Sunday, February 08, 2009

the Solana birthday list

to be continued...
1942: July 14: Javier Solana de Madariaga born,
Riots against Jews in Amsterdam LINK
1969: July 14:
Easy Rider premieres
1995: July 14: Biggest "ethnic cleansing" operation since World War II. Serbs force Muslims out of Srebrenica, 5 months later Solana becomes NATO-Boss and leads the NATO powers to a bombardement of Serbia without UN resolution.
2002: July 14: French President Jacques Chirac escapes an assassination attempt unscathed during Bastille Day celebrations. Bastille Day marks the July 14, 1789, storming of the Bastille prison in Paris by angry crowds. Solana usually is present at those "festivities for the God of forces".
2003: July 14: The United States Government admits to the existence of "Area 51"
2005: July 14, Kofi Annan officially declares "Alliance of Civilizations" an official UN endeveaur, LINK As I and others have showed, there are many links between Solana and AoC goals, intentions and persons.
2005: July 14, Solana visits Israel, LINK
2006: July 14, Gold is at US-Dollar 666.30 look for 2006, July 14!
2007: July 14, Gold is at US-Dollar 666.00 look for 2007, July 14!
2008:July 14, European Council declares Zarkozys EU Mediterrian Union is based on Solana's Barcelona Euromed Process. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he was "delighted" by the accord on BarcelonaThe Mediterrian Union - oficially inaugurated on 2008 July 14 - Javier Solana's 66th birthday - strengthens (not replace as the link below suggests) his Barcelona Process initiated in 1995. The Center will be also in Barcelona. LINK
, Link2, Link3

stay tuned!


Joyce said...

Didn't know the 14th of July was Javier's birthday. That's Bastille Day:



Joyce said...

Just saw that you already covered that. I was speed reading..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Could you elaborate on the Easy Rider movie?? What is the connection?

I had to watch that movie in college, my minor was Humanities, and to this day I really don't get the jist of the movie. I think though that I was also, half paying attention as the movie was kind of disturbing.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Today Drudge carries a story from the LA Times, with the headline-

Families want answers from man who says he dissolved 300 people

Joyce said...

Anna Lindh and AoC work together to restore "trust" after Gaza war:

Joyce said...

Perfect name:



Roma said...

Thanks a heap Joyce for those Babelmed links and connection to the Anne Lindh foundation noted for me to my readers on our board.

All tied together, along with Obama linking up to same stuff I think soon if not already.

Thanks for the tip 1:25 PM. I always welcome any info on the AoC. I have been watching the Youth for the AoC activity as it is organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation. I have a future blog topic dedicated to the Alliance Youth. I'm trying to post a topic each week until the blog is current and also allow people time to read and digest the vast amount of material.

Thanks again.

one of the guys on Obama's new "faith" board, is:

Eboo S. Patel, Founder & Executive Director, Interfaith Youth Corps
Chicago, IL

Joyce said...

You're welcome. Yes, I noticed Eboo Patel there too. Another interesting connection is the Churches for Middle East Peace.

Here's the letter to Obama to divide the Land:

You will note some overlaps on the list of faith based initiatives and this letter. One is Joel Hunter. Chris Seiple is on the letter and involved with the CFR.

The head of the leadership council for CMEP gives out grants for the Lilly Foundation which has a significant influence on Christian organizations in US.

and if you think Knights Templar are a thing of the past, think again:


Joyce said...


one of the partners with Churches for Middle East Peace links to this:

through Desmond Tutu, another AoC hlg member.
Marianne Williamson is connected to this organization among others.

Joyce said...

For those who read CC sorry if this is redundant:

This is on Humanity Team's site:

Roma said...

Do you know that Javier Solana changed his schedule and is in Washington DC today and tomorrow to meet with Hillary Clinton and some others??

Roma said...

Javier SOLA9A,
EU High Representative for the CFSP,
to visit Washington
on Thursday, 12 February and Friday, 13 February 2009
Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP),
will visit Washington to meet Hillary RODHAM CLINTON, US Secretary of State, on Thursday,
12 February 2009. He will also meet several members of the US Senate and House of
The trip will be an opportunity to discuss EU-US relations and issues of mutual interest on the
international agenda.

This was a sudden change to his schedule.

joyce said...

Praying for you..


joyce said...


I posted this on Constance's but wanted to make sure you had these links too, since you are follow HEB. There are quite a few German connections which I thought were interesting..

May Abba protect you from all the schemes of the evil one..

This comes from a link on Heinrich Eliyahu Benedikt's Jerusalem Academy:

Take a careful look at this site:

which links from this site:

on Jerusalem Academy's links, for all you who are not familiar:

The partners are EU, Ford motor company, British Consulate, UNESCO among others and this:

and Bosch:

and this is the most interesting:

The Floersheimer Institute
for Policy Studies, which is mentioned on the link is out of Hebrew University and is mentioned in the ACADEMY of JERUSALEM, not to be confused with Jerusalem Academy, but many of the same ideas contained on their site.

At a quick glance, there is a lot on all of these links and I would appreciate if some of you like Rudi who like digging take a very careful look. I suspect we are seeing at least in part some of the plans for "solving the problem of Jerusalem".


björn (farmer) said...

Thanks Joyce, incredible finding but not unexpected! I worked for Bosch Stiftung and even programmed and coordinated their website until I found out how much Bosch is involved in developping Biometric technology. From this miment I stop every cooperation with them....and here they are with HEB. so the MOB is also at their hand.thanks again also for the blessings! Björn

Joyce said...

Good move.. I'm glad you left them.


Rudi said...

You are in my prayers always Bjorn.
May He surround you with His favor as a shield. -Rudi

"You hem me in—behind and before;
you have laid your hand upon me.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.

Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your
presence?" Psalm 139: 5-7

Joyce said...

I posted this on Constance's but you will want to look too:

Check out the participant list!

HEB is definitely on the move. This forum took place about a week after the formation of the Mediterranean Union.

He went to Ethiopia after, but this looks especially interesting.


joyce said...

HEB's Ethiopia trip:

Also kind of interesting with the Haile Selassie connection.


Anonymous said...





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