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masonic "Night at the Museum", part II

"One doesn’t expect there would be something conceptual behind such a silly book.Something in its simplicity insults people that write reviews, I guess." (N.a.t.M. author Milan Trenc, Link)

The film „Night at the Museum” is a children film, based on the childrens book with the same name by Milan Trenc. In this article I want to show some of the hidden – but still obvious messages that are implemented in the film, as an example on how Hollywood uses films to spread it’s philosophy in a seemingly innocent way the people normally would not realize.

Illuminating picture design by Milan Trenc, author of "Night at the Museum"

Milan Trenc, a filmmaker and illustrator in Zagreb, Croatia, wrote and illustrated The Night at the Museum in 1993. Little did he imagine it would be made into a feature-length Hollywood film in 2006, starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney.

"The museum guards are a fascination to me, uniformed and all, and yet still so harmless and a bit goofy. And there is this concept of night guards doing nothing. I thought it would be fun to toy with the idea of a guard working his ass off and nobody appreciating it. And there is the titillation: what’s going on behind the closed doors of the museum, all those skeletons and beasts inside? You must think there is a secret behind doors."(Milan Trenc in an interview, Link)

Masonry has a long history in Hollywood, so we should not really be surprised about these implications. The Freemasons Louis B. Mayer (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), Darryl Zanuck, Rupert Murdoch (20th Century Fox the production company of the film), Jack Warner (Warner Brothers Fame) have all done harm to mankind by spreading their programming movies. Hollywood was already in the 1930s in the control of the freemason bankers Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and Goldman Sachs. B'nai B'rith founded in the early 1920s a lodge also in Hollywood, with Alfred Schwalberg, Baranay Bapaban (Paramount), Harry Goldberg (Warner Brothers) and other leading figures within the American film industry. The lodge received the number 1366. Between the years 1925 and 1935, "the king of movies" B'nai B'rith managed to camouflage itself and founded the special Film Lodge in Hollywood on 16 November 1939.

In the film there are many parallels to Jonathan Swifts’ Gulliver’s Travels. Larry is with the tiny Roman soldiers and Cowboys, bound by them by the help of a rope. As of 1714 Swift was a founding member of the Scriblerus Club, with Alexander Pope, John Arbuthnot, Gay, Congreve, Lord Oxford, and Bishop Atterbury. All became Masons and belonged to the lodge called "Goat-at-the-Foot-of-the-Haymarket", No. 16, London. They agreed to write a series of papers ridiculing, in the words of Pope, "all the false tastes in learning, under the character of a man of capacity enough, but that had dipped into every art and science, but injudiciously in each." Arbuthnot was also a member of the Scottish Masonic Order, which has a Templar degree. One year later, in 1715, Swift started writing Gulliver's Travels.
Arbuthnot was also in close contact with one of the leading lights of Freemasonry - some say its founder - Jean Theophile Desaguliers (1683-1744), a French-born inventor and scientist, who was experimental assistant to Sir Isaac Newton and Curator of the Royal Society. In the beginning, the Order did not have the three degrees, but only the first two - Apprentice and Fellow. Desaguliers established the third Master degree in about 1725, the year before the publication of Gulliver's Travels. Desaguliers designed a project to heat salt-boilers and similar vessels by steam rather than fire. (Remember Gilliver-Larry laying on front of the steam train). John Arbuthnot is memoralized in Gulliver’s Travels as the head Houyhnhmn. The Royal Society is heavily satirized in Gulliver, Part III, and Newton appears in anagram.
Also the Knights of the Templar play a key role in the novel. Swift was descended from templars, being probably the illegitimate son of diplomat Sir William Temple, Master of the Rolls in Ireland. The Temple family had its origins in a Knight Templar in Leicester, England in the 1100s, near the date of the founding of the order. Swift was certainly aware of the Templar origins of the Masonic Order.

The role of Columbus in the film and Larry's inability to remember Christopher Columbus' name may be a wink and a nod to producer with the same name (Chris Columbus).
This idea is supported by Shawn Levy's DVD commentary, in which he mentions that Columbus advised him to concentrate on storyboarding any visual effects scenes prior to shooting, just like he had done on his two Harry Potter films. But there is also a link to Theodore Roosevelt as he was linked to the discovery of America through his ancestor. That Roosevelt's ancestor was a Dutch 17th century Jew (Claes Martenszen van Rozenvelt), as was shown by the historian Ottomar Kraintz in his book "Juda endecht Amerika" ("A Jew Discovers America", Munich, 1938, pp. 128-129).

At minute 64 Ben between two posters in the background title „Wheatering the Storm”(in blue) and „Africa” (in red). The key is in Roosevelt’s wax-hand, Larry: „All right”. Daylight comes in from the door to outside, the camera focusses on the text on the wall saying „Knowledge”. Then three kids come in. Columbus stands in front of the „China”-picture, pointing with his finger. The kid’s scarfs are red and blue, their ties red and blue, a red cap and a blue jacket. Next scene: Stiller begs for one more night.. His boss: „Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…”. In the backround of his office stands his cupboard: red and blue.

At minute 66, which is important, as we have masonic: 2x33, (as well as proposed Maya date 2012, 12. 22.=32+12+22=66 – the film was first aired worldwide 6 years before on 2006, December 22. ) we should watch out for more symbols. Here we see Ben at the home of his ex-wife. Her rooms tapestry: red-white checkerboard, and Jackals, in Nikola’s room is red blue white brown, and we find a dinosaur under a masonic sign. Masonic Tapestry, Snake-dragon on the wall. Larry: „Say Hello to Rexi” (T-Rex, T.R.=Theodore Roosevelt. He is the films true reptile, dragon, lizard-king.)

But the T-Rex and T. Roosevelt are also a symbol for Sirius, a very important star in Masonry and in the Egyptian belief system. At the beginning Larry drops a bone to catch for the T-Rex, as if it were a dog. „Ezequiel Saw Them Dry Bones” is the tune Larry whistles as he passes the empty T-Rex exhibit on his first night. Sirius is the dog-star and masons are looking for where the dog (not the bone!) is hidden. Not by chance was „Von Hundt” a high ranking mason. Sirius ties also to the Washington Monument, a major location for the second part of the film. (This also connects to number 72, see film Riddles in Stones)
At minute 71 (which is 1 hour and 11 minutes =111). The sun is down and Larry says to Roosevelt: „Hey T.R. come on, rise and shine, Buddy, I need you to wake up.”

Of course we cannot forget the Isis-Osiris theme here. And who comes next? Of course the Egyptian Pharao: At minute 72 the Pharao’s picture in green on a painting, with a red arow pointing up, a bit later a blue arrow (poster saying „shipping”) pointing down.

At minute 73 we have a bloody-red scarf for Ben. The Pharao: „We got new life at night. Sundown to sunrise we felt young again …it gave us an energy boost…We love the nightlife, Larry ..and the stuff planted at your place….pretty obvious you committed the crime”. And finally at minute 75 Larry says: „I need you, Pal!” Arrives Roosevelt, the saviour: „Someone call my name?” Boy: „Wow” (with an iron masonic cluster in front of him) R.T.:„Theodore Roosevelt. At your service. I was made in a manufactury in Poughkeepsie, I am made of wax, Larry. What are you made of?”

The city name „Poughkeepsie” could be a world play too („Pough Keep C.” – „keep secrets?”). Like in Gullivers’ Travels they always have these annagrams and word plays going. For example in minute 87: Roosevelt laying in front of the lady: „Relax I am wax”. Or in minute 93 (=1:33) the riddle: „We see one Buddha, two zebras, the ape Dexter” - „Who is evolved?”.


But back to the date 2012, December 22. Another main character in the film is „Sacajawea”. Sacajawea is said to have died on December 22, 1812. After Wikipedia her name comes from the Hidatsa language tsakáka wía, "bird woman". Sacajawea is depicted on the golden 1 Dollar coin, which is given out since 2000 (Remember Larry before throwing a Dollar-coin: „a little birdie told me that somebody likes magic”). Husband Charbonneau told expedition members that his wife's name meant "Bird Woman", and in May 1805 Lewis used the Hidatsa meaning in his journal: "a handsome river of about fifty yards in width discharged itself into the shell river ...this stream we called Sah-ca-gah-we-ah or bird woman’s River, after our interpreter the Snake woman."
At minute 1:30, when Roosevelt was saying: „The year was 1909…I was going up Zambezi River in Africa”, Sacajawea is also present in this scene and she wears red-blue.
Sacajawea or Sacajewea in contrast to the Hidatsa etymology, is said to be derived from words in the Shoshone language words "Saca-tzaw-meah" meaning "boat puller" or "boat launcher". Sacajawea had thrown herself into the wild Missouri River to save important parts of the explorers package, after one of it’s boats had sunk. The boat again.
Allegedly - as daVinci knew- 2012 is the point in time where the compass in the boat will point to the Phoenix-point- earth and sun in one line with the galactic center.

The Illuminati elite see themselves as navigators. The mythical Priory of Sion were supposedly led by a "Nautonnier", an Old French word for a navigator, which means Grand Master in their internal esoteric nomenclature. The term 'cybernetics' is also derived from the Greek word for navigator and originally referred to a science of social control. This is also linked with the Browser names "Netscape Navigator" and "Firefox"(former name:"Phoenix").

David Flynn wrote in 2005:
"Navigation not only predicts the destination of a traveler on the earth but also the time the traveler will arrive. The most powerful secret held by the occult elite is related to this concept taken to a higher level.
As the navigator can use increments of the earth's latitude and longitude to determine location in space and time, these increments can be measured in the earth itself to reveal the appointed time of humanity's destiny.
This is why the number 33 and the compass and square are such important symbols of the illumined elite. 33.33 degrees of the great circle of the earth represents 2012 nautical miles.(…)To be completely accurate, the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the earth is 2012 ".9" This corresponds to the year and date that the ancient Mayans of middle America believed their calendar will end, December 21st, 2012. This is also the year their serpent god and founder of civilization, Quetzalcoatl, will return from heaven." (Flynn 2005)

Some words to the Egyptian Tablet. The text of the original Emerald tablet is brief - only thirteen lines- but it is the cornerstone of the Hermetic movement. The origin of this mysterious text is shrouded in antiquity, and even its name is a mystery, yet is has been an inspiration for alchemists and magicians for hundreds of years. The well known Hermetic axiom, “As above, so below” is derived directly from the Emerald Tablet. It may be the oldest Hermetic text known, predating both the Corpus Hermeticum and the Christian religion. The Tablet languished in relative obscurity until the middle ages, when it began to circulate throughout the alchemical community through contact with Muslim mystics. Scholars believe the original was written in Greek, but the oldest surviving copies are Arabic translations. Despite its mysterious origin, many have imputed great significance to the text- its famous translators include Roger Bacon, Isaac Newton, and even HP Blavatsky. The philosophical ideas contained within are profound- influencing medieval alchemists, Jewish kabbalists, Masons, and ritual magicians alike. For this reason I am called “Hiram Telat Machasot”- one in essence, but three in aspect. This curious phrase is Chaldean in origin, and has been suspected as the true identity of the Hiram Abiff of the Masonic legend, which is another hint to the Masonic background of the film.

The end of the film comes at minute 99 (33+33+33), Stiller forms a „Horned-One”-sign with his hand at minute 99:33. There is a triangle between two pillars (masonic), with light torches and a red framed globe at the top of it. There is a party going on and the music plays a song by „Earth, Wind and Fire” named „September”. September was the month of the sinking of the ships, and right here (already at minute 97) we see a framed globe in blue and again a ship.

Larry comes in a red-blue car. He snaps with his fingers (like in hyptnosis magic) and with this act turning off the light of his flash light – which is awakening the viewers from the hypnosis state. And this is not me, interpreting symbols after my thesis – The fim directors comment to this scene says:

This idea of light popping out to the exterior of the museum - as it was a hidden world on the inside…and the snapper– I hope people get it – finally: wham!
(Directors comment on DVD at 99:42).

read part 1 of Masonic Night at the Museum:


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