Thursday, April 23, 2009

Solana accused of having "black accounts"

"EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – The European Parliament on Thursday (23 April) decided to delay until November approval of the Council of the European Union's accounts for 2007, in a bid to gain more financial scrutiny over the bloc's main decision maker.

MEPs hope to gain momentum ahead of the June elections and scrap a "gentlemen's agreement" dating back to 1970, according to which the parliament does not look into the books of the Council, which are checked by the Court of Auditors and national experts...

All EU institutions received a green light regarding the way they spent their budget in 2007, except for the Council...

If the Council continued to "ignore" the parliament and not submit formal answers to its requests, concerning alleged undisclosed accounts, the legislature could reject the 2007 accounts in November.

This would have "political consequences" for Javier Solana, the EU's top foreign policy chief and also secretary-general of the Council, as well as for future parliamentary debates on budgetary approvals, Mr Sondergaard told eurobserver.

MEPs were outraged at the absence of a Council representative in the plenary debate on Wednesday, which was delayed on purpose to have an EU presidency official present.

The Council also rejected fiery allegations made by MEPs on Wednesday who during the full sitting of the house accused Mr Solana of having "black accounts" and illegally transferring money from interpretation to travel expenses."


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

new NATO boss at AoC: a dislocated shoulder

Incoming NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen, left, greets former Iranian President Ayatollah Mohammad Khatami in Istanbul at AoC meeting. Foto: DayLife LINK
At the Second Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations in Istanbul Turkey got its revenge by the fall of the new NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen that resulted in a dislocated shoulder.
He had apparently tripped down the stairs of his Istanbul hotel where he was staying in the middle of the night as he waited for his appointment to Nato to be confirmed, and dislocated his shoulder. Dubbed Denmark’s Tony Blair, he seldom put a foot wrong as prime minister, despite facing crises such as the Iraq war and the outcry over blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet. Then on the eve of his greatest triumph he slipped on a hotel stair. Incoming NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen, left, greets former Iranian President Ayatollah Mohammad Khatami in Istanbul on Monday April 6, 2009. Fogh Rasmussen said on Monday he would pay close attention to religious sensibilities in his new role as NATO chief in comments aimed at allaying Muslim concerns at his appointment. Rasmussen is a Danish and Norwegian surname, meaning "Rasmus' son". The first name "Rasmus", from which it is derived, is itself a contraction of "Erasmus" the name of a famous 16th Century philosopher and theologian.

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The AoC book on media education

"UNESCO joined the UN Alliance of Civilizations to produce – in partnership with the European Commission and Grupo Comunicar - a comprehensive publication Mapping media education policies in the world: visions, programmes and challenges.
According to Abdul Waheed Khan, UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information, ‘this publication comes at an important juncture when media education is increasingly recognized as an important item on the development and policy agendas in developed, developing and emerging economies’.
Mapping media education policies in the world offers a comprehensive approach to media education, considering it from three inter-related dimensions: its national, regional and global contexts; its value to citizens and civic participation; and the crucial role of collaboration among governments, civil society and the private sector in the process.
UNESCO expects that the information contained in this collection will inspire readers to take action that is informed by expert knowledge. Each reader can be a catalyst for change, and purpose-driven media education programmes can aid this change.
Marc Scheuer, Director of the UN Alliance of Civilizations, believes that the goal of this publication is ‘to generate a trusted source of reference for policy makers, researchers and educators looking for information on best practices that will encourage the implementation of media education programs in their respective countries and regions’.
The publication can be downloaded here.(pdf)"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Attempt to revive the Union for the Mediterranean Thursday


A meeting is scheduled Thursday in Brussels to revive the Union for the Mediterranean (UPM), frozen since the war in Ghaza, according to a European source in Cairo.

Organized at the initiative of Javier Solana, the chief diplomat of the EU, this informal meeting will attempt to gather again around the table European partners, Arabs and Israeli....
If the meeting of 23 April is held normally, said the European source, the meeting could be held early in May, allowing the official melting of Euro-Mediterranean projects....
Launched with great fanfare in Paris in July 2008 by the French president Nicolas Sarkozy, the UMP was a union project out of the rut the process of Euro-Mediterranean dialogue called ‘Barcelona,’ born in 1995.... Source: Ennaharonline/ M. O. LINK

Javier Solana was the creator of 'Barcelona'-Process in 1995 which led to his appointment as NATO Secretary General 10 days later, the EU doesn't get tired to relate all its external programms to this basic contract...

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Friday, April 17, 2009

wasteland 300

Photobucket Photobucket

US Aircraft and Elite Navy SEALs Defeat Three Somalis in a Lifeboat
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
“An estimated $300 million worth of Somali sea life is pirated by foreigners every year.”

Toxic Waste' Behind Somali Piracy Somali pirates have accused European firms of dumping toxic waste off the Somali coast and are demanding an $8m ransom for the return of a Ukranian ship they captured, saying the money will go towards cleaning up the waste.

An international meeting to address political issues and aid efforts in Somalia is set for Brussels on April 23. Among those expected to attend are President Ahmed, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and the European Union's top diplomat, Javier Solana.

"Germany, Sweden to boost EU anti-piracy mission
15 April 2009, 21:58 CET
(MADRID) - Germany and Sweden will soon boost their contributions to the European Union's anti-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia, the Spanish captain of the mission said Wednesday.
"Three Swedish navy warships and a German navy patrol airplane will shortly reinforce the existing European force made up of eight ships and two planes," Captain Juan Garat Carame said in a Spanish defence ministry statement.
Last month the EU's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, said the bloc may extend the mission beyond its December 2009 completion date.
In addition to the EU force, the United States, Russia, India, Turkey, China and others have deployed warships to protect international shipping. The pirates appear undaunted, however, and have even stepped up attacks.
Ransom-hunting Somali pirates attacked more than 130 merchant ships in the region last year, an increase of more than 200 percent on 2007, according to the International Maritime Bureau.They currently hold at least 18 ships and close to 300 seamen to ransom". LINK



Mrs Clinton, after meeting with Javier Solana refers to Ban-Ki Moons AOC message of putting out the fire and the 300! (See my report about Moons "fire message" here at the end of my last weeks article: LINK )

"Now, one last question. Yeah....
SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I think two things. One, if you look at the international meeting in Brussels at the end of the month, or early next month, whenever it is happening - I lose track of all these meetings - it is about combating piracy and development in Somalia. So it's not that they have been forgotten or even separated. It's you've got to put out the fire before you can rebuild the house. And right now, we have a fire raging.
The critical mass of hijackings and kidnappings has risen dramatically, in part because the pirates got better vessels and could go further out to sea and they began to use mother ships and they got more sophisticated. And so people who were told stay away from the shore of Somalia, they did, and then they would be accosted 300 miles off the shore." LINK

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Obamas Mr.Crowley

"P.J." Crowley

President Obama announced his intent to nominate among some individuals today:Philip J. "P.J." Crowley, Nominee for Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, Department of State
Mr. Crowley is a Senior Fellow and Director of Homeland Security at the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C. At CAP, he authored a detailed homeland security strategy called Safe at Home and was a frequent public commentator on a wide range of national security issues. During the Clinton administration, Crowley was Special Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Affairs, serving as Senior Director of Public Affairs for the National Security Council. Prior to that, he was Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. In all, he served as a spokesman for the U.S. government for 28 years, including three at the White House and 11 at the Pentagon. He is a retired Air Force colonel and veteran of Operations Desert Storm and Provide Comfort in 1991. During the Kosovo conflict in 1999, he was temporarily assigned to work with then NATO Secretary General Javier Solana in Brussels. Prior to joining the Center for American Progress, Crowley served as a national spokesman for the property/casualty insurance industry, focusing on strategic industry issues that included the impact of terrorism on commercial insurance in the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedy. He is a native of Massachusetts and a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


UPDATE: Italy earthquake death toll nears 300.




L'Aquila, Coat of arms. One eagle on three mountains/kings/beasts?,

epicenter Aquila


AOC Poster for Italian meeting Nov.2007 (note also here "Orange impact")

Anybody wondering why the Italian earthquake near Rome, on April 6, 2009, at 01:32 GMT (03:32 CEST), of 6.3 magnitude with its epicentre near L'Aquila, at 42.4228°N 13.3945° located geographically right in the middle between AoC-founding countries Spain and Turkey and about in one line with their capitals Istanbul (about 850 miles) and Madrid (about 850 Miles) happened on the day the AOC meeting took place in Istanbul?

Italian media reports confirmed that many historic buildings collapsed in the centre of the city,and there are at least two hundred known deaths, 1,500 people injured, and many more made homeless, according to Civil Protection Chief Guido Bertolaso.

Auqila: center of London, Madrid, Istanbul, Moldova,

the line from London to Moldova (2x666 miles)

leads right through Praga (at halftime 666 miles),

the city Obama was before he went to Istanbul!

Look what David Flynn has to say about the parallel, the distance from Rome to Jerusalem...


Moldova burning, flag with eagle in fire, LINK

Moldova?: April 6 and 7 big riots in the streets, Javier Solana urging for calm. LINK

Back to the center: The city Aquila is also the name of a star constellation resembeling a wide winged, soaring, short necked, bird, which the ancients identified as an eagle.


AOC meeting attendee Obama receiving the Phoenix

"In classical Greek mythology, Aquila was identified as the eagle which carried the thunderbolts of Zeus and was sent by him to carry the shepherd boy Ganymede (=Aquarius!!) who he desired, to Mount Olympus...

There has been written exensivly about the Obama-Phoenix connection...see here: LINK

or here an occult site on the thunderbolt-eagle-OZ-77 link: LINK

Into the dying/rising Phoenix theme plays the story about a Syrian, named "M.G." wanting to kill Obama at the AOC meeting: LINK

There is a comic series using the character M.G. "The story follows a team of supernatural investigators working for a top-secret government agency. MG is the most mysterious character in the agency. He possesses an impressive understanding of machines, intra- and extra-dimensional phenomenon, and the unknown. More importantly, he is able to personally traverse the dimensional barriers or boundaries, and detect their closeness and weak points. ...

MG's real name, as well as his exact origin and powers, has not yet been revealed, although it was joked by Dezago's friend and sometime collaborator Mike Wieringo in the introduction to the "First Blood" trade paperback that "MG" might stand for "Mystery Guy"

Aquila (Greek Ἀκύλας Akúlas), comes originally from "Pontus"

"In Greek mythology, Pontus (or Pontos (Πόντος), English translation: "sea") was an ancient, pre-Olympian (Titan) sea-god, one of the protogenoi, the "first-born".

Pontos was the son of Gaia, the Earth: Hesiod says that Gaia brought forth Pontos out of herself, without coupling. For Hesiod, Pontos seems little more than a personification of the sea, ho pontos, "the Road", by which Hellenes signified the Mediterranean Sea. With Gaia, he was the father of Nereus (the Old Man of the Sea), of Thaumas (the awe-striking "wonder" of the Sea, embodiment of the sea's dangerous aspects), of Phorcys and his sister-consort Ceto, and of the "Strong Goddess" Eurybia. With Thalassa (whose own name simply means "sea" but is derived from a pre-Greek root), he was the father of the Telchines. Compare the sea-Titan Oceanus, the Ocean-Stream that girdled the earth, who was more vividly realized than Pontus among the Hellenes."

It is also interesting what Goro Adachi had to say about the socalled Orange impact 4/4 event near Rome...LINK

Goro connects this also to the film Illuminati (Angels and Demons by Dan Brown)...

In Aqulia/region of Abruzzo, they also produce the famous wine named "Illuminati":


"And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication...."


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at AoC: Moussa: What do you expect? We kiss you?

PhotobucketPresident Barack Obama visits the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, Tuesday, April 7, 2009. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)
Moussa at AOC meeting in Istanbul, President Barack Obama visits the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, Tuesday, April 7, 2009. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Moussa to Israel: What do you expect? We kiss you?
Moussa and EU FMs urge Israel to stop settlements
The head of the Arab League and two European foreign ministers called on Israel to stop settlement activity and work with Palestinians to implement a two-state solution in the region, during a high-level panel discussion at the second Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), which also featured Turkey’s chief EU negotiator. Amr Moussa, secretary-general of the League of Arab States, said to tell “Israel to stop settlements,” during yesterday’s panel discussion, which focused on peace in the Middle East.

“This should be communicated through the Security Council. If this happens, we are in the business,” he added, referring to expectations regarding a two-state solution, with Israel and Palestine side by side.

Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos reiterated Moussa’s statements and said Israeli settlement in the Palestinian territories should come to a halt.

“We need to give a strong message to Israel by EU,” Moratinos said.

Along the same lines, Luxembourgian Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn stated: “We cannot accept in the EU that Israel will leave the two-state position. We can’t tolerate that.”

He also said Syria was an important player in the region and that it should be engaged. He said the time was right for Syria and the EU to make an association agreement that would show Syria that it has friends in the EU and that the EU is well aware of Syria’s important position in the Middle East. State Minister Egemen Bağış, Turkey’s chief negotiator for EU talks, said Turkey also supported a two-state solution and was committed to being part of the peace process. “We have a saying: If your neighbor’s house is on fire, you need to put it out,” he added...."


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has said the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) can "stamp out the sparks" of fires before they catch as opposed to the UN, which deals with fires after they break out....LINK

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Friday, April 03, 2009

SOLANA: Obama is a very wise man


JAVIER SOLANA, source:, NATO leaders at a working dinner in Baden-Baden, Germany, on Friday, soruce: AP.

(The Austrian newspaper Der Stanbdard asked Solana about his youth pamphlet
"50 reasons against the NATO". His laconic answer was,
that this does not refer to his current work area at the EU.)

In an Interview with a Turkish newspaper he said to the question:

"Do you have any concerns about the new Israeli government?

Solana: "Yes, I have some concerns. I have devoted much of my energy to try to construct a two-state solution. This is our dream and objective, like Turkey as well as the international community. I think dealing with an Israeli government that does not recognize the two-state formula will be more difficult. I hope very much that this government, despite some of the statements that have been already made, will continue to work for a two-state solution and do this very rapidly. This should not be done in 100 years’ time. That has to be done now."...

In a much quoted German interview yesterday (see last line of the interview) he also said, that the two-state solution "is a MUST". Link

back to the Turkish interview:

US President Obama will be visiting Turkey in a few days’ time. Turkey will be the first Muslim country he will visit. What does this tell you?

I think Mr. Obama is a very wise man. In such a short time since taking office, he has proven to have a very intelligent sense about what the important issues and priorities are. He will be in İstanbul and Ankara. He will be meeting with the leaders and people. I think he wants to give a very clear message that a country like Turkey, a democracy with a predominantly Muslim population, is and should be an important player in the international community.

Solana speaks about the AOC meeting to be held on April 6-7, that's why he supposedly talks suddenly so open about the EU accesion of Turkey, a deal he made already in December 1999, as his first adventure whenstarting his High Rep. Post at EU.

see here Solana yesterday on Turkey and Lisbon Treaty:

Solana: "No Obstacles For Turkey To Accede To Eu"

"We need the Lisbon Treaty to make the EU able to expand"

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