Saturday, June 13, 2009

well equipped horses of the apocalypse

A new EU-Regulation, foreseen to enter into force on July 1 2009, introduces or details the following main issues:
"a lifetime passport is issued for all equidae when they are born and independently of their movement status; when the passport is issued an electronic transponder (microchip) is injected to foals in order to ensure that only a single identification document is issued
the issuing of the passport is recorded in a database under a unique life number that remains the lifelong reference even if the name of the animal is changed
it is clarified that equidae for slaughter must be accompanied to the slaughterhouse by their passport as an essential part of the food-chain information required by the food law (including the information on possible specific treatment with veterinary medicines)
MS may set up national databases or network existing databases 
MS may allow smart cards instead of paper passports for national movements
provisions are made for the recovery of the microchip, in case of lost passports, and on the death of the animal in relation to the information on the database. 
the Regulation contains derogations for animals kept under feral conditions
this Regulation does not affect the imports of equidae from third countries, but includes provisions on the identification of equidae definitively imported into the EU

the Regulation also clarifies how to use the passport as a tool to immobilise equidae in case of animal health restrictions (movement restrictions)"

Who's next?

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Roma said...

Amish Blast ID Cow Chips as 'Mark of the Beast'
Posted Nov 14, 08 3:44 AM CST in Science & Health, Technology, US

Yeah this is going to go to all countries. Australia already has mandatory chipping of pets, am surprised the USA has not made it mandatory yet.

Anonymous said...

Lets just call it "check, 1, 2 ,3 - check"
A warm up of the system if you will


Anonymous said...

Good find. It will be more convenient to use this in conjunction with SEPA, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

SEPA and a Network similar to FaceBook... With the powers who are behind Facebook and the whole information grab, you just know that a similar network will be used for the Mark of the Beast.

Facebook just a beta test, best way to secure somthing is to release it to the public.

Anonymous said...

A chip cannot house all that information, and would be a security risk, to store info on the chip itself. Instead they will probable (using internet of things, wireless "Internet 2) install chips with links to your file on a database, or network system similar to facebook.

Anonymous said...


Video on Facebook and who funded its creation.