Saturday, March 20, 2010

genius in a bottle? - Solana: "I'll relax later"

Tomorrow, with the official start of spring, 25 newspapers all over Spain will distribute the latest edition of "Magazine" with the first official interview with Javier Solana of 2010. The interview is a big campaign for him and his ideas on global governance, in the first paragraph they write "he was and is the face of Europe".
During the conversation, Javier Solana said "I'm doing what I wanted: to continue with the same job, but a little slower, very little, because I still have dynamics, really quite strong, and I'll relax later".

About Russia, evokes the Founding Act negotiated by Solana and Primakov that "closed relations between the world of the Atlantic Alliance and Russia. I think how we conceived an idea and what we carry out was genius". 

Asked about the situation in the Middle East, responds, inter alia: "Middle East remains one of the great frustrations. Since the Madrid Conference has been many years and has made little progress." - (But) "I think in general we are building a better world. Obviously, not all days are better. But the trend is undoubtedly a better world. Are there problems? No doubt. You point out that conflicts are not resolved yet. ... What you need are conflicts that sometimes have a military demonstration, but rather asymmetrical. It is a completely new situation of asymmetric warfare in which are not two opposing armies, with which I fear we have to live for some time." 
"It is the responsibility to protect, because if a state fails to protect its citizens, maybe the international community has a right to defend those citizens. In a globalized world there are more examples: diseases that start here and end there, the economic crisis itself,..."
"Man, Europe is not a state and therefore does not have the mechanisms of states to make their decisions or formalize their positions quickly, but given that genius-now I use the word "genius" of European construction, we have done some extraordinary things."
..."Now, that comes with a globalized world. In the world that will emerge after this economic crisis it would be a fantasy to think that countries in the EU are set to play each one for free. Now, European unity is a necessity, as is maintaining the euro area, trying to build a policy that goes beyond the monetary and enter into a common economic policy or foreign policy or security. We will not be nothing, nothing will count in the globalized world, if we are not together. This is the challenge we have."
"If you were a psychologist, I would say you are defining a person (Solana) with anxiety, who nurtures the desire to live more than life itself. I have had this passion for things that are a manifestation of some anxiety and are modulated with time". 

"Is Javier Solana at peace with himself?" 
"Try to be. Not always succeed."

Read the whole interview here: 
President of the Brookings Institution Strobe Talbott and  Javier Solana are to visit Kyiv, Ukraine on 31 March 2010 - The topic  is “Global Challenges: How Europe and the US respond”
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