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Solana and the new world order

"Failure can be the beginning of a tomorrows success"
(crisis = opportunity)
Among the approximately 70 employees, many former diplomats, you have direct access to Foreign ministries and heads of state around the world. Currently, CHD (="Centre Henry Dunant")-mediator in 14 active conflicts, as in the Philippines, Burma, East Timor, Somalia, Kenya, Central African Republic and Sudan. The activities in other countries, considers the center a secret out of consideration to the rival camp. Javier Solana in early March became the honorary chair of the CHD. He also teaches at the London School of Economics and is head of the department for foreign policy research at the renowned U.S. think tank Brookings Institution.

-Looking at your career, you were always at the right time, at the right place: after the end of the Cold War You were NATO Secretary General, and brought the relationship between NATO and Russia back in order ...

-In history, the signing of the NATO-Russia Act of 1997 in Paris will probably be recorded as my most important achievement.

-Then you switched to the EU, as it was about the eastward expansion.

-I had the chance to put the EU foreign policy into the world if you will. We have established a common foreign and security policy. Nothing like this has been before. Today the EU is active on every continent in crisis management. If I wanted to be immodest, I would say that I all organizations I could lead, I have brought them to their highest level.

-What logic is behind it that now you have entered into a non-governmental organization?

-What do you mean by logic? There is no logic behind it. When I was 30 years in a public office and have the last 13 years never slept more than three nights in a row in the same bed, it was time to start something new.

-Actually, what did your wife say to this impressive bed rotation?

-You must ask her yourself. No, seriously, I could fill in my long career major foreign policy positions: first as foreign minister later in my home country of Spain, a NATO Secretary General, then as High Representative of the EU. I have not looked for these positions. I am by profession a professor for theoretical physics, not a trained diplomat. Only to me policy is in the blood. For me, politics is a way to serve the community. That was always my motivation. Now my office in Brussels had expired. But I had no desire to retire completely. Therefore I have made the commitment at the CHD.

-Are you a real peace negotiations involved in?

-No, I advise the diplomats of CHD. I help to make contacts, develop ideas and imagination in the negotiations. The Center has an excellent international reputation.

-The success is not guaranteed. You yourself have unsuccessfully mediated in the Middle East and Iran. How does one deal with such losses?

-Mediation and conflict resolution are lengthy processes. They require exceptional strength, energy and tremendous dedication. Nevertheless, the success is not guaranteed. But even if you fail, you have to keep trying. Because a failure today may be the beginning of a success of tomorrow. I do not think that all the energy we have invested in these two cases were useless. It has laid a foundation of trust and created elements on which to build the later processes.

-When the financial crisis has changed the world order?

-It has accelerated trends that were already under way. The most important trend is certain the impressive power shift from West to East, specifically to Asia. This will fundamentally change the management of the world without doubt. The power shift will be accompanied by a transfer of resources, wealth, and even of the population shares. Europe's share will fall. The structures of world order will be adjusted accordingly.

-Is it so difficult to coordinate a multi-polar world?

-We do not yet know how we need to organize this multi-polarity, so that they will for multilateral cooperation. The political legitimacy and material resources are still very committed to a national focus. We urgently need to strengthen the international organizations to act and do: this happens already to some extent. At the financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund has become much more active.

-What makes you think it will succeed at the end?

-I come from an organization that is multinational and multilateral working simultaneously. The EU has shown that a voluntary transfer of power and sovereignty is possible from national to an international organization. Even in such sensitive areas as in the monetary area. I am not saying that the EU is a model for future world order(sic!). But she has shown that one can move in that direction (sic!!).

-What role can Switzerland play in the changed world order? We have called many times since
the end of the Cold War had its good services less in demand.

-In my work I have experienced mediators in Geneva and Zurich always hospitality, support and assistance in resolving conflicts. I do not even remember how many times I met in Geneva, representatives of Iran and have benefits from the informal contacts of Swiss diplomacy. Switzerland has also helped to mediate the agreement between Turkey and Armenia, was allowed to attend the signing in Zurich I. It is therefore not disappeared from the stage of a mediator.

-Switzerland is currently under international pressure - in the U.S., the EU, especially in Libya. Did you already had to do with head of state Khaddafi?

-I used to deal with him.

-How do you do best with him around?

-With many, many meetings (laughs). In very long sessions (still laughing). It takes a lot of patience. He is not an easy negotiating partner.

-What makes a good mediator out of such a situation?

-To be successful in his negotiations, it needs a lot of preparatory work. You have to know very much about the culture, power structures, the history of the counterpart, everything plays into it. It will achieve nothing without winning the confidence of the other side. It does so in particular perseverance and optimism.

-Was it wise to use the Schengen Agreement, the EU, the Libyan affair implicate in?

-A solution to this difficult conflict is not a question of the size of the party to the conflict or the money. The difficulties stem from the fact that the personalities involved are very difficult and come from different cultural backgrounds. Switzerland has overcome difficult situations without EU assistance. Others with EU assistance. I am convinced that it is very helpful for Switzerland in the Schengen to be there. But I do not want to continue to express on Libya affairs."

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Spain is next

"Spain next to get credit rating cut

Gold jumps after S&P downgrades Spain, Link

discrete mediation


Solana: "Discrete mediation" getting more and more important

Tuesday 27 April 2010:

At the tenth anniversary of the Henry Dunant Centre in Geneva, Honorary President Javier Solana has pointed on the urgency in the need for discrete mediation between governments. The Henry Dunant Centre is currently active in ten regions of crisis.

Javier Solana, the former EU's foreign policy and NATO Secretary General, told at the Henry Dunant Centre in Geneva, that the rising standard of living would give rise to new tensions over resources like oil and water.

The middle class will triple in the coming years, "said Solana, who was on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the founding of this private foundation in Geneva. The scarcity of resources would increase tensions and trigger new conflicts in an increasingly complex world. The discrete placement of the Henry Dunant Centre is more than ever necessary to facilitate dialogue, said Solana.

Last year the budget was 17 million Swiss Francs. One started in 1999 with a budget of 1.5 million Swiss Francs. Several organizations such as the ICRC, and 14 countries ensure the financing of the Henry Dunant Centre, including Switzerland." Link

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satanic tool

2010 April 26: "TEHRAN, Iran — Facing the threat of new U.N. sanctions, Iran's president says the veto power held by the U.S. and other permanent Security Council members is a "satanic tool."In a speech in Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday the veto rights giving those nations more power than other council members are used to "suppress and destroy the nature of the human being....Former EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, meanwhile, expects new U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran. Solana said sanctions "probably will be activated" unless Iran shifts its position.The Spaniard told The Associated Press in Geneva on Monday (retired?) that the Islamic republic seemed unwilling to meet demands to halt uranium enrichment that could be used to make an atomic bomb. Iran insists the program is peaceful. Solana was involved in years of EU-led negotiations with Iran".LINK last week: Iran’s state television says the country’s elite Revolutionary Guard has started large-scale war games in the strategic Strait of Hormuz.The Thursday report says naval, air and ground units from the Guard will participate in the three-day games codenamed “The Great Prophet.” This year’s war games, however, could heighten tension at a time when the West is at a deepening standoff with Iran over its nuclear program. The West suspects the program conceals a nuclear arm production drive, a charge that Iran denies. LINK

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aoc news

global programming via crisis=opportunity is going on,

- what looks like synchronity is an orchestrated endeavour to their aims!

2010 April 23:

"With the implosion of financial markets on Wall Street and the explosion of a volcano in Iceland highlighting in just two ways how the world is ever more interconnected, enhancing dialogue and understanding among peoples and faiths is more vital than ever", Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.

“It is the case whether the subject is melting icecaps in one part of the world or rising unemployment in another,” he told a ceremony at United Nations Headquarters in New York marking 2010 as the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures in accordance with a General Assembly resolution passed in 2007.

“Like never before, global challenges have local impacts. Local events can have global impacts. This compels us to strengthen cooperation – expand the space for dialogue – and replace barriers of distrust with bridges of understanding.”


“Far too often, distrust and ignorance among cultures and faiths have been obstacles to peace and progress. So in a very real sense, promoting the rapprochement of cultures will promote the reaching of the MDGs,” he declared, citing strengthened education systems, increased exposure to information, and the commitment of local governments, civil society and the media as essential planks in the effort."

from the OIC - Statement of H.E. the Secrtary General at the Meeting of AoC Focal Points of the OIC Member States:

"Distinguished Focal Points of the AoC
Focal Points of the OIC Member States,

...This Meeting today is an OIC family affair, and I would therefore like to be frank in expressing my views on our involvement in the Alliance activities and programmes. I find it somewhat disheartening to note that while the Western countries are active in taking advantage of the AoC forum to further their own agenda, the role played by the OIC Group has not been that - prominent. This situation needs appropriate action on our part.

The purpose behind the holding of this Meeting was to create an opportunity to put our minds together on developing a common OIC stance at all AoC Forums. I am convinced that your deliberations today and tomorrow, will lead the way to better and sustained consultation and cooperation between the OIC Member States on matters related to the AoC. The OIC Focal Point and my Special Envoy Ambassador Omur Orhun can act as a conduit and coordinator to supplement our joint efforts.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

In outlining the political dimension of the Alliance of Civilizations, the Report mentions inter alia, that the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 set forth a chain of events that continues to be one of the most tortuous in relations between Western and Muslim societies. The report further stated that Israel’s continuing occupation of Palestinian and other Arab territories and the unresolved status of Jerusalem - a holy city for Muslims and Christians as well as Jews – have persisted with the perceived acquiescence of Western governments. Those facts constitute the primary causes of resentment and anger in the Muslim world toward Western nations.

The OIC would like to go beyond mere dialogue, and would wish to attain familiarity and cordiality among and between all human beings. For these reasons, the OIC attaches special significance to its relationship and interaction with the AoC. The OIC’s observation of the year 2010 as the International Year for Rapprochement for Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue, as provided for under a UN Resolution, can provide a sound framework in that regard.

I understand that you will be deliberating on the AoC Mediterranean Strategy which is expected to be adopted by the AoC Third Annual Forum in Rio. The OIC Focal Point has submitted its inputs for the strategy, but the draft document prepared by the AoC was sanitized to delete many of our immediate concerns. I will ask Ambassador Omur Orhun to brief you on this issue. I would only urge the OIC Member States to ensure that our common interests are not lost in the face of pressures from the West and that you will speak out forcefully to secure that final document to be adopted by the Rio Forum, will take on board all our concerns.

I am happy to inform you that the OIC and AoC along with the Council of Europe would be holding a side event on “Addressing Islamophobia” at the Rio Forum next month. I would request your active participation at this event to raise awareness of our western partners on the gravity of the issue and the dangerous threat it poses to peace and security of humanity at large.

What we want to achieve in this meeting can be summarized as follows:

1.Through your endeavors and with your assistance, we want to encourage OIC Member States to be more actively involved with AoC related activities through, for instance, the adoption of AoC National Plans on dialogue and interaction among civilizations and to initiate projects on the four targets namely media, education, migration and the youth;

2.We also wish to urge all OIC Member States to establish closer interaction with the AoC, as a relevant forum for dialogue by, for example, enlisting themselves in the AoC Group of Friends, if they are not yet members;

3.Display of solidarity among OIC Member States through consultation and coordination is of utmost importance. Therefore, we would also like to call for unified positions during AoC meetings and activities and to develop our media and communication network to reach the ordinary people of our own countries and those in western societies;

4.Furthermore, I believe we must aim to work constructively also within the context of the AoC on a common platform aiming at developing projects addressing the need for inter-cultural and inter-civilizational dialogue at all levels

With these words of introduction, I would like to wish a profitable exchange of views and positions and a successful meeting. I thank you."

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view back to Ashweek, part 1

Ashcloud from the vulcano=world tree/ Lady Ashton under attack/ Angela Merkel's Odysee/
Funeral in Poland/2012 Olympics - Popal smoke/Battle of the leaders -Clash of the Titans/

The "vulcano week" was a major programming week for the ruling elite...with Clash of the Titans just starting at the cinemas...

1.) Merkels Odyssey

In the Homer's Iliad and Odyssey the sun god is called Helios Hyperion, 'Sun High-one'. But in the Odyssey, Hesiod's Theogony and the Homeric Hymn to Demeter the sun is once in each work called Hyperonides 'son of Hyperion' and Hesiod certainly imagines Hyperion as a separate being in other places.

In later Greek literature Hyperion is always distinguished from Helios as a Titan, the son of Gaia 'Earth' and Uranus 'Sky' and the father of Helios 'Sun', Selene'Moon' and Eos 'Dawn' by his sister Theia or Euryphaessa:

"Theia yielded to Hyperion's love and gave birth
to great Helios and bright Selene and Eos,
who brings light to all the mortals of this earth
and to the immortal gods who rule the wide sky."
(Hesiod, Theogony, 371-374)

"It was a clash of styles Angela Merkel in Hollywood, the Chancellor meeting the dream factory!", wrote the German Bild newspaper, and at that time everything still seemed fine-
Merkel met a.o. with Terminator Schwarzenegger - (now replaced by AvatarStar and and "Perseus" of "Clash of the Titans" Sam Worthington).

With her Javier Solana's former advicer and current candidat for the job as General Secretary in the EU Foreign Affairs Departement under Lady Ashton: Christoph Heusgen.
" was her foreign policy advisor Christoph Heusgen who would have been the most bitter – he was due to sit next to (Nicole) Kidman…"

Interesting was the picture with her, modell Heidi Klum and husband Seal,
Seal's full name is Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel,
Olusegun meaning "God is victorious".
interesting the mirror use of black and white triangle-form in their clothes,
like Merkel between black clouds. Link

"The pavement, alternately black and white, symbolizes, whether so intended or not, the
Good and Evil Principles of the Egyptian and Persian creed. It is the warfare of Michael
and Satan, of the Gods and Titans, of Balder and Lok; between light and shadow, which
is darkness; Day and Night; Freedom and Despotism; Religious Liberty and the Arbitrary
Dogmas of a Church that thinks for its votaries, and whose Pontiff claims to be infallible,
and the decretals of its Councils to constitute a gospel."
Albert Pike "Morals and Dogma"

Then Merkel went to Lisbon as the vulcanic clouds would not allow her to fly to Berlin.
After visiting the Portugese President she flew to Rome.(and received a phone call from Berlusconi, but he did not see her). Together with her team and the reporters the went towards the Alps passing l'Aquila, where we had the Earthquake last year,
almost exactly before one year, which also the media throuroughly documented:
source: Spiegel, Link

They had offered her to fly by helicopter over the Alps,
but she said "nowbody will be left behind", as the whole team would not find enough place in the helicopters, so she drove by bus and in front of her the Government limousines.
Just some 70 km later one wheel of the bus crashed and the caravan had to wait.
But not Merkel, she changed her mind and took the limosine to the hotel in Bozen,
from where she would head to Berlin the next day. I am sure Heusgen also did not wait for
the next bus to arrive.This is very close to the part in the Emmerich Film 2012,
where all these politicans get their golden tickets for the ships that would save them from the flood.In the film Merrylin Gann plays the German Chancellor which ressembles a LOT Angela Merkel!!! Now If you watch the trailer to the film 2012 it says:

"The yellowstone became the biggest vulcan in the world"
"We have to reach the airport"
"people! watch this!"
"where do we go?"
"the government builds ships"
"the moment we do not fight anymore for each other is the moment we loose our humanity"

And also Miliband:
same elements: vulcano, air, ships, government ...pretty 2012, Link

to be continued with the clASH of ASHton's...
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the Olympians

------update: "Spain urges Israel to support Mediterranean Union" LinkPhotobucket
"the world is my oyster", masses at his feet:
Javier Solana yesterday at ESADE alumni, sponored by LaCaixa,
see more pictures here: Link

There is a LOT going on lately, I hardly can cope with the flood of things happening the last days, but I will try as good as I can. It looks like the elite are following a script in which they highly manipulate the global mass consciousness according to their occult dates and rituals by using the media in a VERY efficient way. First let me give some actual info, before I will give my 2 cents from my little spot in my article to come on this whole show they produced the last days. and there is a lot more going on for sure....

Javier Solana put forward his view on today's world geopilitical situation yesterday in Barcelona at the ESADE alumni meeting. Flanked by Marcel Planellas, Secretary General of ESADE, Solana showed orally and and graphically some of the changes that have occurred in recent years. "I believe that never before we had so many calling for international cooperation."
And never before were so palpable changes. No more lunch at those meetings where representatives from countries like China or Mexico were waiting for dessert to come and be informed". LINK
The structure is already in place and now Solana wants to win the crowd for it.

He did so also in chatting with the students.This idea for the event came directly from the students, so they could chat with Solana in a more informal way than is the norm. He spoke about "horizontal problems", those which affect us on a global level and which must be answered globally. He also maintained that the three most serious problems today are nuclear proliferation, poverty in Africa and climate change. Link (Here we go again)...

Then there was the state funeral, burial of Juan Antonio Samarach, President of the International Olympic Comittee, after the "Times", the man,"who stole the Games innoscence" and Solana was right there as he knew him well from Laussanne, Geneve and LaCaixa and surprise surprise from somewhere else...see for yourself:

"The former EU high representative for common foreign and security policy, Javier Solana, said today as "a huge loss," the death of former president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Juan Antonio Samaranch, and recalled that "sport played a important role during his mandate to work for peace. "
Speaking to reporters after visiting the chapel at the Palau de la Generalitat, Solana said that Samaranch addressed "in the Olympic truce," recalling in particular the time of the Balkan wars."(!)
Their relationship began in the late 1970s, and when the diplomat was president of the Interministerial Committee of the Government for the 1992 Games. In parallel, Samaranch awarded him and made him "
Part of the Olympic family."he added.

"Narcis Serra, mayor of Barcelona between 1979 and 1982, and current president of Caixa de Cataluna, revealed yesterday that Samaranch was the architect of the idea and the driving force behind the whole process that led eventually to the proclamation of Barcelona as an Olympic venue October 17, 1986 ...
Pujol and Maragall also admitted that Samaranch tutelage submitted the candidature of Barcelona and uncovered an episode involving the two and Javier Solana, then minister of the government of Felipe Gonzalez, which demonstrates the implication that the former showed IOC in the project. "He called us, me and Solana," recalled Pujol. "We were all three stuck. The council, which owns the Olympics, the Generalitat and the Government. He called us and told us you do not well enough. Hey. This must be done otherwise. I know how this goes. This could not say then, but now, "said the president, to conclude:" We followed his advice and everything went well. "

Solana: "What I can share with the readers of La Vanguardia on the figure of Juan Antonio Samaranch? What I can point out that no other writers have already stressed or means of the international press as The New York Times itself? In the end what I found:
Samaranch regained the Olympic Truce as an effective instrument of peace. So I think the international community must recognize his long and committed contribution to the Olympic movement. We all knew that the ancient Greeks founded the concept of "Olympic Truce" and the sanctuary of Olympia was turned into a zone of permanent immunity by which the sport and their families could travel safely to compete at the Games. But the merit in Samaranch would like to highlight is that it was able to update the bid to the Olympic Truce in the complex geopolitical context of the twentieth century. We showed everyone that, at certain times in our recent history, the sport could be an instrument of great help in building harmony between peoples and nations. ..." Link
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Solana called to create more global management structures


Madrid, April 20 .- The former High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union (EU), Javier Solana, today urged to build more structures to manage the total financial structure, with the help of all world regions.

By participating in the seminar "From Rio de Janeiro to Madrid, a decade after, organized by the Ibero-American Secretariat (SEGIB), Spanish politician said" we have not yet been able to create mechanisms to govern the multipolarity. "

"We are very far from knowing how to deal with this structure and reach the goal of making it effectively," he said.

He explained that the realization that the world has ceased to be unipolar, "is something positive and are happy with that," but warned of the urgency of knowing how to manage to "know how to manage this without creating more problems."

Abounded that this occurs in a scenario of global problems requiring global solutions, "but there is no drive for it because of the national legitimacy."

Solana noted that despite United Nations efforts on many issues, and the G-20 on the topic of economic crisis, "still need to coordinate groups of countries based on their common elements, history, values and seek a common future. "

He also said that international relations are currently developing scenarios "within transfers of power between Member States and do not necessarily have things in common, and there was a different world view."

Regarding the relationship between the EU and Latin America, said the summit next May in Madrid between the two blocs have to be able to give substantive performance links have been forged in recent years.

He acknowledged that there are difficulties and differences on many issues, and they are an economic crisis, "but to pass these problems must be exploited and not lose the historic opportunity."

He suggested further work on the regionalization schemes, and international relations in the future will have very important groups, blocks and regions.

The seminar organized by the SEGIB met here with former presidents, representatives of multilateral institutions, academics and experts on transatlantic relations, to exchange experiences on the peaks Latin America, Caribbean and European Union."
see background about this conference here: Link
see background of this philosophy here: Link
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