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time for acciona?

Acciona's CEO Senior Entrecanales (the man right behind Ban ki-Moon - he was the one who presented the "Copenhagen Climate Communique2" to the UN)  (pictures:acciona, LINK)

In my article from October 17 (Link) I showed how much Javier Solana has prepared the groundwork for the Copenhagen Climate Summit and wrote that this may be the basis of a new world order post for him. Recently in Jerusalem he spoke at a conference for sustainable energy.

Now the Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported on Nov 6 that the president of the business group Acciona, José Manuel Entrecanales (Bilderberg attendee 2009), would be closing negotiations with Solana to become its international adviser. Link Officially Solana wants to contribute to the companies expansion in markets like the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Southeast Asia. But him standing so much behind the Copenhagen summit this seems like a bad joke - I guess he will connect ALL the global efforts for Climate Change world governance.

Hispanidad writes: "The social challenges at the international division of Acciona are very right. In the money, no ideology. Solana is a key that opens doors. He knows it. Entrecanales knows it too. Agreement closed." Link

So Acciona working to have the advice of the EU representative is one thing. But it seems that they will not be alone in seeking the services of a figure of much prestige value like Solana. 

Sources around Solana told ahead of this newspaper report that "he will be busy a professional activity" when he leaves his post in Brussels. The academic world and research institutes are one of the fields where he had devoted much of his time before, with special emphasis on building bridges between Spain and the U.S.. He also intends to work with Foundations and Centers of International Crisis Management. Sources close to the European head of diplomacy said on Friday that Solana has expressed publicly its objectives and that, for now,  he is focused on doing his job until the end of his term. Therefore, he does not want to comment further about his future after 14 years in Brussels. 

ACCIONA Energia is a world leader in the renewables sector. The company has taken on the mission of demonstrating the technical and economic viability of a new energy model on the basis of criteria of sustainability. ACCIONA Energia is present in the main clean energies, in line with their different levels of maturity and profitability. It is also present in other electric power generation technologies based on renewable energy sources -biomass, small hydro and solar-, and also in the manufacture of wind turbines (designed in-house) and the production and marketing of biofuels. It also has assets in the field of cogeneration. Link

As of 2007, Acciona Energy is the largest developer, owner and operator of wind farms in the world, with 164 wind farms in nine countries representing over 4,500 megawatts (MW) of wind power installed or under construction. Acciona Energy is also the developer, owner and operator of Nevada Solar One, the world's first solar thermal plant built in more than 16 years, and the third largest facility of its kind. They have also to plants in Israel. Link

"Army to Build Out 500 MW of Solar in the Mojave - I recently pointed out where the world’s solar hotspots are. No surprise to find the Mojave is among them. So, as Reuters reports here, the US Army is going to build a combined PV and CSP facility, working with Acciona. This is in line with the federal government’s recent mandate to radically lower GHG emissions at its facilities". Link

"ACCIONA has been a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development since 2005; this demonstrates the company’s commitment to the design and implementation of programs with other companies and public bodies in the quest for multilateral solutions aimed at driving sustainable development.

As part of this effort, in June ACCIONA became a member of The Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), an association of thirty UK and European companies whose goal is to voice proposals from the business community in the fight against climate change. The CLG was created under the auspices of HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, as part of the University of Cambridge’s Programme for Industry.

Last month, Acciona chef José Manuel Entrecanales presented UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, with the "Copenhagen Communiqué2, a CLG document on climate change that puts forward specific measures for discussion by political leaders in next December’s COP 15 summit in the Danish capital". LINK

At the same time in November Prince Philip wants to have presented a "Seven Year Plan" for Climate Change under the auspieces of THE ALLIANCE OF RELIGIONS AND CONSERVATION with support fromUnited Nations Development Programme:

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