Thursday, April 23, 2009

Solana accused of having "black accounts"

"EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – The European Parliament on Thursday (23 April) decided to delay until November approval of the Council of the European Union's accounts for 2007, in a bid to gain more financial scrutiny over the bloc's main decision maker.

MEPs hope to gain momentum ahead of the June elections and scrap a "gentlemen's agreement" dating back to 1970, according to which the parliament does not look into the books of the Council, which are checked by the Court of Auditors and national experts...

All EU institutions received a green light regarding the way they spent their budget in 2007, except for the Council...

If the Council continued to "ignore" the parliament and not submit formal answers to its requests, concerning alleged undisclosed accounts, the legislature could reject the 2007 accounts in November.

This would have "political consequences" for Javier Solana, the EU's top foreign policy chief and also secretary-general of the Council, as well as for future parliamentary debates on budgetary approvals, Mr Sondergaard told eurobserver.

MEPs were outraged at the absence of a Council representative in the plenary debate on Wednesday, which was delayed on purpose to have an EU presidency official present.

The Council also rejected fiery allegations made by MEPs on Wednesday who during the full sitting of the house accused Mr Solana of having "black accounts" and illegally transferring money from interpretation to travel expenses."


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björn (farmer) said...

Livni urges EU:

"I urge you prevent the freezing of EU-Israel relations upgrades," Livni wrote in the message addressed to EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, the EU's external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, and the EU's current council president, Czech foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg....

Livni wrote in the letter "you all know my commitment to peace between Israel and its neighbors and to the two-state solution, a commitment shared with the majority of the Israeli public," the opposition chief said.

Joyce said...

I don't understand all the complexities of Israeli politics but it looks like Livni is setting herself up in case Netanyahu's gov't doesn't hold together.

Supposedly a poll showed that 80% of Israelis want a 2 state solution, but I don't believe opinion polls...They are designed by people who want to sway public opinion to go along with the crowd.

Here's some of the noise from the streets in EU:

Anonymous said...

Soundbite, Jacek SARYUSZ-WOLSKI (EPP-ED, PL) (In English): We believe that the EU can make an impact, but only if it speaks with one voice and if it is equipped with the appropriate instruments, like those from Lisbon Treaty, and a more generous budget. We can undertake effective action only when it is legitimised by both the European and National Parliaments, acting at their respective levels and in accordance with their own mandates.
0:01'21'' Soundbite, EU's High Representative, Javier SOLANA (In English): CFSP helps to shape our internal cooperation among the Member States of the EU. By working together, acting together, we define who we are. Therefore, CFSP is also a manner in which the EU keeps all, everyday, defining itself.
0:01'44'' Soundbite, EU's High Representative, Javier SOLANA (In English): (Talking about actions of Afghanistan) We have to deliver, and to deliver in a sensible manner. There's a need more engagement, but not necessarily military engagement. But we have to engage in a more efficient manner, in a better coordinated manner among ourselves. And ourselves with others: the USA, the UN, etc.

CFSP / ESDP in presence of Mr. Solana, EU High Representative
Extract from the Joint debate

A Joint Debate with the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) took place during the Plenary session in Brussels on Wednesday 18 February 2009. In presence of Javier SOLANA, EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy on the Middle East, topics, as the EU's relationships with Middle East and NATO Alliance, were debated
In the afternoon a resolution calling for a damage assessment in Gaza and an in-depth evaluation of the needs of the Gaza population was adopted. MEPs in CFSP reiterated that EU's foreign policy must be guided by the values of the European Union and its Member States, such as democracy, the rule of law, respect for the dignity of the human person, for human rights and for fundamental freedoms, and the promotion of peace and effective multilateralism.


Roma said...

Prof, how are you doing? How is the real Europe dealing with this new flu pandemic the North Aermican continent has???
Let us know brother.

Candy said...

I am with Roma here, how are you? Things sure seem to be coming undone in the world. I read today that there might be a compromise in the mix, to assure that the US will stand behind Israel against the threat in Iran? Have you picked up on any of that?

Anonymous said...

You are missed at FP.