Friday, April 03, 2009

SOLANA: Obama is a very wise man


JAVIER SOLANA, source:, NATO leaders at a working dinner in Baden-Baden, Germany, on Friday, soruce: AP.

(The Austrian newspaper Der Stanbdard asked Solana about his youth pamphlet
"50 reasons against the NATO". His laconic answer was,
that this does not refer to his current work area at the EU.)

In an Interview with a Turkish newspaper he said to the question:

"Do you have any concerns about the new Israeli government?

Solana: "Yes, I have some concerns. I have devoted much of my energy to try to construct a two-state solution. This is our dream and objective, like Turkey as well as the international community. I think dealing with an Israeli government that does not recognize the two-state formula will be more difficult. I hope very much that this government, despite some of the statements that have been already made, will continue to work for a two-state solution and do this very rapidly. This should not be done in 100 years’ time. That has to be done now."...

In a much quoted German interview yesterday (see last line of the interview) he also said, that the two-state solution "is a MUST". Link

back to the Turkish interview:

US President Obama will be visiting Turkey in a few days’ time. Turkey will be the first Muslim country he will visit. What does this tell you?

I think Mr. Obama is a very wise man. In such a short time since taking office, he has proven to have a very intelligent sense about what the important issues and priorities are. He will be in İstanbul and Ankara. He will be meeting with the leaders and people. I think he wants to give a very clear message that a country like Turkey, a democracy with a predominantly Muslim population, is and should be an important player in the international community.

Solana speaks about the AOC meeting to be held on April 6-7, that's why he supposedly talks suddenly so open about the EU accesion of Turkey, a deal he made already in December 1999, as his first adventure whenstarting his High Rep. Post at EU.

see here Solana yesterday on Turkey and Lisbon Treaty:

Solana: "No Obstacles For Turkey To Accede To Eu"

"We need the Lisbon Treaty to make the EU able to expand"

stay tuned!


joyce said...

A working document for the Turkey forum..


paul said...

Amazing what passes for wisdom these days.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"

paul said...

Sorry this is off subject, but,
Have you ever heard of the theory that Electricity is a perfect metaphor for Economics,
that is to say, all the elements and parameters of electricity, such as voltage, capacitance, amperage,
etc., have a perfect corollary in Economics ?
I can't seem to remember what it was that I read about the theory, and I was thinking you must have heard something about it...

Setterman said...

Solana: “I think dealing with an Israeli government that does not recognize the two-state formula will be more difficult.” Fact: it is the Palestinians or the rest of Islam that do not believe in the two States of Palestine and Israel.
Fact: “The devil is a liar. . .”

Joyce said...

That's the big joke. The world's leaders utterly ignore both Fatah and Hamas say that they don't accept the nation of Israel. In Islam lying is okay if it achieves the ends.


E said...

A two state solution just doesn't make sense for Israel. It never has and never will. I wonder what brews next?

Anonymous said...

What is next?
The division of Jerusalem -
I appreaite your insight Farmer


Anonymous said...

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