Thursday, March 05, 2009

Night at the Museum 2 preview: Archaeologists find statues of ancient Egypt king



just in time: May 22 cult day of the Elite, 2008: euromed night of the dialogue and start of Indiana Jones film (the one with the skulls, 12 in a circle) worldwide (see my articles)

2009 May 22: "Night at the Museum2" in the cinemas, beware end of article to follow soon... today right in the phoenix window we have a preview from Egypt:

"CAIRO (Reuters) - A team of Egyptian and European archaeologists have discovered two statues of King Amenhotep III, who ruled Egypt roughly 3,400 years ago, the Supreme Council for Antiquities said Thursday.

Chief Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawaas said in a statement the first statute was made of black granite, while the second depicts the king in the shape of a Sphinx, a figure with the head of a man and the body of a lion.

Amenhotep III presided over an era which saw a renaissance in Egyptian art. He was succeeded by his son Akhenaten, the sun-worshipping pharaoh credited by some for starting the world's first known monotheistic religion."

(Writing by Alaa Shahine; Editing by Phakamisa Ndzamela)." LINK

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E said...

This might sound crazy, but I'm a huge Egypt buff. According to my calculations Amenhotep III was the Exodus Pharoah. So this is an exciting finding. He is one of the only Pharaoh's to not be a first born, which explains how he survived the Passover and his son is the great Heretic Akenaten. Make sense that a little boy would watch the pillar of fire above Moses trump all Egyptian gods and then declare the sun Aten the only true God. There are letters to Akenaten from the Canaanites and Hittites asking for help against the invading Habiru's (Hebrews)that validate this theory.

E said...

His statue having abody of a lion makes perfect sense. Amenhotep III called himself the Lion King because he was able to hunt and kill so many lions. He sent out stone scarabs declaring his lion slaying abilities throughout his kingdom. He was an officer in his fathers army, and was the first Pharoah to ride into battle with his troops.

dr. björn (farmer) freiberg, PhD said...

A thousand Thanks E!
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that U.S. President Barack Obama would pay a visit to Turkey in a month's time. Obama is expected to attend the "Alliance of Civilizations" meeting as part of his visit."
March 8, 2009.
Hurriyet Daily News Online


dr. björn (farmer) freiberg, PhD said...

Obama to join AoC meeting, see also:

Rudi said...

DOCTOR Bjorn Freiberg!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! -Rudi

Roma said...

hey Bjorn you were always pretty high on my list even without the ph.D, but boy I know you worked hard to get your education brother. And probably for sure need it to be able to continue to work as things stand now. This one on Egypt thanks a lot E, I have always loved the history of this too and what you said makes sense, but i for sure did not know it.

Thanks a lot farmer, for keeping us all up to date on what is moving in the world of conditioning.

Joyce said...

Yes congratulations Bjorn. We knew Obama would not sit this out, didn't we? It's terrible when all our worst suspicions unfold before our eyes.


paul said...

Congratulations Dr Freiberg !

Candy said...

Congrats farmer! A much earned title, and it blesses me to see it in print. Great information on Egyptian history E.

E said...

Glad to add to the party:)

paul said...

What did you get your latest degree in ?

björn (farmer) said...

paul, in these times it's not a pleasure to say: it's economics :)

paul said...

Are you familiar with Lyndon LaRouche?

He certainly thinks of himself as primarily
an economist. He's been telling the US that
it's heading for an economic collapse, based on
a real estate bubble, for the last two or three years
or more.
Just curious.

björn (farmer) said...

Yes Paul, Lyndon LaRouche is a very interesting and controversal figure.

Lyndon and his wife are very anti-EU and are treated over here (and also officially by the Germany government) like a politpsychocult, as conspiracists and antisemits. In Germany his wife Helga-ZeppLarouche is very active.

In "An Open Letter to President Brezhnev" (June 2, 1981) LaRouche identified those pushing the world toward war as "the forces behind the World Wildlife Fund, the Club of Rome, and the heritage of H. G. Wells and the evil Bertrand Russell."

LaRouche claims there is also a conspiracy by the "Establishment" and the press it allegedly controls to deny him coverage and prevent his views becoming known.


Chirag said...

Waiting for the release of the movie.
I think its better than the first one as there are two monkey's this time.