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a V-child is born


The sun July 9: "baby born to be wild"="false boom after crisis - visible one month later (=today)".

I knew this would happen. But I did not think they would be so obvious. Today, as the baby is born, it's time to show:

As you see, already on July 9 the men in power gave the V-sign (=to take a break from the recession caused by the Financial Crisis). But I did not want to publish it, as I was sure a lot of my readers would have ridiculed me, for this interpretation. Still, my close friends heard me speaking about this in July. I told them, that the 13 doves at the front door of Wall Street at October 8 (I have reported on this event in October here) had been a sign to go into deep crisis.  9 months later, on July 9, the Sun published the 2 pictures on its front cover and I said to my friends that this is the sign coming from the City of London, to take a break of the financial crisis soon (but just a break, as a second crisis will come):

As Published by the SUN, 2009, July 09:


When the crisis was 9 months old, the real baby on the picture was here 8 months old. One month to go for the headlines of Financial Times Germany, the birth of the V-child: And just at birth-time, one month later, they published the sign again, today's title: 


"Miniboom for German Economy", "Hurray a little V!",

title story Financial times today: stork bringing a V sign. (LINK 7/8.08.2009)

...also here:


title: "kommt in Vahrt" instead of "Fahrt" ("starting to take ovv") LINK




(For the ones who have the FTD paper version: on page 26 we find a half page big black V sign, titled "bungee-boom" with many V-charts).

Interesting enough, they also connect it to the end of the second world war, the times of Churchill, a hawk.

"War Hawk is a term originally used to describe a member of the House of Representatives of the Twelfth Congress of the United States who advocated waging war against Great Britain in the War of 1812. The term has evolved into an informal Americanism used to describe a political stance of preparedness for aggression, by diplomatic and ultimately military means, against others to improve the standing of their own government, country, or organization. This term is usually contrasted with the term dovish, which alludes to the more peaceful dove"."dovish
Dovish refers to an economic outlook which generally supports lower interest rates. Doves take the position that inflationary pressures are low enough for low interest rates to be desirable 

The term refers to the predatory, stern nature of the hawk. In finance, hawkish refers to a negative outlook on inflation, implying that price levels are too high. "Hawkish" is an adjective typically used to describe monetary policy which favors higher interest rates, tighter monetary controls and restrictive credit policy."


Now this brings us back to the 13 doves in front of Wall Street October 8. (In my October article I had this event connected also to "MER" and on October 24 I had written about MER(o)vin King, the Governor of the Bank of England ) Link). Now I found that they often use the term "Hawk" in opposition of "Dove" for him.

"Hawks and doves face off over next rate move

Mervyn Allister King
Mervyn King is Governor of the Bank of England and is Chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee. He was previously Deputy Governor from 1998 to 2003, and Chief Economist and Executive Director from 1991. Mervyn King was a non-executive director of the Bank from 1990 to 1991." LINK

"Mervyn King
The Governor is a self-confessed "inflation nutter" and has long been considered hawkish in his approach to setting interest rates. It is he who has twice had to write to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to explain why inflation is so high - something his predecessor Eddie George never had to do - and with the cost of living set to rise further there will be more letters to come. Voting to cut interest rates under such circumstances would be difficult.

King's recent voting record also tells a story. In June 2007 he wanted to increase rates but was outvoted five-four. Hawk count: 1," LINK

"Mervyn King Coos Like a Sucking Dove"

"Commentators often describe the nine committee members in ornithological terms. On that basis, Professor David Blanchflower is the arch-dove while Professor Tim Besley and Dr Andrew Sentance are the über-hawks, egged on (no pun intended) by Mervyn King, the Bank of England's Governor, and John Gieve". LINK

"The Signs of the Times and the End of the Age"

Don't trust the "V"-boom. It's a Valse Peace.

A friend wrote: "We are barely 13 months into a depression whereas at the end of the great depression they had been over 3 years in it.  This depression people, looks like your grandmothers worst nightmare gone wrong and morph into the movie "Alien". 
Why are we not getting the truth about this depression?? 
A friend went into a bank in NZ just a week ago asking for a "mort-gage". ("mort = death ... gage = cage or grip")  She was informed that the amount she was able to deathgrip for was now less than half it was a year ago on the same income. The bank adviser informed her that ... and I quote : "
don't believe the stuff you see on TV about this recession being almost over, it's nothing like the truth, we haven't even begun to see the problems yet". She was advised privately by this bank staff not to get too deep in debt."
stay tuned!


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