Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"dangerous charlatan"

Today the Spanish press is full of a Spanish/Basque Senator Iñaki Anasagasti who again insults the Spanish King Juan Carlos and Javier Solana. Link.

The King is titled murderer (maybe relating to the event when his brother Infante Alfonso was accidentally killed in a shooting accident in his presence. According to Paul Preston's book "JUAN CARLOS: Steering Spain from Dictatorship to Democracy" Alfonso, 14, was shot dead with a .22 calibre pistol while the 18-year-old Juan Carlos was alone with him. Paul Preston's is a professor at the LSE and regarded as the leading historian of twentieth-century Spain alive, his book caused a furore by suggesting the future monarch may have pulled the trigger. Link) and as undemocratic "phony".

Javier Solana is named as "otro farsante de tomo y lomo. Y además peligroso" - "an other complete charlatan, and also a dangerous one", who would not earn the Golden Fleece, due to his policitcal ambiguity and his involvement with the Kosovo-War. Anasagasti writes its just the other way round than with the trainer of FC Barcelona Pep Guardiola who made is team winning all there was to win, but not getting praise for it at all. Iñaki Anasagasti is a well known critic of the King and in the past he has also critzised Solana on his recent nominations at ESADE and ACCIONA and for beeing the right hand of Billionare George Soros. Link. Link. Still I am a bit sceptical, due Anasagastis Jesuit University background (Link).

stay tuned!

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