Thursday, January 08, 2009

hunting foxes in 300 rabbit holes

UN Security Council calls for immediate Gaza truce LINK(Turkish FM Babacan pressed for urgent cease-fire at United Nations, LINK"I saw that Turkey and the EU were on the same wave and we are cooperating to make the plan on the table become reality," Javier Solana, dec 8.LINK

Some EU officials say that if a credible ceasefire deal is on offer, the EU will find ways of reaching understandings with Hamas. The EU’s foreign-policy chief, Javier Solana, maintains a channel of communication through Omar Suleiman, the head of Egyptian intelligence. Link
The biggest hurdle to winning a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, according to diplomats and Israeli military officials are the tunnels: The Israeli's estimate there are 300 tunnels that extend from Egypt into Gaza. Link
But Solana said hunting for tunnels under the Philadelphi corridor would "be done probably with technology, not with people". He said the technological means were available to address the problem, though he offered no specific details.

Another senior EU diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the bloc was pushing for a broader monitoring mission as part of any Gaza ceasefire that would ensure both sides meet their obligations. Link

Former British prime minister Tony Blair, who along with several other European leaders has been trying to broker a deal, said Tuesday in Jerusalem that an "immediate cease-fire" was within reach if a solution to the tunnel problem could be found. Link Yesterday Blair was also in the media with this: ("At the end of June the government was facing a serious revolt from Labour backbenchers in the House of Commons over ID cards, with reports the cards could cost individuals £300 each. Blair faced tough questioning from lobby journalists that month on the costs of the cards at his monthly press briefing.") Link
Links also to this news today: "Why the Bank would be wrong to cut interest rates to 300-year record low", Link

Today's linktip: tribwatch
and "the phoenix" also january 8: -"Where the wild things are""As our planet edges closer to the apocalypse, the escapist, fantasy world of cryptids is suddenly coming to life "

"For every square mile that man has walked on the Earth, three hundred square miles exist that have never been touched by human feet — but MAY INDEED HAVE BEEN TOUCHED by the hooves, paws, tentacles, and horrid tongue-foot-pads of the CRYPTIDS."

— John Hodgman, Link

stay tuned!


E said...

Ok I'm sticking with 300 meaning annointing.

By the way, does it seems like everything slipped into fast forward in the last two weeks?

Is there still something big still looming for Jan 21st (per Biden/Powell)?

joyce said...

We aren't surprised that they came up with a cease fire the next step will be to push through a "political solution".

You cannot make a "political solution" to what is a spiritual problem..but all the world leaders will try anyway..


Anonymous said...

Will the solution include a Temple? THAT is the real question... If so, the stage is set for an early June 2010 AoD...


Young Grasshopper said...

300 is the number assigned to the Greek letter tau.

There is a Tau theory that has to do with perceptuomotor control .
According to Wikipedia:

"It is a theory of prospective guidance of movement. The theory deals with the purposive guidance of bodily movements, including internal movements, by means of the patterns of flow in sensory arrays and the patterns of flow of electrical energy within the nervous system."

This is a little scary, as I was talking about transhumanism on the CC blog recently. What if the Anti-Christ is a transhuman? What if his movements, speech, etc, are being controlled? What if this is a message letting the powers to be know that he's functioning properly?

Okay, I know this is really creepy. I didn't get much sleep last night, so I may be slightly delirious, LOL.

More likely is this explanation-The symbol of the cross is also associated with Tau.

My honest opinion is that the repeated 300 is associated with tau in an astronomical way- maybe something in the stars or planetary alignments in a cross-forming pattern over recent days. Astronomy- Mithraism- Maitreya's appearance- I think the number is linked to Tau-a cross formation which will show up in the sky signalling an event, but I'm probably wrong.

Young Grasshopper said...

Okay, I have a better idea.

The number 3 is the thing, not 300, since that's the common denominator. Didn't this all start since the New Year?

Another thought.

Maybe it's all about 2009.
9 is made up of three 3's. The 2 in the year is the major number, which doubles the three 3's.

Hence: 333 doubled is 666.

The year of the appearance of the antichrist?


No, more likely it's connected to the Greek tau symbol representing 300 since they'd probably have studied the language. It's a must for scientists, doctors and philosopher types like Solana and company.

That beind said, it's all Greek to me!