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the bridge man


church of Sant Egidio at Piazza Sant'Egidio in the total center of Rome, at the riverbanks of Tiber, just around the corner to Vatican, home of the Community of Egidio, Link

Today was published an interesting article that showed us some more of Javier Solana's catholic connections:

"Many were surprised in early March,at the appointment of Javier Solana as honorary president of the Henry Dunant Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, an NGO dedicated to international conflict mediation speaking on the last negotiation between the Government and ETA. But what few know is that the former Mr. CFSP and former secretary general of NATO has excellent relations with the Community of Sant'Egidio, which is also postulated to mediate with ETA. And what some few know is that any negotiating sessions between the Socialist Party and the leftist nationalists were held in offices donated by Mr CFSP. Javier Solana is emerging as the "bridge man" Zapatero  for a future without ETA. 

Probably, Javier Solana is the man who knows the most national and international secrets. For 15 years his name has been associated with major decision makers in foreign and defense matters. First, as secretary general of NATO for five years, then as Mr CFSP (EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy) for another ten and the end of 2009. After Rodriguez Zapatero he was commissioned to design the Spanish Security Strategy, reconciling the commission with the Chair of the Center for Global Economics and Geopolitics of the (farmer: Jesuit) ESADE business school. Finally, as if their orders would be too small, in early march the Henry Dunant Center for Humanitarian Dialogue has just named him honorary president

...And that's precisely the specialty of this NGO, which not only actively participated in recent talks with ETA, in which Zapatero, but also the Aznar government continued with the terrorist group in 1999 and has participated in conflict mediation in the Philippines, Central African Republic, Sudan and Myanmar (Burma). Solana's experience as a former NATO secretary general and then as Mr CFSP is without doubt a very popular candy for a foundation that has not yet thrown in the towel to continue talks with ETA until it reaches a solution to the Ulster . 

According to some sources, some of the side meetings between government representatives and between ETA and the Socialist Party of Euskadi left wing nationalists were held in temporary offices of Solana, while acting as Mr. CFSP. Clearly, then, relationship-indirect-to the negotiating process, and, more importantly, their degree of knowledge of the origins and causes of it, giving a dual purpose: for the school itself by its experience, to face Zapatero to the extinction of the armed gang. 

Relations with the Community of Sant'Egidio 

But besides the above Solana, an affable man and with certainly many friends, maintains excellent and privileged relations with the Community of Sant'Egidio, an institution is too well known by the public but that since its founding in 1968, has gained great relevance for service to peace and humanization of the world, and international prestige as mediators in peace processes. 

For example, in the late eighties of last century community members concluded that her charity work in Mozambique would be futile as the war continued. Consequently they offered themselves as mediators between FRELIMO and RENAMO, playing a leading role in the peace accords in Rome, which would end the conflict. 

The Community of Sant'Egidio was founded in Rome in 1968, in light of Vatican II, the Italian historian Andrea Riccardi (Roma, 1950)(farmer: Who was awarded like Solana with the Charlemagne Prize). Based in the Church of Sant'Egidio, in the Trastevere neighborhood in Rome, currently a lay movement, were more than 50,000 people are engaged in evangelism and charity in Rome, in Italy and more than 70 countries from different continents. 

It defines, in fact, as a "public association of the lay Church" but also to share the same spirituality and the very pillars that characterize the way of Sant'Egidio Community has gained relevance as a mediator in international prestige peace processes. Not only with the agreement outlined in Mozambique, but with peace initiatives in Guatemala, Algeria, the Balkans, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and elsewhere, driven by the conviction that "war is the mother of all poverty" . 

The Community of Sant'Egidio, with which Solana has excellent links through its headquarters in Madrid, is well known in foreign ministries around the world, who see it as a kind of informal diplomatic corps who works closely with the Secretary of State for the Holy See."


Website of the Community of Sant'Egidio

They have been present at the first Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Madrid in 2008.

Saint Egidio (english: St. Giles), Athenian by birth, is the cities patron of Edinborough (Link), where Solana's grandmother Constance Archibald lived and published. At least two famous fairs in England are connected with St. Giles' Day: one in Winchester, no longer extant; the other at Oxford, where his mother Hayat Nieves Mathews de Madariaga lived and published. Just to add to the list: Solana named Gilles de Kerchhove (meaning "Giles from the Churchcourtyard") as the Anti-Terror-Zar of the EU (Link).

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