Friday, October 02, 2009

IRISH EU Referendum, five Llamas and two goats


5 Llamas and 2 goats on the run, source: rte-news,

Oct. 2: In Irland a herd of llamas and two goats caused chaos on the M50 Friday afternoon at the Red Cow roundabout.

The animals escaped from a circus at Tallagath and mader their way onto the motorway where they caused major traffic disruption, with up to 5 km tailbacks reported. LINK

(Tallaght is derived from the words támh leacht, meaning plague burial place, the actual name of the roundabout referred to the "Red Cow Inn", a landmark pub formerly in the vicinity. Biblically the Red Heifer was a sacrificial cow whose ashes were used for the ritual purification of people who came into contact with a corpse, it has also meaning in relation to the building of the Third Temple and as a symbol for Christ).


"During the night hard-working thieves took the animals, reports the Irish Times: “The thieves traversed eight fields, opened up ditches and travelled two kilometres on foot to the shed where the animals were being kept.” The owner...suspects animal rights activists."

A spokeswoman for the council last night confirmed the animals would not be released until the owners pay a €5,550 recovery fee. If it is not paid within five working days they will be re-housed or put down. But owner Yvette Scholl said she does not have the money and claimed the council was holding her animals to ransom.Link

"The Llama appears in several Monty Python sketches ("Flying CIRCUS") and the opening credits of Monty Python and The Holy Grail. The label "llama" is also used in game shows as a term for a contestant who leaves the game show with nothing." (Wikipedia)

There is an old Irish expression about troubled partnerships: "two goats pulling on a mountain". 

This happened when the Irish voted for the EU-treaty.

Early returns show solid Irish `yes' to EU treaty.

"Irish Opposition leader, Declan Ganley, has stated that the Friday's Lisbon Treaty poll shows just how scared people are. He has congratulated the Taoiseach on "what was, politically, a masterful campaign…from a masterful politician who has made glove puppets out of the opposition". Link






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