Saturday, April 03, 2010

an insane idea

Concerning the "news" by Mark Hosenball, in: NEWSWEEK, Wednesday, March 31, and titled

"Hutaree suspected former NATO chief of beeing the Antichrist", LINK

"Mr. Solana has now retired and is an elderly private gentleman. This is quite insane." He adds that Solana used to make regular trips to Washington in the course of his work for NATO and the EU but "took few precautions" to ensure his personal security."

So Christians believing in Bible Prophecy and watching are dangerous and insane? Of course you can make the world believe this by creating a fake militant group (come on, the website has strange elements, for example playing Gothic band and Pentagramm lovers "Sisters of Mercy" as soundtrack to their "training video", the story of the missing jpg.-pic of the star of David at the end of the site, a stupid forum,'s just too obvious) , fill them also with agent provocateurs (Link: FBI agent infiltrated Hutaree) and let them have an ideology that seems more than bizarre for somebody who never read the Bible. Then go there just one week before Eastern with full media coverage and put them under arrest. Combine in every newspaper the words "Christian" and "militant" and ridicule them as abnormal. Interesting enough two days later, the 10 kings of WEU, right at the heart of their alleged ideology, declare to dissolve their organisation after more than 60 years of existence. Now wouldn't be this some new material for Dan Brown, after the Freemasons are now the good guys in his view and there is all material he would need for another creepy conspiracy story which could portrait all the Christian "extremists" as dangerous psychopaths, that have to be shut up. That would truly serve the declared goals of the "Alliance of Civilizations".

My friend Herb Peters had reasons to write his book "recommendation 666"back in 2001. He was a faithful watcher up until his sudden death in 2007. His premise had been always to concentrate on "just the facts". And he was serious and integer in this. And he was a peaceful man and so are Christians who live after the Word. Our armour is our good news (of forgiveness in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead) and not guns. This peacefulness however doesn't mean that we close our eyes and accept blindly the mood of the day and do not care about what's happening in the world around us (and the world is not just the next shopping center). We know what we are waiting for and are not surprised how things are developing in this world as we have been told to watch for the signs to appear. And if you want to arrest us for opening our mouth, we will be good guests and the guards will notice this.

Herb Peters would be happy to see his news on what happened in Europe go finally mainstream, as this is what happens as a result of this action. As for the "quite insane" part of the whole idea, be assured it was not Herb's or Constance's or mine or somebody else's Christian idea, but the (W)EU did all it was needed to create a pattern that definitly made the events in Europe worth to have a closer look at. The (W)EU gave Solana"s postions the number 666 and it was not a fantasy that even the Gold-Prize on his birthday on July 14, 2007 was standing fix at 666.00 USD. So if the responsible men wanted to play with these numbers, they see the outcome here. And please don't tell me they have no money for experts on cultural backgrounds there in Brussells to avoid such "mistakes".

Also for example the 7 year ENP treaty with Israel is reality and based on Solana's Barcelona Process from 1995. And also in Israel a 7 year treaty is not an old prophecy that has nothing to do with today politics. Go and read the discussion in the Knessett the day before they voted on this treaty. Opponents were accused of having a "Messianic Complex". Of course belief systems play a role in todays politics.

And when talking about "bizarre" and "insane" elements in belief systems, please do not forget to mention the quite bizarre synergies between politicans we should respect as serious representatives for us the people and the false Noetic "Scientific" prophets of the New Age Blavatsky crowd with their "Ascended Masters", that created a much more dangerous and insane racist belief system backed up with enormous financial assets, I and many others have shown since years. Please do not tell me the Security around Solana is so low (I experienced quiet the opposite, even I never intended to come close to him personally) and that this all would be all totally new to European Diplomats. I see who is following my blog alone and you have to have more than 2 blind eyes to oversee that undemocratic one-world-governance sheme going on in Europe and in the world. Even Rockefeller admitted it and said he would be proud of it. Just the facts.
And it's also ridiculous to tell people Solana - Antichrist or not - having now a siesta as a retired gentlemen at the sea-side. Happy to know that there are enough people outside who have not stopped thinking and watching.
stay tuned!

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