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Javier Solana, at Cela(Bueu), where he has his stable residence for the summer since 1995.

"Bueu (Pontevedra), 7 ago (EFE) .- The EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, today expressed hope that the Irish vote in favor of the Treaty of Lisbon in the second referendum for the upcoming October 2, after expressing its rejection in June 2008. 

In a meeting with journalists in Bueu, where he made his annual summer holiday, Solana said he has "high hopes that the people of Ireland support the Treaty of Lisbon" and that "it is very important that this process would have positive results." 

The representative of the EU said, that the referendum in Ireland is a key step for the entry into force of the Treaty possible by January 2010. " ...
For Solana, the coming to power of Barak Obama is "the best news of the year" and he found that has helped to improve transatlantic relations. 

"We listen to each other. It's good to know that the U.S. president listens," said the representative of the EU foreign policy. 

Concerning the global economic situation he found that there are some slight signs of economic recovery and expressed the hope that it will confirm in the next months.


As always in August Solana enjoys "long walks through the forest, often extending throughout the morning. In other years he enjoyed the typical cuisine of the Rías Baixas (fishes from the rivers) in several restaurants in the parishes of Beluso (Bueu) and Aldán (Cangas), at the spring of that town. 
Usually after eating, Javier Solana cultivated many friendships that have been gained in the desktop and with long talk. This is one of the reasons why the position of the European Union, can not much be seen on the beaches of the region. In addition he prefers to escape the crowds that come together in the sand. Maximum is to take a look down to the beach for a dip in the days where temperatures reach higher values, and where the beaches start to empty of people. 
This seems to indicate that the neighbor is not going to resent the unstable summer Galicia is experiencing this year and he will relax with a good book."

"If one day you do not want to go out, stay at home to enjoy reading until dinner time. Mr PESC becomes owner for a few days and "lord" of his agenda without neglecting their duties and plan a trip, or the sand runs through the town to buy down as one of the neighboring municipality. He says that it is "part of the family." 

The ANA PATIÑO BUEU always faithful to Cela, Javier Solana, enjoy the Sunday night of a deserved vacation in the summer house where he has been in place for twelve years. Here, as every summer, he will try to disconnect from the challenges and responsibilities of his position as senior in Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU. After "a year of hard work for various reasons, including piracy and the Somali conflict or economic crisis," Mr CFSP arrives with "desire to rest and do what I do every summer," but will be continuily informed about what is happening in the world each morning.
Solana opts for a quiet life. He stressed that "I do not give first pages in the summer. Unfortunately, I have to work a lot during the winter." He gets up early and after a round of calls, he explains that "if I am feeling well, I go to the mountains, many miles and I swim on any beach." As usually "always with friends for lunch in any of the bars or chiringos of the area and I enjoy Lapamán sands, a beach that looks beautiful. " 
The first of his days in Galicia (on Monday), he spent part of the morning to run around and Agrelo Portomaior and in the afternoon, he said with simplicity, "at Bueu I had to go to the supermarket and buy what I had forgotten."  
On September 18 he will give a lecture at the prestigious Harvard University and although it has already planed what is going to say, he prefers to "give it a final polishing" these days on vacation. In the series of conferences in the U.S. he will talk about "the world today, globalization, economic crisis and the impact they may have on geopolitics." 
(After the Mallorca bombings) beyond the issue of greatest crisis in our country today is terrorism. Following statements by the Interior Minister, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba after the latest attacks by ETA, Javier Solana has expressed "full agreement with what he said" - his colleague and friend, recently."



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