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re-evolution 2012



"Dali Lama" the "wise master" in Gustavos Higueras winners Comic RE-EVOLUTION, source and copyright:© Gustavo Higuera, ZUDA Comics

Gustavo Higuera, the author of the New-World-Order Illuminati-Comics has won the first prize in a contest with his new Comic. He will be now lift up into the floors of the DC and Marvel masters. I had written about him in December 2007 and January 2008:



You can see his new work here and you will perfectly understand why I am worr

ied as with this book the 2012 message, slogans and symbols will reach a lot of hearts and minds of the young and youngest, I bet they will even make a film out of it:



Obama, Earth Change(s) on Christmas December 2012 







The year is 2013, all life on Earth was nearly destroyed by a series of environmental disasters called the "Great Change." Forced migrations, starvation and disease kill 90% of the earth's population turning what were once great cities ruled by men, into desolate wastelands ruled by the laws of Mother Nature. Mankind has no choice but seek refuge and move into centralized green zones leaving everything behind, including their beloved animals. With the humans gone, it's a free-for-all battle of survival amongst the animals until a group of gorilla forces start a campaign to enslave all wildlife and establish themselves as the dominant force on the planet. Out of these troubled times a new leader emerges to protect the innocent. Che-huahua, the brave and noble dog who along with the help of his "Guerrilla Wild" vow to protect all animals, find the last human city and hope for the day to once again live in peace and harmony in a new golden age - a Re-Evolution. "

prepare the Kids for Antichrist and his golden Age?


stay tuned!



björn (farmer) said...

comes to my mind what Fidel Castro wrote in his last official letter to the world about Solana: "He seemed like an angel back then..." and "With the fate of human species in such hands, it is as if we were dancing happily at the edge of a precipice, where the vanity of no few leaders of the globalized capitalist world reigns, putting all countries at risk. "
see the whole letter here:


JD said...


The 2012 movie has already been made. You can watch a trailer at the link at the bottom. The end of the trailer prompts those watching to google 2012, not 2012: the movie, just 2012. Thus introducing the person to all the 2012 material that is out there. The indoctrination is at incredibly high levels, now reaching across all platforms of entertainment.

I recently wrote a post over at Constance blog, showing my concern with this. In the post I refrenced a band my brother is into called Hed P.E. (planet earth), their album titled N.W.O. or new world orphans, runs the full spectrum of this indoctrination. From aliens, and 2012, to the zeitgeist propaganda. Not to mention the full on blitz of info being promoted via the History channel, and other TV programs.

2012: the movie

chatty-kathi said...

This re*evolution, where man evolves to the next step and realizes everything is a part of God, takes place because of a REVOLUTION, which is actually a spiritual revolution.

Talking animals are plausible because the serpent talked to Eve. From Deception in the Church:

"...Wimber seems to have little or no appreciation of the doctrine of the Fall and speaks of being involved in "restoring the Edenic state" in and through his ministry."

In preparation for this revolution, from the Euronews article, “Interview: EU to govern Internet of the future", we read:

“First of all, Brussels wants to pave the way for possibly the biggest REVOLUTION that the Web has ever seen: the emergence of an Internet of Things, whereby objects have a virtual identity and communicate between each other..."

In a News With Views article, http://www.newswithviews.com:80/Devvy/kidd385.htm is the article “JOSEPH BIDEN: LIAR, CHEAT, TRAITOR?” Regarding Biden’s speech on the New World Order, it says:

“In the fourth section of Biden's blather, he runs off about "creating" an environmental REVOLUTION...”

Rick Warren was interviewed prior to announcing his PEACE Plan at Angel Stadium in The Orange County Register, 9/18/05. He said:

"Why are you here? I’ll tell you why you are here,’ said Warren … ‘Because you were marked by God to be part of a REVOLUTION.’”

From Deception in the Church, regarding the book, "The Harvest, Joel’s Army", Rick Joyner said:

“What is about to come upon the earth is not just a revival, or another awakening, it is a veritable REVOLUTION. The vision was given in order to begin to awaken those who are destined to radically change the course, and even the very definition of Christianity.”

From another article at this site, we read: “Note: The Meta Model below is about transforming the Church, and is the model used by Peter Wagner and Rick Warren.

...In Carl George’s most recent book, "The Coming Church REVOLUTION", forty churches using the Meta Model are reviewed and analysed. These include churches like Willow Creek (Bill Hybels) and other seeker-sensitive or 'purpose-driven' church networks like Saddleback Church (Rick Warren), Cincinnati Vineyard and Fairhaven Alliance Church.”

The Emergent Church is perfectly reflected in their ad you posted, RE-THINK, RE-LEARN, RE*EVOLUTION. Those in the Emergent Church that use these terms include Brian McLaren, Erwin McManus and Neale Donald Walsch.

From an interview with Walsch, called "Living the New Spirituality", Walsch said:

“The New REVOLUTIONS also contains a five-step plan for peace in the world. We call it the Five Steps to Peace.... We intend to, in fact, inspire the second great Reformation of world religion....”

From Lighthouse Trails, in Warren Smith’s book, "Reinventing Jesus Christ", Marianne Williamson, who is working towards a U.S. Dept. of Peace, said:

“So it is that a new politics centers around the arousal of that power, using prayer and meditation to create a forcefield of transformation.

It is a mystical REVOLUTION that will usher in a mystical age.

As a loving critical mass coalesces, as hearts around the world continue to yearn and work for peace, then new forms will emerge to actualize our new planetary vision.”

Anonymous said...

boy oh boy is this ever spooky! where oh where is my armor of god? kids have you seen my breast-plate? tony heres your helmet. here give joe-boy his sword. wow everything seems to be here/YES/ GOD IS GOOD! Bring it on. Thanks Father, Thanks Jesus,...stay w/ us Blessings...to all....tony vt

Newspaceman said...

Hiya, this is a link to Gordon Brown's golden age speech, 20/06/2007 - pre "credit crisis":


"So I congratulate you Lord Mayor and the City of London on these remarkable achievements, an era that history will record as the beginning of a new golden age for the City of London."


paul said...

Waiting for the stone that
the Bilderbergers have rejected.

GusHiguera said...

I am flattered that you guys have found my comic so intriguing but Re-Evolution's primary theme is about mankind's relationship with mother nature. It has nothing to do with "preparing the world for the anti-christ." It's about exploring humanity's ability to evolve past our violent tendencies so that we may spiritually evolve.

chatty-kathi said...

Mr. Higuera,

Glad you have joined us. We do, in fact, see the connection to mother nature and man’s evolution in your writing.

It is this rejection of God as creator that will lead to the antichrist and God’s judgment. “Evolving past our violent tendencies” is actually part of the belief that when man takes his next step in evolution (which is spiritual, not physical), man remembers he is God.

This is the lie from Genesis 3:5 that man is God. It is the reason given in Romans:1:18-25 and 2 Thess. 2:11 for God’s wrath, that man rejects God as creator and worships the creature (self) and creation.

This belief is part of the New Spirituality or New Age Movement. The environment and all of creation are also taught as being divine. Let me help by giving you some quotes from some behind this movement, taken from http:// www.inthenameofpurpose.org/arkofoneness.pdf .

“The New Spirituality is a civil rights movement for the soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its belief in a separate, angry, violent, and fearful God...”

“The twenty-first century will be the time of awakening, of meeting The Creator Within. Many beings will experience Oneness with God and with all of life. This will be the beginning of the golden age of the New Human …”

“According to immunologist Gerald Callahan, faith and love are literally buried in our genes and lymphocytes, and what it takes to arrest our descent into chaos is one person after another remembering who and where they really are.”

“…the Plan is one of evolutionary development …”

“[L]et us regard Deity as that in which we live and move and have our being, and which is working out through every form in nature (including the human form), His own
inclusive and synthetic Plan.”

“Nowhere is there peace today or understanding … Into this chaos of conflicting, competitive and fighting interests, Christ plans to reappear. I would ask you to contemplate the very real horror of what He has to face, and the necessity for some measure of order to be brought about in the world … The major effect of His appearance will surely be to demonstrate in every land the effects of a spirit of inclusiveness - All who seek right human relations will be gathered automatically to Him, whether they are in one of the great world religions or not … To hate, to be separate, and to be exclusive will come to be regarded as the only sin...”

“If we accept that the metaphor of an organism can be applied to humankind, we can imagine a collective movement that would protect, repair, and restore that organism’s capacity to endure when threatened.… The ultimate purpose of a global immune system is to identify what is not life affirming and to contain, neutralize, or eliminate it... Ecological restoration is extraordinarily simple: You remove whatever prevents the system from healing itself. Social restoration is no different... It is time for all that is harmful to leave.”

“There is a law of sacrifice governing all the evolutionary process...‘the Law of those who choose to die’... This urge to sacrifice... such is the underlying story of evolution.… What it really connotes is the emergence of that which is most divine in man...”

Jesus, the stone the builders (Bilderbergers, tongue-in-cheek) rejected, is the stumbling block (Luke 20:17, 18). This is because Christianity uniquely says you will never be good enough to earn your salvation. It is ONLY by belief that Jesus took the punishment due you. Jesus will return and set up His Kingdom as King. Satan is setting up his kingdom now. Time is short.

I hopes this sheds new light for you.

GusHiguera said...


I humbly have to disagrees with various points in your argument. When I said, "Evolving past our violent tendencies" I didn't mean thinking your God but rather accepting each other for who we are. Wasn't one of Jesus' main messages that of tolerance.

"Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

If you look at all the various cultures in the world everyone has a different interpretation about God, creation, life and death. To blindly say that one perspective is the ONLY right one is disregarding the beauty of what make us who were are -- our differences.

Personally, I embrace all religions and beliefs because I accept the fact that they are each a part of who we are. I would also like to add that I respect your opinion and your beliefs and even though we may disagree on some things I think we can both agree that our world seems to be in a lot of trouble these days.

Re-Evolution is an exploration of what is happening to our world and what is most important is that I don't try convince anyone that what I'm saying is the ONLY truth but rather present various points of view to make the reader critically think.

Some people believe in multiple Gods as the force of creation and others in one and only God.

Some people find Re-Evolution inspiring for it's Zen-like parables. Others will think it's about preparing the world about the anti-christ.

It's these difference to me, what God is. It's pretty marvelous if you ask me.

chatty-kathi said...

Hi Gus,

Yes, we can certainly agree that this world is a mess. I also think we both recognize that supernatural intervention is needed and is coming.

What I want you to see is that the evolution that you believe in is an essential part of the New Spirituality. And I also want you to see that this seemingly tolerant and loving belief system will eventually show that it is anything but. Those who hold to a belief in one way only are already being cast as being intolerant. However, true intolerance will be exhibited by this belief system when they take the lives of those who won’t get on board.

I know this not only because it has been foretold by those in this movement. Satan’s plan is revealed in the Bible, as well as through many people through the ages. But I also know this will happen because the Bible predicts it. In fact, there are about 2,500 prophecies in the Bible. The odds are staggering that about 2,000 of them have been fulfilled in every detail. The approximately 500 that remain have to do with a one world government, a one world religion that embraces all faiths (except the monotheistic faiths), the nations turning on Israel, and the division of Jerusalem, all of which we see the beginnings of now. And, of course, there is the revealing of antichrist, who claims to be God, and his false prophet.

Also, while there are many that claim to be Christian, the Bible tells us that few find the path to eternal life. It is easy to misjudge true Christianity because of this. That makes the majority imposters, who are now forming the Emerging Church.

In the Bible passage you believe teaches tolerance, John 15:12, Jesus is speaking to His disciples. The context is that those who abide in Him will bear fruit by keeping his commandments and will love each other. He reveals true love in verse 13, Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

He also said in 1 John 2:15 that we are not to love the world nor the things in the world, because all the world involves the lust of the flesh, eyes, and the pride of life. If we love the world, the love of the Father is not in us.

Since you are open to all beliefs, I hope that you take away a new understanding of Christianity. And, it’s my prayer that at same point, you will believe it. Perhaps when the intolerance results in death, you will remember our discussion.

Part of Satan’s plan is to use meditation to deceive people into believing they are Gods. Perhaps you will remember our discussion when the masses believe this. This won’t be a big stretch. They already believe in man’s goodness.

True Christianity teaches the opposite, as I said before. After the Fall, when man believed Satan’s lies, God said the soul that sins will die. God then revealed His plan, that one day a Savior would come to redeem man, who was Jesus. Only one of the Godhood could fulfill His requirement and satisfy His judgment. Believing that Jesus died for our sins involves faith in His sacrifice. This faith comes from hearing the truth about ourselves, believing God Himself took the punishment due us, and then turning from our sins.



björn (farmer) said...

Hi Gus! Very nice of you to come around - your comments are very much appreciated and I feel honoured you read my blog again!
All the best to you! Thanks also Chatti-kathi for your great comments, as I read also all other comments with joy! Björn

Anonymous said...

You people have seen entirely too many movies.