Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tick, tack3: "will have the EU mark on it"





"A metronome is any device that produces a regulated aural, visual or tactile pulse to establish a steady tempo in the performance of music." (Wikipedia).

"Since the 8 year Venus cycle was one of the cornerstones of the ancient Arcanum, it was often associated with both eternity and regularity, and with Metronome. Over a period of 40 years, this cycle is accurate down to literally seconds. Hence this symbol ties to Venus and to its regularity, as the Metronome of the Cosmos, and is a most fitting Symbol of Infinity!"
(Stephen Jackson).

Of course the news from today again uses 300:

"30,000 guests, 3,000 meetings, 1,500 lapel pins - Czechs prepare for presidency"

"During its EU presidency, the Czech Republic will organise 12 informal meetings of the EU foreign ministers, 300 working meetings on a lower level and many other meetings of politicians in Brussels."

" Radio Prague has just learnt that at midnight on December 31st, the metronome that stands on the site of the former Stalin statue at Letna will be lit up in the EU’s colours, and will tick for six months.

The EU mark and the Czech EU presidency logo will appear on it.

"The metronome machinery will be illuminated in blue and it will have the EU mark on it, while the red-coloured pendulum will be decorated by white and blue strips at its ends," Michaela Jelinkova told CTK."

"First the Czech government used the metronome in connection with the European Union in 2003 when the country was not yet an EU member and faced a referendum on entry to the European Union.Its pendulum then was moving from "yes" to "no" pending the Czech people´s decision on entry to the EU."


The use of the metronom again is interesting as the Czech haven't yet ratified the treaty of Lisbon which gives Solana Superpowers and the Presidency euphoria could still stimulate a yes in the very Anti-EU country. It is not even sure the President will participate in the EU-festivities.

Solana yesterday on Israel-Gaza: "The formula that we are working on and on which we must insist is based on three fundamental points: the first is an immediate cease-fire, the second is the opening up of crossing points between Gaza and Egypt and Gaza and Israel," and "the third, the immediate resumption of humanitarian aid," he said.
The opening of crossing points "should also be done with the cooperation of the European Union," said (Solana)." Link
"Foreign ministers from the quartet of Middle East peace brokers consulted by telephone on Tuesday on how to end the crisis in Gaza, a State Department official said.
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana were expected to join a conference call that began at 11:30 am EST (1630 GMT), the US official said.
The official, who spoke on condition he was not named, had no further details about the call" Link

stay tuned also in 2009!


Roma said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date Bjorn.

Great job.




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