Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Luis Solana openly promoting Masonry on his blog: Link
Recently Javier Solanas brother Luis Solana recommended for the current problem of the split between Church and State in Spain that the solution would be to become a Freemason (sic).
Luis was one of the first socialist members of the Trilateral Commission and became a distinguished leader in the Spanish telecommunication industry under Gonzales and Telefónica, with 200 Billion customers, is a very influencial company in Spain, also in Politics. In August 2009 there was even talk in the Spanish Press that Javier Solana would get the Presidency post that at Telefónica, that once was occupied by his brother Luis, see the very interesting article here: Link
The topic is also interesting in hinsight that we have now Javier Solana working also as Professor for Jesuit/Bilderberg University ESADE, first socialist to receive the Order of the Golden Fleece...
Here some of the strange stuff that his brother Luis had written at his blog in January (googletranslated:)
"What can you do about this situation as a socialist Catholic? Clearly become a Mason. 
Masonry believes in God and in an other life: as Catholics do. Freemasonry practices such concepts as solidarity, equality and justice as Socialists do. There are even some in Freemasonry organization and hierarchy as the Catholic Church and the Socialist Party. 
Socialist Catholics would have more peace of mind and leaving becoming Masons belonging to a Catholic Church that does not want it. 
It is increasingly clear that Spain will go each day in the separation of church and state. And every day will be more evident that the Catholic Church will do everything possible so that it will not happen. Each day we will see clearly that the relations of the Catholic Church and the Socialists will be complicated. 
But we can not let no man's land to our fellow Catholics. Man must be found embedded in his  idología transcendent and his socialist militancy. Doubt it not, the solution is to become Mason.
" Link
Better get out to find the real personal relation with God instead of submitting to these false teachings and idols of that dark, hiddeous organisations with no authority whatsoever.
They just keep you in bondage - Jesus makes you free!
stay tuned!

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