Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chile Leader Sworn In As Quake Shocks Strike

"Chile's new president has urged people to rush to higher ground after 7.2 earthquake rattled the country as he was being sworn in."
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One year after his birth, the Piñera Echenique family moved abroad to Belgium and later to New York City, where his father was the Chilean ambassador to the United Nations. Sebastian Piñera returned to Chile in 1955 and was enrolled in the Colegio del Verbo Divino ("Divine Word High School"), from which he graduated in 1967. The organization and school's mission is that of forming leaders of the Catholic viewpoint, who will work to contribute social justice and solidarity. After joining Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Piñera continued on to Harvard University on a partial Fulbright Program (like Solana) for his postgraduate studies in economics. He was Professor of Economy at University of Chile, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and Adolfo Ibáñez University. In 1971 he was professor of Economic Political Theory in the School of Economics at University of Chile. In 1972 he was a professor at the Valparaiso Business School. Piñera has built an estimated fortune of 1 billion USD as of March 2009, according to Forbes magazine. His wealth is attributed in great part to his involvement in the introduction of credit cards to Chile in the late 1970s and his subsequent investments, mainly in LAN Airlines stock. Is he a Bilderberger? See here: Link and Link.

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