Wednesday, October 14, 2009

behind the scenes


NeoConOpticon: The EU Security Industrial Complex” is a major new 80 page report published by the Transnational Institute and Statewatch in September 2009. A must read.

"Despite the often benign intent behind collaborative European ‘research’ into integrated land, air, maritime, space and cyber-surveillance systems, the EU’s security and R&Dpolicy is coalescing around a high-tech blueprint for a new kind of security.

It envisages a future world of red zones and green zones; external borders controlled by military force and internally by a sprawling network of physical and virtual security checkpoints; public spaces, micro-states and ‘mega events’ policed by high-tech surveillance systems and rapid reaction forces; ‘peacekeeping’ and ‘crisis management’ missions that make no operational distinction between the suburbs of Basra or the Banlieue; and the increasing integration of defence and national security functions at home and abroad.

It is not just a case of “sleepwalking into” or“waking up to” a “surveillance society”, as the
Britain’s Information Commissioner famouslywarned, it feels more like turning a blind eye
to the start of a new kind of arms race, one in which all the weapons are pointing inwards.

Welcome to the Neo-ConOpticon."



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