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Solana made Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece


Spanish King with Solana, picture source: EFE/Archivo - EFE

"MADRID – King Juan Carlos has conferred the Order of the Golden Fleece, Spain’s highest honor, on Javier Solana, a former NATO chief and top foreign policy representative for the European Union, a spokesman for the royal palace said Thursday. (He is the first socialist politican to receive the Golden Fleece)


Considered the world’s most prestigious dynastic honor, the Order of the Golden Fleece was created in 1429 by Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy, and passed eventually to the Spanish monarchy through marriage and inheritance. Others who have been inducted into the order by King Juan Carlos include former Spanish Prime Minister Adolfo Suarez, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah and Queen Elizabeth II of Britain."- LINK

Of the 22 persons awarded with the Golden Fleece by the King, only eight were Spanish, the other fourteen were foreign monarchs or heads of Dynasty." For Duke Phillip it symbolised the union of Flanders and Burgundy and the rebirth of the central Lotharingian kingdom of Charlemagne's descendants. The Habsburg heirs of Burgundy continued the union of an empire of many peoples spanning the world, with the Golden Fleece as the highest reward for piety, service and loyalty to principles. The Archduke Karl of Habsburg and His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain are the current heads of the two branches of the Order of the Golden Fleece." LINK

"Philipp the Good, Duke of Burgundy, was one of the most cultured and well off of all the Medieval lords, and as such he was from an early age exposed to the literature of the past and of romantic fashion. The crusades were just over and the Holy Land lay firmly in the hands of the Islamic infidels, and we know that Philipp desired to go on crusade all his life even though his responsibilities forbade it. In the East lay the golden land of Christ and the apostles, the home of man and the Garden of Eden, and all the great mysteries and riches of the little known east that the crusaders, Marco Polo and many others brought tales of. It is clear from the icon of Jason on the early Golden Fleece insignia that the daring voyage of the Argo to bring back the sacred Golden Fleece from the edge of man's known world touched Philipp deeply and helped inspire his dreams. The Argonauts were few in number, carefully selected for their nobility and talents and dedicated to the most noble of causes"

After Wikipedia "the Golden Fleece represents the ideas of kingship and legitimacy; hence the journey of Jason to find it, in order to restore legitimate rule to Iolcos.[9]
Pindar employed the quest for the Golden Fleece in his Fourth Pythian Ode (written in 462 BC), though the fleece itself is not in the foreground; when Aeetes challenges Jason to yoke the fire-breathing bulls, the fleece is the prize: "Let the King do this, the captain of the ship! Let him do this, I say, and have for his own the immortal coverlet, the fleece, glowing with matted skeins of gold".[10] other readings more schooled in mythology it would refer to golden grain,[13] or to the sun.[14]" (later also: the sea reflecting the sun) LINK

This connects to the Knights of Malta (Link), the Order of the Quest and the JASON Society (Link) The Greek myths were encoded historical accounts of Trojan bloodlines sacred to secret-society members ancestral to modern Illuminati groups.

"In the myths, the Rose Line is depicted as a dragon in the pool of Ares at some point prior to 1000 BC. Then, after being killed, the same dragon comes to life again in Caucasia, where it protects the Golden Fleece in a grove of Ares (Ares all the while is sacred to Amazons, a Scythian peoples originating in old Eran i.e. Iran). It has become my belief that the Golden Fleece was a depiction of a sacred bloodline in Phrugia. What the myth writers wished to conceal with their specially-chosen words has instead been laid wide open because the illustrations are not that difficult to decipher...

I learned that the Greeks were themselves Rose-Line Trojans. By the time that I had made that realization, I had already learned that Trojans founded the Romans, and that the first Caesars were Trojans. What floored me further was that the same bloodline had become the Gogi and the Rus....

Plato claimed to have inside information on Atlantis as passed down through his family. As this information included the dating of Atlantis' destruction in roughly 10,000 BC, it seems clear that modern Rosicrucians are tied to Plato's version of the story...and therefore possibly to Plato himself. For, the Rosicrucians also insist that Atlantis existed some 12,000 years ago. 

Myths include the Underworld in their scheme, a realm from which their glorious heroes/gods are to be resurrected, this to me suggesting that the Satanic bloodline wished and sought to return to the glorious condition once true of their history. The sinking of Atlantis, as an illustration coupled with the rise of a New Atlantis, is probably a version of their Underworld illustration. It is not difficult to pinpoint their glorious period as having been in Babylon and/or Iran, for the Underworld was already part of their myths as early as Ishtar, Great Mother goddess of Uruk, in Sumer/Babylon. But this was not Atlantis. There arose another glorious period (on the blood of war), in the Greece theater, and that was their "glorious" Atlantis. 

Plato wrote that, prior to the sinking of Atlantis, the Atlanteans waged war against the Greeks and lost. Thus, because the Trojans lost to the Greeks in the Trojan war, may we begin to glean that Atlanteans are identified as the Trojans? But if so, why didn't Plato just say so rather than disguising the Trojans as "Atlanteans"? Moreover, writers describing the Trojan war failed to identify (openly, anyway) the ancestry of the Trojans, a totally unexpected failing...unless there was a cover-up taking place. Indeed, Trojan ancestry was hidden beneath fabricated names that are known to us as the mythological gods. 

Ian Nottingham posted 06-24-2005 11:33 PM  

and written in 2002 by John from Tribwatch:

"It's curious and seemingly pertinent to this personal theory of mine that an ancient king of Tyre is likened to Satan in Ezekiel 28, while the end-time anti-Christ is also likened to Satan in Isaiah 14. Or, while Satan is depicted in Ezekiel as the ancient ruler of Tyre, he is depicted in Daniel 7 as the ruler of the end-time Roman empire. The Tyre-Rome comparison is again apparent in Ezekiel 27, where the destruction of Tyre is likened particularly to the destruction of Babylon the Great (in Revelation 18). The latter has recently evolved into the European Union and, in our future, is destined to become allied to, and ruled by, Satan/anti-Christ. 

I had never before been able to understand the significance of the Biblical similarities between Tyre and the European world rule of the anti-Christ. One could get the impression that God himself is attempting to tell us that Europe became an extension of Tyre (and therefore Troy), and will be an extension of Tyre even at the formation and world-rule of the European Union. If it can be shown that Rome was founded by Trojan peoples of Tyre, then the questions are, do modern Rosicrucians and similar secret societies view the EU as the New Atlantis, and will the "Image of the Beast" denote Atlantis?? The official website of the European Union is called, "Europa," she being a goddess who mated with the chief Trojan line (i.e. Zeus) itself, and moreover she was a princess of Tyre! And the new Euro (the new European currency) logo was fashioned to look like Poseidon's trident, Poseidon being the father not only of Atlantis, but of the Europa bloodline in Tyre! Why can't we know who designed the Euro? Would it tie the design too easily to Rosicrucian societies? It has since become known that the current "boss" of the EU,
Javier Solana, had a mother (farmer: Nieves Hayat Matthews de Madariaga) who wrote a large book on the author of "New Atlantis," Francis Bacon.""

Is Javier Solana JA-SON?

stay tuned!


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