Thursday, November 19, 2009

lady ashton riding the beast?

"BRUSSELS — Seven socialist prime ministers backed the European Union's trade commissioner to be its new foreign policy chief, moving a Thursday summit closer to breaking a stalemate over two freshly created top EU jobs.

Diplomats said Sweden, the summit's host, was nominating Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy for the job of EU president. (see my last article)

Both nominations still need the backing of all 27 EU leaders, who were huddled behind closed doors without advisers, to agree on the two posts

Catherine Ashton won backing for the foreign policy job from British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and left-leaning leaders from Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal and Austria, Brown's spokesman Simon Lewis said."


in the meantime...:

"Solana: I am not a revolutionary

When people are tired of you and you are not ready to leave that is not a democracy, believes Javier Solana, who is about to step down as the EU's foreign policy chief in an interview with RT.

RT: Why are you stepping down?

Javier Solana: One thing is that the EU has opened a new page and different stories what individuals do. I am a European and I have been working for the EU … before I was born. But I think I've been working in the position for 15 years and the position had to be changed and people have to be moved and that is healthy for any organization. That is healthy for the countries that we represent. That does not mean that I am going to sleep – I will be working for the same ideals from a different position.

RT: Is there any advice you would give the person who will succeed you?

JS: Yes, I will give them advice. Not in public but in private, whenever I know who he or she is. It's true that the person will have more capacity to represent an EU that will have more visibility after the treaty and more coherence in their actions. At a time when the process of globalization is so obvious, countries by themselves will not have a role to play in a new world structure. Therefore the unity and coherence is fundamental. Not only for the EU – look at Asia for instance, a group of countries which is being modeled institutionally much like the EU. Also in Latin America. The world has to be organized in such a structure that there's global governance in order to tackle global problems..."

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