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also Barry Chamish has his eyes on Malta:

from his yesterday article:
by Barry Chamish
Here's the story of one fearless man,
Trying to break the deception of a powerful clan.

It all began when King Juan Carlos, called by the Vatican, "The Defender Of The Holy Places Of Jerusalem" decided to take a journey to Malta. It was going to be a dastardly visit.But how?
Mediterranean Union set up liaison office in Malta for EU/Arab League
Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Tonio Borg said that a liaison office for the Union for the Mediterranean will be set up in Malta and will be inaugurated in November at the former MCESD offices in Floriana, adjacent to the Police depot. During an interview by PBS journalist Fiorella Pace on Radio 101 digital, Tonio Borg said that the aim of the liaison office is to join the works of the European Commission and the Arab League. Tonio Borg also said that the King of Spain Juan Carlos as well as the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk will be visiting Malta in the coming months. He also mentioned that Italy’s President Giorgio Napolitano could visit Malta next year. King Juan Carlos going to Malta in November
The announcements were made by Foreign Affairs Minister Tonio Borg yesterday morning as he announced that the EU-Arab League liaison centre was expected to open in Malta in October. Speaking during a recorded radio interview, Dr Borg said the liaison centre, manned by representatives from Malta, the EU and the Arab League, would be housed in the former Malta Council for Economic and Social Development office, close to the police headquarters. He expressed hope that the office would become a "permanent secretariat" for discussions between the EU and the Arab world.
‘5+5 Forum’ discusses relaunch of Med Union
CORDOBA - Senior officials from 10 western Mediterranean countries met here Tuesday to discuss the relaunch of the Mediterranean Union, which has been stalled over the recent war in Gaza. The one-day meeting in the southern city of Cordoba brought together foreign ministers or representatives from Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia.
Launched at a Paris summit in July
(farmer: on Solanas birthday July 14),
the Mediterranean Union groups EU member states with countries in North Africa, the Balkans, the Arab world as well as Israel in a bid to foster cooperation in one of the world's most volatile regions. EU foreign affairs chief Javier Solana has also called an informal meeting for Thursday in Brussels to try and revive the project, a European source in Cairo said Monday. "We are looking, in the name of the Arab Maghreb Union, for the support of France and Spain to contribute to a narrowing of positions... to reach a solution on the issue," Moroccan Foreign Minister Taieb Fassi-Fihri, who is co-chairing Tuesday's meeting with Spain, told Arab media.

Their world opened up. The Catholic states of Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Portugal were about to ally with the Arab League. The Arabs would only play ball if Israel was dealt with. That's where Solana and Israel's President Peres came into the picture:

President Peres meets EU High Comissioner Solana(Communicated by the President's Spokesperson)31 Aug 2009
Israel President Shimon Peres held a working meeting this morning withJavier Solana, Secretary-General of the Council of the EU and HighRepresentative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy. They discussedthe advancement of the Israel-Palestinian peace process and of the Arabpeace initiative, as well as the strengthening of relations between Israeland the European Union. Solana arrived in Israel after meeting with thePresident of Syria, and after his visit to Israel will meet with thePresident of Egypt and visit Lebanon.
The game was so obvious. Yet no Jew chooses to understand how Israel is to be the corpse of the Vatican-Arab plan.
Part one-end
Part two, personal:
And that's what I do. I reveal the deep plans when somehow, no one else will stare into the obvious abyss. And for this I have suffered many abuses, too many from Jews, and until this week, less commonly from Christians...."
Barry, I am so thankful you covered the Malta issue too! Praying for your safety!
stay tuned!

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