Friday, January 30, 2009

watchmen-troubled superheroes in a declining age


For Watchmen Warner Brothers did not hesitate to give Mr. Snyder the resources he wanted, largely because of “300.” “They said, ‘O.K., we don’t understand “300,” and it made a lot of money,’ ” Mr. Snyder said.

"The surreal dream of a costumed vigilante who is plagued by sexual shortcomings and fears of nuclear war; a man-god created in a scientific accident, strolling the red sands of Mars; the city of New York partly annihilated by a villain’s master plan — all connected by a story about heroes who are corrupted by the darkness they cannot expunge from the world." Link

January 30: The forint at fresh all−time low – EUR/HUF 300 level within reach Link

Now that Hungary's forint is testing 300 to the euro, everyone is asking which way it will move from here. In the following you find the latest outlook on the HUF by major players, such as Goldman Sachs, Citi and Morgan Stanley.":

European Union's foreign policy chief Javier Solana says he is increasingly hopeful that Israel and Hamas can strike a lasting cease-fire.

Solana said the objective of US envoy George Mitchell and other international mediators is to support Egyptian efforts to get both Israel and the fundamentalist group to strike an agreement by next week. The next goal would be to persuade the rival Palestinian factions to agree on a joint government, he explained. LINK

AoC: "Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a message to President Obama inviting to him to attend the summit dubbed the Alliance of Civilizations planned for April 6-7 in Istanbul. LINK

Alaska governor Sarah Palin opened a political action committee yesterday, a move that may not outright confirm her intentions of running for US president in 2012 but indicates she intends to remain a regular on the national political stage. LINK

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Both Mr Mitchell and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana are in the region to push for peace talks

"listening mission"
bama discussed this "holistic" approach in his Al-Arabiya interview, saying, "I do think that it is impossible for us to think only in terms of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and not think in terms of what's happening with Syria or Iran or Lebanon or Afghanistan and Pakistan. These things are interrelated. Obama also sought to set realistic goals in his interview, saying, "I want to make sure that expectations are not raised so that we think that this is going to be resolved in a few months. But if we start the steady progress on these issues, I'm absolutely confident that the United States - working in tandem with the European Union, with Russia, with all the Arab states in the region - I'm absolutely certain that we can make significant progress..
In a related development, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana arrived in Israel Tuesday evening and met with Livni as part of the EU's efforts to consolidate the Gaza cease-fire, assist the Egyptians in combating arms smuggling, and open the Gaza border crossings.."
Jerusalem Post

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama: Pakistan, Palestinians and Palin, change begins

middle and right: Solana with Holbrooke during Nato-times

In December I had written, that Obama might choose Solana buddy Holbrooke to deal with his Middle-East Policy, see here:
I also pointed the finger to watch Palin and Pakistan:

And this is what happened yesterday:
"Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama vowed to place fresh emphasis on the U.S. commitment to a separate Palestinian state alongside Israel, naming veteran negotiator George Mitchell as a special envoy for Middle East peace.

Obama, visiting the State Department on his second day in office today, also appointed former United Nations Ambassador Richard Holbrooke as a special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Obama called the area the “the central front” in the fight against terrorism.

Standing by as newly confirmed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the announcements, Obama then pledged to work “actively and aggressively for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.LINK

Javier Solana warmly welcomed Thursday the naming of former senator George Mitchell as the new US special envoy to the Middle East. "The HR (Solana - the EU high representative for foreign affairs) looks forward to working very closely with the US Special Envoy Mitchell," said a statement issued in Brussels." LINK

"Just as the terror of rocket fire aimed at innocent Israelis is intolerable, so, too, is a future without hope for the Palestinians,” Obama said. “Lasting peace requires more than a long cease-fire, and that’s why I will sustain an active commitment to seek two states living side by side in peace and security.”"

In the meantime: "Palin kicked off her State of the State address by congratulating President Barack Obama on his inauguration. She told lawmakers Thursday night that millions of Americans are praying for the success of the new president, and she was one of them." LINK

"As an exciting year of unpredictable change begins, we, too, have our work cut out for us. And we're all in this together. Just like our musk ox, they circle up to protect their future when they are challenged. We've got to do the same. So now, united, protecting and progressing under the great North Star, let's get to work." LINK

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

january 14: 810

source: (cklick picture for full view)
January 14: 300 children dead in Gaza, (thanks Joyce!/Al Jazeera). This was yesterday when Solana became 66 years and 6 months: Gold was at 810.10 USD.
810 = (8+1+0) = 9 = mirrored 180 = 60+60+60
810-666 = 144(.000).
810+666+300 = 1776: declaration of independence/illuminati number

810/666 is 1.21612161216
810.10/666 is 1.216366366366
more to come...

Remember on his birthday 2007, July 14, Gold was 666.00 USD, as the 13 was a Friday
and this number was on all weekend:


must read on Joker-Heath Ledger today here:
(of course he did not miss the "Lucius FOX"="666" link)

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Waterfall of blood

update: question why do they complain at Javier??: -

A hoax artwork which was supposed to celebrate European diversity provoked a full-scale diplomatic incident between Bulgaria and the Czech Republic today, 2008 January 14, the day Javier Solana can celebrate to be 66 years plus 6 months.

"The sculpture, commissioned by the Czech government to mark their EU presidency, mocked Europe’s national stereotypes, but some governments have failed to get the joke.
Bulgaria has taken exception to its caricature, which depicts the country as a Turkish squat toilet. The country's ambassador wrote formal letters of complaint to the Czech EU presidency and Javier Solana, the EU foreign policy chief, today"....


Slideshow: the controversial sculptures


(Thanks Kristen!:) Yesterday Jerusalem Post announces:

"IDF: 300 Hamas operatives killed in Gaza" Link

See also here:

Again too much going on here, this morning my nose was bleeding. Maybe the air was too dry.

"With both Israel and the Palestinians ignoring UN demands for a ceasefire, the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, has warned of a ‘waterfall of blood’ unless there’s an end to the fighting."

The same Russian article speaks of counting and calculating:
Russia’s special envoy for the Middle East, Alexander Sultanov, is in the region trying to get the warring sides to speak to each other.
“I would not like to calculate, who is going to win, who is going to fail. Now we should concentrate our efforts on getting a ceasefire as soon as possible,” Sultanov said."

The Bible says"This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. Its number is six hundred sixty-six." (Revelation 13:18) " (Revelation 13,18)

My google search for "waterfall blood 300" brought me about 666.000 results in 0.6+0.6+0.6 seconds, see here:
This happens 3 days before Javier Solana celebrates his half year birthday:
On January 14 he will be 66 years and 6 months.

Also the Obama inauguration was already probed with 3000 soldiers yesterday.
3 00 Mio visitors are expected. The limosine in which Obama will travel the 1.2 miles (300x4) to the Capitol is named "the beast"!
Link"Barack Obama's new car nicknamed 'the Beast'"

The search of "waterfall blood 300" first gives out an Scientific article"A Brief Historical Review of the Waterfall/Cascade of Blood Coagulation", (the pdf published just yesterday 2009, January,11 - 11 1 11) about a waterfall of blood. The article explores some of the events and people involved in unraveling the basic mechanisms leading to the clotting of blood. The author writes also about "More than 300 metalloenzymes"that "have now been identified ".
The finding was produced my an analysis of a zinc-metalloenzyme. Zinc is a metallic chemical element with the symbol Zn and atomic number 30.
Note: even the link starts with X300.
Staying with Chemistry, the Russian article above also mentions that Palestinians accuse Israel of using Phosphor bombs. The white phosophor creates artificial fog. White phosphorus is commonly referred to in military jargon as "WP". The slang term "Willy(ie) Pete" or "Willy(ie) Peter". Link .
Phosphor:White Phosophor burns above 300 degree Celsius. The boiling point is around 300 degree Kelvin. The name means "holding the light", "light bearer" or "lucifer".

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Friday, January 09, 2009

the civic annointing: a 300 AoC thing on January 16-20!

Thanks for the nice feedbackto my last articles/posts, I try to catch up with them
and also to contribute to the Tau/300 thing...Photobucket
until then today AoC announced a 300 thing on January 20 through Associated Press of Pakistan, like I said: the spirit is in the city!

Describing the forthcoming event, Ms. Majeed said that on the weekend of President‑elect Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington, some 300 “dynamic, committed and civic‑minded young leaders will get together to create change”, which, in the words of one of the participants, “cannot wait for tomorrow”.

UNITED NATIONS, Jan 9 (APP): A new generation of community‑based, forward‑thinking Muslims from 76 countries will meet next week in Doha, Qatar, for a “Leaders of Tomorrow” conference aimed at mobilising a global Muslim movement for peace, justice and the common good, some of its members said Thursday. “Now is the time to move towards a space where Muslims will be known as people of peace”, Rushda Majeed of Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow told a press conference sponsored by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Office.

“I don’t think I have ever been at a conference that convened Muslim leaders from so many countries,” Ms. Ghafur said..."

"The conference would seek to define a role for civil society and highlight the importance of personal responsibility among all citizens, Ms. Shaikh said, stressing the importance of those issues for Israel and Palestine.

Events in Gaza testified to the exclusion of moderates(farmer: sic) from the peace process in a situation that continued to devolve and spiral out of control, she said. What had brought the young Muslim leaders together was the desire to “recalibrate the conversation” taking place in Israel and Palestine and to “make sure that the discourse globally is progressive, constructive and focused on civic empowerment as well”.

Moghul said that, to him, Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow represented “very young, dynamic, engaged, visionary young Muslims”, seeking to bring about positive change. They wished to see “a more democratic Muslim world, a more equitable Muslim world, a more dignified Muslim world, regardless of whether they live in minority communities or majority communities”. The conference would be important in establishing connections among people, allowing them “to reach across and realize that they are part of a larger community” representing the diversity of Muslim voices."

Link to last years conference in Copenhagen
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Thursday, January 08, 2009

hunting foxes in 300 rabbit holes

UN Security Council calls for immediate Gaza truce LINK(Turkish FM Babacan pressed for urgent cease-fire at United Nations, LINK"I saw that Turkey and the EU were on the same wave and we are cooperating to make the plan on the table become reality," Javier Solana, dec 8.LINK

Some EU officials say that if a credible ceasefire deal is on offer, the EU will find ways of reaching understandings with Hamas. The EU’s foreign-policy chief, Javier Solana, maintains a channel of communication through Omar Suleiman, the head of Egyptian intelligence. Link
The biggest hurdle to winning a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, according to diplomats and Israeli military officials are the tunnels: The Israeli's estimate there are 300 tunnels that extend from Egypt into Gaza. Link
But Solana said hunting for tunnels under the Philadelphi corridor would "be done probably with technology, not with people". He said the technological means were available to address the problem, though he offered no specific details.

Another senior EU diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the bloc was pushing for a broader monitoring mission as part of any Gaza ceasefire that would ensure both sides meet their obligations. Link

Former British prime minister Tony Blair, who along with several other European leaders has been trying to broker a deal, said Tuesday in Jerusalem that an "immediate cease-fire" was within reach if a solution to the tunnel problem could be found. Link Yesterday Blair was also in the media with this: ("At the end of June the government was facing a serious revolt from Labour backbenchers in the House of Commons over ID cards, with reports the cards could cost individuals £300 each. Blair faced tough questioning from lobby journalists that month on the costs of the cards at his monthly press briefing.") Link
Links also to this news today: "Why the Bank would be wrong to cut interest rates to 300-year record low", Link

Today's linktip: tribwatch
and "the phoenix" also january 8: -"Where the wild things are""As our planet edges closer to the apocalypse, the escapist, fantasy world of cryptids is suddenly coming to life "

"For every square mile that man has walked on the Earth, three hundred square miles exist that have never been touched by human feet — but MAY INDEED HAVE BEEN TOUCHED by the hooves, paws, tentacles, and horrid tongue-foot-pads of the CRYPTIDS."

— John Hodgman, Link

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Merckle dies within the 300

January 5: German Billonare Adolf Merckle commited suizide. He was one of the richest people in Germany. Among his imperium was Ratiopharm, Europes second large pharma dealer company.(Original: PHOENIX PHARMAHANDEL) To his companies also belonged building company Heidelberg Cement AG.
The tyCOOn was in need of 300 Mio Euro.He had been seeking emergency financing for more than two months (that's again three) from a group of more than 30 banks led by Commerzbank AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg.
He died 7:30, 300 m/yards away from his house on the train tracks.
Commerzbank expressed its deep sympathy to Merckle’s family, according to spokeswoman Simone Fuchs (German for "Fox") in Frankfurt today.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Solana calls for ceasefire and gives 3 000 000


Jan 6: EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana wearing the RED TIE to broker a truce in the fighting in the Gaza Strip. Death toll reached 660 (bet it's 666) -- PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, LINK
, also EU president Schwarzenberg in Gaza with red tie: Link

"Israeli police arrest 300 Palestinian-Israelis since Gaza attacks began". LINK


EU provides €3 000 000 in emergency aid for Gaza. LINK

LONDON (AFP) — EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana called on Sunday for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, adding that European nations stand ready to contribute international monitors to help keep the peace.

"The ceasefire has to be a ceasefire complied (with) by everybody and be clearly maintained," Solana told the BBC.

"We are ready to cooperate with other members of the international community to see if necessary how we can monitor the ceasefire," he said. LINK

"Peres brushed aside the chances of a ceasefire to bring the fighting to a halt.

"We shall not accept the idea that Hamas will continue to fire and we shall declare a ceasefire. It does not make any sense," Peres said. LINK

Ali Larijani, warned in Tehran(IRAN) today that Gaza would turn into a "graveyard"for Israeli forces. LINK Yesterday Iran hanged two men in prison in the southeastern city of Zahedan after they were convicted of trafficking 300 kilo drugs. LINK

Also yesterday: "Israel allows 300 people to leave Gaza". LINK

and also today author Miller announced his follow-ups to hit comic book adaptations 300 :(one of them is "THE SPIRIT", where Rookie cop Denny Colt returns from the beyond as The Spirit, a hero whose mission is to fight against the bad forces in Central City. "Miller talks 'Sin City', '300' sequels". LINK


Line from the Spirit film: "Somebody get me a tie and it damned well better be red." LINK

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Sampaio on Gaza speech reveals him as Nautic Navigator

Nautic Navigator Allegory with phoenix, compass and bull by Leonardo daVinci, source: Corbis/ Alinari Archives

AoC President Jorge Sampaio just published a speech on the situation in Gaza. Interesting enough he uses code words I had refered to half year ago as to have to do with Jerusalem and 2012:The "nautic Navigator" and "the circle".

Allegedly - as daVinci knew(see his picture above) - 2012 is the point in time where the compass will point to the Phoenix-point- earth and sun in one line with the galactic center...

The Illuminati elite see themselves as navigators. The mythical Priory of Sion (knights of Jerusalem(sic)) was supposedly led by a "Nautonnier", an Old French word for a navigator, which means Grand Master in their internal esoteric nomenclature. The term 'cybernetics' is also derived from the Greek word for navigator and originally referred to a science of social control. (This is also linked with the Browser names "Netscape Navigator" and "FireFOX"/former:"Phoenix")

Now read here from the Sampaio speech (december 30):

under the ship: 4th from left: AoC president Jorge Sampaio

break the unbearable circle of intolerance, polarization, confrontation and conflict, we need to stop the persistent attempt to turn back the clock of history or, worse, to remain hostages to the hurdles of the past.

There are no wars of salvation nor decent survival without a prospect of peace looming large"(....)

"The Middle East is littered with the rubble of missed opportunities. The tide of exasperation and exhaustion is at its highest. Therefore, like navigators do, it is time to sail against the tide and turn this endless and unacceptable intractable conflict into a politically negotiable dispute. We need a global humanitarian burst, we need courage and a bold vision of the future on the part of Israelis and Palestinians but also of all peoples capable of influencing the situation to achieve a just and sustainable solution to the conflict. Let’s give peace an opportunity and renew our collective effort to achieve this goal in 2009. The Alliance of Civilizations is ready to give its contribution.",english/

David Flynn wrote in 2005 (funny his book from August 2008 'temple at the center of time' has 300 pages):

"Navigation not only predicts the destination of a traveler on the earth but also the time the traveler will arrive. The most powerful secret held by the occult elite is related to this concept taken to a higher level.

As the navigator can use increments of the earth's latitude and longitude to determine location in space and time, these increments can be measured in the earth itself to reveal the appointed time of humanity's destiny.

This is why the number 33 and the compass and square are such important symbols of the illumined elite.

33.33 degrees of the great circle of the earth represents 2012 nautical miles.

Mount Hermon in Phoenicia, the first location of extraterrestrial influence with man, lies precisely at 33.33° north 33.33° east ... 2,012 miles from the equator and 2,012 miles from the prime meridian.*

To be completely accurate, the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the earth is 2012 ".9" This corresponds to the year and date that the ancient Mayans of middle America believed their calendar will end, December 21st, 2012. This is also the year their serpent god and founder of civilization, Quetzalcoatl, will return from heaven."

On August 22 (half year before their Dec 22 date and now dec 30 AoC releases this speech) I already wrote on the importance of this symbol:

"Occult author Tracy Twyman tells about the book "The Messianic Legacy", the follow up of Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln's "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and what was written there about the newspapers "Vaincre" and "C.I.R.C.U.I.T."(2nd series published in 1959) (this is connected with the hidden background of the European movement, see also here, thanks Ezuu for the link:

"There is again the emphasis on the importance of a thirteen-house zodiak, and Pierre Plantard uses this system to predict France's destiny for the next few decades."..."Philosophing about the destiny of the human civilization he writes: "...all is accomplished in accordance with well-determined cycles.
A 'Nautonnier
' guides the ark ('arche') in the flood" (Merovingian Mythos,p75).


"and relating to the Phoenix theme and "as above, so below"-structure in creating political/public events I found (relating also to the David Flynn video: LINK):

"To move things in space in time, to make the world better, it is not enough to push as hard as we can. We need the spirits to work trough us(...) A conscious shift in consciousness is needed to open ourselves up again to the free flowing, reviving influence of the spirit worlds.(farmer: sic)
In 1789 THE ARMIES OF ANGELS LED BY St Michael won a victory in heaven.
In order for this victory to be decisive, though, it woud have to be fought again on earth
(in: The Secret History of the World by Jonathan Black, Quercus, London, 2008. p531-532.)

same theme as in the AoC-Sampaio speech.
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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The emperor and the golem - Solana to visit Israel

Girl in Prague with Golem, source:ufa, the EU mark metronom in Prague, source AFP

The Golem is a popular in the Czech Republic.The Golem of Prague is a beast figure made out of mud(iron and clay?) , an image of a human that was brought to life, . Can it be linked to the latest Maitreya-news? And also to the NewYears Gorbatchev speech? It's about creating the beast of Global Governance.

"Mystical Legend of Hope at International dance project in Prague based on the Golem
Czech Dance Benefit Society, Artfield and Music Theatre Karlín present an international project of contemporary dance theatre GHETTO 1577 – Mystical Legend of Hope. This unique evening, to be held at
30 December 2008, sees Prague’s finest dancers coming together as the new Prague City Dance Theatre ensemble..."LINK

"And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed."Revelation 13:15

"Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, As I have tried to point out, the European Neighbourhood Policy does not replace the process launched ten years ago in Barcelona. It renews it, clarifies it and breathes fresh life into it.
(March 14, 2005
- Margot Wallstrom, Vice-President of the European Commission original ending to speech on 7 year treaty ENP given at the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly: see also here:

"A golem is an animated being created entirely from inanimate matter (usually mud). In many tales, the Golem is inscribed with magic or religious words that keep it animated. Writing the Hebrew word "Emet" on its forehead activates it. By erasing the first letter, the golem is deactivated. Golem's are more like robots in how they behave. If commanded to perform a task, a golem will take the instructions perfectly literally, and cannot disobey his owner." LINK

"The metronome machinery will be illuminated in blue and it will have the EU mark on it",
from: my article December 30

more about that Golem figure here:
and here:

"one of the Czechs' first diplomatic moves will be to send an EU delegation to the Middle East to try and broker a peace deal between Israel and Hamas, Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said Thursday." ""I think it's our main role in the coming days and weeks."

"(Foreign Minister) Karel Schwarzenbergs delegation -- including French and Swedish counterparts Bernard Kouchner and Carl Bildt, the EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana and external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner -- will visit Cairo, Tel Aviv, Ramallah and Amman.

Their trip overlaps with one by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to the region(this weekend, January 5)."


This means Solana is appreaing in Israel -
almost one week after the bright rising of the Venus
when the Maitreya freaks are awaiting someone...

stay tuned!

Czech takes over EU Presidency from France

LINK: SEE here video of Metronom in work with EU mark