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Yesterday 10 European Union countries plus Spain (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom) decided to give Javier Solana his next big honour: The jury of Charles V European Award has decided to award the work of Javier Solana for "his career and his commitment to European international politics and work for peace and democracy as High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union." "If there is a person who has given his life for Europe it was Javier," said the president of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara.

'Charles V European Award'
In order to award the endeavours of those persons who through their effort and dedication have contributed to a better knowledge and dissemination of the cultural, scientific and historical values of Europe, and/or to the unification of the European Union, the European Academy of Yuste Foundation established the 'CHARLES V EUROPEAN AWARD', which is deployed every two years.

The name of the 'Charles V European Award' comes from the European ties of this outstanding personage of history. Charles V Holy Roman Emperor was born in Ghent (Belgium), just 66 km away from the place of the train accident 3 days ago, and crowned Emperorin Aachen.  Like Solana he was the holder of the Order of the Golden Fleece. (you can seem him wearing it on the picture at wikipedia) His son is Philip II of Spain, whom I mentioned yesterday. Charles is best known for his role in opposing the Protestant Reformation and the convocation of the Council of Trent. He was the one who ordered Luther to Worms and outlawed him shortafter. He officially was the last Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

In just one month in 2010 Javier Solana collected the following honours:

-Order of the Golden Fleece (Link)

-Charles V European Award

-Distinguished Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution, USA (Link

-The Ewald-von-Kleist Prize of the Munich Security Conference (Link)

-Price of Coexistence of Foundation Broseta Manuel (Link)

-Patron of the Royal Board of Museo Nacional del Prado (Link)

Former EU High Rep. Javier Solana is currently Professor at ESADE University, Madrid, International Adviser to ACCONIA, and also tasked with the development of the Spanish Security Strategie by the Spanish Government.

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