Monday, January 25, 2010

FC Barcelona to play AoC-like



"Sevilla conferred "Nodo entre Culturas" award to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his "important role" in activating Alliance of Civilizations project...A genuiene stauette of artist Ben Jessef and 30,000 USD would be given to Erdogan as award". LINK




(ANSAmed) - BARCELONA - It is an economic agreement with a ''political'' connotation in which there will also be ''an alliance between civilisations'', like those that have been talked about recently, and the European Union. The agreement, presented today with the obligatory backdrop of Camp Nou, is that which binds Barcelona Fc and the aircompany Turkish Airlines together for the next three seasons. The agreement was presented during a press conference given in three languages (English and Turkish, as well as Catalan) by the president of the football club, Joan Laporta, and the CEO of the airline, Temil Kotil. The agreement will end in June of 2012 and, as the managers of the Turkish company say, the hope is that Barcelona manages to repeat the exploits of this year with 6 trophies on the shelf: the three national titles (La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the Supercopa), along with the three international titles (Champion's League, European Supercup and the Club World Cup). Today's press conference, filled with journalists from over 20 countries, also included issues that do not regard sport, like the fact that Laporta wanted to highlight the fact that the agreement binds the two countries, Catholic Spain and Islamic Turkey, which are very busy on the political dialogue front, but that are also inter-religious, based on dialogue, tolerance and solidarity. The details of the agreement were not released during the press conference, but it is certainly very rich, with Turkish Airlines becoming a part of the exclusive group (just four) of ''Main Sponsors'', that is the economic allies that contribute the most..."  Link

I think it's not overestimated to say that FC Barcelona belongs to the 5 most succesfull soccer cubs worldwide.

Ah and more Aoc-Soccer things just before the African World Cub with Aoc-Chief Jorge Sampaio:LUÍS FIGO AND THE WORLD TUBERCULOSIS CUP...Link:


btw, guy on the picture is Figo, not farmer ;)...stay tuned!


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