Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"PARIS _ French lawmakers question the defense minister and foreign minister about a proposal to rejoin NATO's military command, which Charles de Gaulle pulled out of in 1966.
LONDON _ International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Khan, World Bank chief Robert Zoellick and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown holds talks in London.
BRUSSELS _ EU Parliament will discuss EU-NATO relations on Wednesday (at around 1600 CET), along with other aspects of EU foreign relations with foreign policy Chief Javier Solana." LINK Iran's visiting Defense Minister in Moscow says the expanding eastward policy adopted by the NATO threatens the security of the region. Russian media and news agencies have reported that Najjar during his visit will urge Moscow to fulfill a controversial contract for the delivery of Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Tehran. "It is not ruled out that during the talks the Iranian side will raise the question about fulfilling the contract for the delivery of the S-300," the Interfax news agency quoted a military source as saying. The S-300 system has been long targeted by the Tehran government to ensure the safety of its nuclear infrastructure which Israeli officials threaten to strike. LINK
"Lawmakers will also debate Mideast crisis with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana." LINK
"EU official Javier Solana (hah-vee-EHR' soh-LAHN'-ah) says an Israeli government led by Netanyahu would be more difficult for the peace process." LINK

Is Solana again declaring the state of things as he did exactly one year ago in Kosovo with insiting on their independence?

"Meanwhile Serbs see the fact that only 54 countries recognized Kosovo as a great diplomatic victory. Kosovo will always be Serbia, claim the media.“This self named, Albanian state is not recognized by two thirds (=0.666) of the world - from a total of 190 countries, only 54 recognized the independence of Kosovo" writes Press. LINK


The front page of the Serbian `Press´ newspaper on the day that Kosovo declared Independence.

"The stance that Press has is supported by most of the Serbian media. In February last year, Press accompanied the independence of Kosovo with the front page that pictured George W. Bush, Hashim Thaci and Javier Solana with the headline “Fuck Off”. As the media writes today, one year later, the message is the same: “Fuck off. Kosovo is a part of Serbia and will always remain so”....

"Here we also have the Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vuk Jeremic, who warned that around 30 countries around the world are under pressure to recognize Kosovo today.

Today Jeremic will meet with Ban Ki-moon, the chief secretary of the UN. Before the meeting Jeremic said that Serbia is doing everything in its power to stop those recognitions”.

As evidence of the failure of Kosovo, Press states that Kosovo is economically at the level of Ethiopia, and that in Kosovo they “live the worst in all the Balkans”. Kosovo’s doctors earn around 300 euros per month, and their pensions are around 50. Construction and real estate is in the hands of the mafia, and the Serbian region is ruled by drug trafficking and prostitution, reports Press." LINK

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Shem1777 said...

Was in Kosovo last summer. There were lots of UN troops around.

Here's a link to what life is like there now. At least for the Serbs.


Anonymous said...

shem, have you ever looked into project bluebeam? tony

Anonymous said...

The Anchor holds, in spite of the storm. Stay well farmer, glad to see your back in the saddle. Keep on keepin' on now, ya hear! You are the man. Thanks for all the research and updates. Tony in vermont sending Godspeed your way

Shem1777 said...


No, i had not until you asked. Interesting, maybe that's were some "lying wonders" will come from?