Monday, December 29, 2008

shock and awe: the 300 again and Palin

Palin campaign picture with Terminator red-glue eye in background and 300 smile and pullover in 300 colours, 300-film "still today we shall dine in hell",

Thanks to Goro I learn that yesterday on December 29 also Sarah Palin
was in the news again, with her daughter Bristol Palin(18), who gave birth on Saturday to a healthy 7 lb., 7 oz.,(some sources say 4) baby boy, name is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, in Palmer, Alaska. The father is Levi Johnston, a former hockey player at Alaska's Wasilla High School and bet they come up with that number 300:

"Bristol Palin could earn $300,000 for baby pics"

"...As for how much teen parents Bristol and Levi made from the deal — most estimates hover around the $300,000 range (none of the magazines would confirm the exact figure in the end, which is standard)...." why they write 300.000???

The English name Tripp means -"traveler"
The English name Easton means - "eastern town"
Mitchell isof course a variant of Michael - "who resembles God"
name of the the archangel who defeats the dragon.
Also reminds of the most famous Mitchell Crystal skull, LINK.
The Machine Skull a current theme at Terminator.
Terminator again.The future begins.


Lena Headey, as Sarah Connor also played in "300".

FOX is also a coded 6+6+6 (F=6/O=15/X=24)

Also biblical SAMSON and the 300 foxes (thanks Joyce!)

and: "Lena Headey (born 3 October 1973) is an English actress best known for playing Sarah Connor on FOX's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, as well as appearing in such films as The Remains of the Day, Possession, The Brothers Grimm ...

and 300."

In "300" she played the wife of Queen Gorgo: Leonidas' wife.
Plutarch quotes Queen Gorgo as follows:
When asked by a woman from Attica,
'Why are you Spartan women the only ones who can rule men?',
she said:
'Because we are also the only ones who give birth to men.'"

"300 Women Gather to Send a Message to Sarah Palin" LINK

"Matching the look won't be easy. Although the frames are sold at many optical boutiques, the shape of the strongly rectangular lenses was custom-made for Palin by Home Optics, an upscale retailer in Chugiak, Alaska.Owner Joy Leedham went to Palin's home in late December and fitted her in her kitchen — where Palin considered nearly 300 frames. They narrowed it to five frames, and Palin's family helped pick the winner. The frame is Kawasaki's 704 series, and the color is 34 gray, Hahn says." LINK

Please understand I do not intend to write bad about Sarah Palin, just trying to express what I think are stunning similarities/synchronities or what you may call them I see in the media game...
stay tuned!



björn (farmer) said...

please reload, put in more pictures.

Joyce said...

Amazing connections.

Here's some more:

and Warren Buffet made 300% return on a lost bit:


Anonymous said...

can someone please explain the "FOX is also a coded 6+6+6 (F=6/O=15/X=24)" logic?

björn (farmer) said...

it's the letters of the alphabet numbered (A=1, B=2,...) and after it sum of the digits, so in the alphabet you have (only) three numbers with crossfoot "6": These are "F"(6), "O"(15th letter: 1+5=6) and "X"(24the letter: 2+4=6).

Hernán G. Fuentealba said...

kabbalah´s big deal is about numerology , geometry etc, I din´t know about the number 300, but I fount this comparing window calculator and M.excell
using windos calculator:

300 / 666 = 0.45045045045045045045045045045045 _? periodic number = infinity number?

0.45045045045045045045045045045045 * 666 = 299.9999999999999999999999997 (three numbers left to 300?)
In excell

300 / 666 0,45045045 ( ?? )

0,45045045 * 666 = 299,9999997 (????????)