Friday, February 05, 2010

Munich awards Solana for the 2nd time


EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana is welcomed by Wolfgang Ischinger, chairman of the Munich Conference on Security Policy, Pic: Reuters

"17:43 GMT, February 5, 2010 This year’s 46th Munich Security Conference is going to strike new topics and notes. Under the motto "No more excuses!" its organizer, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, has again invited more than 300 high-ranking international participants to Munich to attend the most important annual global forum of foreign affairs and security policy. Aside from traditional topics of transatlantic and European security, the agenda includes for the first time issues of resource security and the global shift of powers...

 Newcomers in foreign and security policy should be provided with a platform to contribute new impulses to the security-political discourse. The Ewald-von-Kleist Prize of the Munich Security Conference will also be awarded for the second time. It is supposed to honor leading personalities of foreign and security policy who have committed themselves in an outstanding manner to the international peace and to conflict management. The prize winner of this year is the former EU Envoy and former NATO General Secretary Javier Solana. The tribute to Solana also underlines the creed of the Munich Security Conference. "It is a central place to deal with strategies of conflict prevention and conflict resolution ", Ambassador Ischinger explains. Also this 46th Munich Security Conference should trigger decisive impulses for the implementation of these strategies. "2010 shall be a year of actions", Wolfgang Ischinger sincerely hopes.." Link

The irony: Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist-Schmenzin (born 10 July 1922) is a former German Army officer and publisher and a member of the von Kleist family, his parents were active in the German resistance against Adolf Hitler and participated in the July 20 Plot. He is the last surviving member of the July 20 Plot. Link

Solana is said to be the second receiver of the Prize at all, after Henry Kissinger in 2009. But he had already received the prerunner of that high honour prize of the same (No.43) Security Conference in Munic in 2007, Link, under much protest:


Solanas Prices in Germany:

31.January 2007: Solana receives the Big Cross of Order for High Merits of Germany 
10. February 2007: Solana recceives Security Conference Munich Medal for Peace and Dialogue 
17. May 2007: Solana receives Charlemagne Prize in Aachen (Highest European Award). Link

05.02.2010: "Peace through Dialoge" – this is the inscription on the back side of the silver medal with which Solana will be presented for his lifetime achievements during a gala dinner at the Munich Residency of the Prime Minister of Bavaria. Laudator for Javier Solana on Saturday evening will be the French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.

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