Thursday, December 03, 2009


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"Member states of the European Union must realise it is a “fantasy” to believe they can pursue foreign and security policies separately in the new world of emerging powers, according to Javier Solana.

In a plea for greater co-ordination of EU actions, he urged his British successor, Lady Ashton, to act boldly and take risks in building on the achievements of the past 10 years.

Big challenges remain in forging a united EU front in relations with Russia, in averting renewed conflicts in the Balkans, resolving crises in Africa such as in Somalia, and in providing stronger European support for institution-building and development in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Europe’s active engagement in the Middle East peace process, and in dissuading Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, will also be critical, he believes.

All the elements are in place for this co-operation,” Mr Solana said in a valedictory interview with the Financial Times. “But then it requires the political will to act."

In the world of today, of emerging powers, we are forced to co-operate...”

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Interesting such words just days before the big Climate Summit in Copenhagen.
According to wild rumours, the "Copenhagen treaty" is a cover for another treaty to allow the Illuminati to roll out their population reduction agenda undisturbed. There is no need for another treaty. The first treaty is heavy enough. I recommend you to read their plans as there are in place for a good while now:
...if you want to read about the family links between the ROMpuys and the Ashtons and the Solanas (sic) enjoy this enormous work of John:
stay tuned!

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