad.

Bottom line as we all know:
without Yeshua, there will never be peace. There are lots of brave people there who are bringing the message of the good news on both sides and we should remember to pray for them.

Prophetically, it looks like we are on an accelerated time table, but we'll have to see what happens.


E said...

I also thought a successful EULEX in Kosovo would be used in Israel. (see my November 22 blog entry)

We will have to wait and watch. Keep coming with the info Farmer, it's always interesting.

Anonymous said...

> "Didn't Constance say long ago that Kosovo was the dry-run for Israel?"

Barry Chamish Reply to me ...

"No, I did. Read La(s)t Days Of Israel, FIRST entry."