Tuesday, March 09, 2010

breaking: in comes the peace broker


Today 09.03.2010: US-Middle East Talks failed (Link),

in comes the peace broker and its 2010:

Solana named honorary president of the Henry Dunant Center 

"Press Release
For immediate release
Dateline: 9 March 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

Solana adds extra strength to peacemaking organisation

Javier Solana, who left the European Union after ten years as the High Representative for

Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) last year, joined the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre) as Honorary President, announced the Swiss based private mediation organisation today.

Dr Solana will “not only represent the organisation to others, but will also contribute advice
and participate in practical peacemaking activities whenever he can add value”
, according to the HD Centre, recognised as one of the world’s leading conflict mediation organisations.
“It is the HD Centre’s uniquely practical and sensitive approach to dialogue at senior levels
that made me want to collaborate with the organisation. They are already working to resolve more armed conflicts than any other private mediation organisation.” said Mr Solana.
Dr Solana, the former Foreign Minister of Spain, and Secretary General of North Atlantic
Treaty Organisation (NATO), has an unparalleled experience of negotiation in international
security and political environments.
“We are absolutely delighted that Javier Solana, Europe’s leading diplomat, has agreed to
join us. A more eminent person, with a more relevant background we could not have hoped
.” said the HD Centre’s Director, Martin Griffiths.
“This is not only a success for the organisation, but a demonstration of our commitment to
continually improve our approach to peacemaking and mediating in armed conflict.” said
Karin Jestin, Chair of the Board of the HD Centre."
The HD-Center said today, Solana will "act" to this organization and also offer advice and take part in mediation "where he can add value." 

Solana in late 2009 left his post as European 'Mr CFSP', who played for 10 years after another five as secretary general of NATO. On his return to Spain, the Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has been commissioned to design the Spanish Security Strategy. 

In addition, former Socialist minister will chair the Center for Global Economics and Geopolitics of ESADE Business School and has joined the board of trustees of the Prado Museum (plus Acciona. He is also now Senior Adviser at Brookings Institution - the Advisers of Obama and he is also working for laCaixa foundation and their Global Health Center). 

Solana himself said the Center wants to work with HD because of its focus is "purely practical and sensitive to high-level dialogue" and that "are already working to solve more armed conflicts than any other private organization of mediation."
The Henry Dunant Center for Humanitarian Dialogue participated in preliminary discussions on the declaration of permanent ceasefire by ETA in May 2006 and also participated in mediation of conflicts in the Philippines, Central African Republic, Sudan and Myanmar (Burma) . 

The center, meanwhile, said the experience "unparalleled" by Solana in trading on the political and international security. The center's director, Martin Griffiths, was delighted by the 'signing' and stressed that the HD could not aspire to have a partner with such "most eminent and most relevant experience." 

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