Monday, October 05, 2009

Israel reacts to Irish vote

"When the original European constitution failed to be ratified in the earlier stages, in June 2005, there was the sense of spiteful satisfaction on the part of the Americans. In Israel too, the prevalent perception then was that "a weak Europe is better for the Jews." As a senior official in Jerusalem put it, "Without a constitution, Europe will show more humility and [EU foreign policy chief Javier] Solana won't come around anymore to mess with us." U.S. President Barack Obama, however, sees a strong Europe as an essential element in advancing his own agenda for the world. He needs its diplomacy in the face of the Iranian threat, its military capability in the Balkans and stabilizing missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he also needs it to realize his vision of peace in Middle East. 
It seems that Israel, too, will soon have to reprogram itself and realize that the United States is not the only one who counts."

from: "That boring niceness", by Adar Primor

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