Wednesday, December 23, 2009

tiger continued II

"A Russian Soyuz spacecraft brought an international group of holiday visitors to the International Space Station ISS on Tuesday, expanding the crew to five just ahead of Christmas. Kotov said before the launch that the five combined crew members would celebrate Christmas together. The Soyuz would serve as Russia's traditional Father Frost, bringing a sack of gifts along with a large Christmas tree, Kotov said. Noguchi is carrying the makings for sushi for the entire team - and a toy tiger to salute the coming Chinese year of the tiger." Link
more on the space link with the tiger in my next article coming soon...
triangle of golden light, picture of Europe and tiger in the article of the attacking tiger, Link
I had reported on the tiger symbolism together with ISS and EU circus already in the phase of October 3-5 here (end of page). Then the pattern arrived again (see my last two articles), one day before Britanny Murphy died. It started with the new UN gold coins and with the story of the attack of a Bengal tiger in the town of Aschersleben in Sachsen-Anhalt on a woman named Linda G. The report told about a similar case in Hamburg just days before. There three tigers killed a guy named Christian. Aschersleben - meaning "heritage of the Ash-tree spear", connecting it to trees (also the name Linda is a name for a tree) and the name "Ashto(w)n" /Baroness Ashton and Ashton Koucher. The name of the Bengal tiger was Karim. Funny enough another Bengal Karim is also steaming from Sachsen-Anhalt not very far away from the Ascherleben: one of the three founders of Youtube JAWed Karim!(Link), name of his mother is Christine, his father is from Bangladesh. 1700 days before the very first video of Youtube appeared: it was Karim in the Zoo! (Link)
Youtube seems to be a big puzzlepiece for the builders of a new world government.
Dec 8: "Chad Hurley, founder and CEO of YouTube, presented Israel President Simon Peres with a plaque featuring original coding for the YouTube site, and the two discussed opportunities for using YouTube as a tool to foster free expression towards achieving peace. Peres talked about the potential for peace talks with Syria and related Middle East issues". Link Chad Hurley was also attendee of Davos last year. For Davos 2010 its Paulo Coelho who invites you in the name of Youtube to join too. Link

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