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Ashcloud from the vulcano=world tree/ Lady Ashton under attack/ Angela Merkel's Odysee/
Funeral in Poland/2012 Olympics - Popal smoke/Battle of the leaders -Clash of the Titans/

The "vulcano week" was a major programming week for the ruling elite...with Clash of the Titans just starting at the cinemas...

1.) Merkels Odyssey

In the Homer's Iliad and Odyssey the sun god is called Helios Hyperion, 'Sun High-one'. But in the Odyssey, Hesiod's Theogony and the Homeric Hymn to Demeter the sun is once in each work called Hyperonides 'son of Hyperion' and Hesiod certainly imagines Hyperion as a separate being in other places.

In later Greek literature Hyperion is always distinguished from Helios as a Titan, the son of Gaia 'Earth' and Uranus 'Sky' and the father of Helios 'Sun', Selene'Moon' and Eos 'Dawn' by his sister Theia or Euryphaessa:

"Theia yielded to Hyperion's love and gave birth
to great Helios and bright Selene and Eos,
who brings light to all the mortals of this earth
and to the immortal gods who rule the wide sky."
(Hesiod, Theogony, 371-374)

"It was a clash of styles Angela Merkel in Hollywood, the Chancellor meeting the dream factory!", wrote the German Bild newspaper, and at that time everything still seemed fine-
Merkel met a.o. with Terminator Schwarzenegger - (now replaced by AvatarStar and and "Perseus" of "Clash of the Titans" Sam Worthington).

With her Javier Solana's former advicer and current candidat for the job as General Secretary in the EU Foreign Affairs Departement under Lady Ashton: Christoph Heusgen.
" was her foreign policy advisor Christoph Heusgen who would have been the most bitter – he was due to sit next to (Nicole) Kidman…"

Interesting was the picture with her, modell Heidi Klum and husband Seal,
Seal's full name is Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel,
Olusegun meaning "God is victorious".
interesting the mirror use of black and white triangle-form in their clothes,
like Merkel between black clouds. Link

"The pavement, alternately black and white, symbolizes, whether so intended or not, the
Good and Evil Principles of the Egyptian and Persian creed. It is the warfare of Michael
and Satan, of the Gods and Titans, of Balder and Lok; between light and shadow, which
is darkness; Day and Night; Freedom and Despotism; Religious Liberty and the Arbitrary
Dogmas of a Church that thinks for its votaries, and whose Pontiff claims to be infallible,
and the decretals of its Councils to constitute a gospel."
Albert Pike "Morals and Dogma"

Then Merkel went to Lisbon as the vulcanic clouds would not allow her to fly to Berlin.
After visiting the Portugese President she flew to Rome.(and received a phone call from Berlusconi, but he did not see her). Together with her team and the reporters the went towards the Alps passing l'Aquila, where we had the Earthquake last year,
almost exactly before one year, which also the media throuroughly documented:
source: Spiegel, Link

They had offered her to fly by helicopter over the Alps,
but she said "nowbody will be left behind", as the whole team would not find enough place in the helicopters, so she drove by bus and in front of her the Government limousines.
Just some 70 km later one wheel of the bus crashed and the caravan had to wait.
But not Merkel, she changed her mind and took the limosine to the hotel in Bozen,
from where she would head to Berlin the next day. I am sure Heusgen also did not wait for
the next bus to arrive.This is very close to the part in the Emmerich Film 2012,
where all these politicans get their golden tickets for the ships that would save them from the flood.In the film Merrylin Gann plays the German Chancellor which ressembles a LOT Angela Merkel!!! Now If you watch the trailer to the film 2012 it says:

"The yellowstone became the biggest vulcan in the world"
"We have to reach the airport"
"people! watch this!"
"where do we go?"
"the government builds ships"
"the moment we do not fight anymore for each other is the moment we loose our humanity"

And also Miliband:
same elements: vulcano, air, ships, government ...pretty 2012, Link

to be continued with the clASH of ASHton's...
stay tuned!

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