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the Olympians

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"the world is my oyster", masses at his feet:
Javier Solana yesterday at ESADE alumni, sponored by LaCaixa,
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There is a LOT going on lately, I hardly can cope with the flood of things happening the last days, but I will try as good as I can. It looks like the elite are following a script in which they highly manipulate the global mass consciousness according to their occult dates and rituals by using the media in a VERY efficient way. First let me give some actual info, before I will give my 2 cents from my little spot in my article to come on this whole show they produced the last days. and there is a lot more going on for sure....

Javier Solana put forward his view on today's world geopilitical situation yesterday in Barcelona at the ESADE alumni meeting. Flanked by Marcel Planellas, Secretary General of ESADE, Solana showed orally and and graphically some of the changes that have occurred in recent years. "I believe that never before we had so many calling for international cooperation."
And never before were so palpable changes. No more lunch at those meetings where representatives from countries like China or Mexico were waiting for dessert to come and be informed". LINK
The structure is already in place and now Solana wants to win the crowd for it.

He did so also in chatting with the students.This idea for the event came directly from the students, so they could chat with Solana in a more informal way than is the norm. He spoke about "horizontal problems", those which affect us on a global level and which must be answered globally. He also maintained that the three most serious problems today are nuclear proliferation, poverty in Africa and climate change. Link (Here we go again)...

Then there was the state funeral, burial of Juan Antonio Samarach, President of the International Olympic Comittee, after the "Times", the man,"who stole the Games innoscence" and Solana was right there as he knew him well from Laussanne, Geneve and LaCaixa and surprise surprise from somewhere else...see for yourself:

"The former EU high representative for common foreign and security policy, Javier Solana, said today as "a huge loss," the death of former president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Juan Antonio Samaranch, and recalled that "sport played a important role during his mandate to work for peace. "
Speaking to reporters after visiting the chapel at the Palau de la Generalitat, Solana said that Samaranch addressed "in the Olympic truce," recalling in particular the time of the Balkan wars."(!)
Their relationship began in the late 1970s, and when the diplomat was president of the Interministerial Committee of the Government for the 1992 Games. In parallel, Samaranch awarded him and made him "
Part of the Olympic family."he added.

"Narcis Serra, mayor of Barcelona between 1979 and 1982, and current president of Caixa de Cataluna, revealed yesterday that Samaranch was the architect of the idea and the driving force behind the whole process that led eventually to the proclamation of Barcelona as an Olympic venue October 17, 1986 ...
Pujol and Maragall also admitted that Samaranch tutelage submitted the candidature of Barcelona and uncovered an episode involving the two and Javier Solana, then minister of the government of Felipe Gonzalez, which demonstrates the implication that the former showed IOC in the project. "He called us, me and Solana," recalled Pujol. "We were all three stuck. The council, which owns the Olympics, the Generalitat and the Government. He called us and told us you do not well enough. Hey. This must be done otherwise. I know how this goes. This could not say then, but now, "said the president, to conclude:" We followed his advice and everything went well. "

Solana: "What I can share with the readers of La Vanguardia on the figure of Juan Antonio Samaranch? What I can point out that no other writers have already stressed or means of the international press as The New York Times itself? In the end what I found:
Samaranch regained the Olympic Truce as an effective instrument of peace. So I think the international community must recognize his long and committed contribution to the Olympic movement. We all knew that the ancient Greeks founded the concept of "Olympic Truce" and the sanctuary of Olympia was turned into a zone of permanent immunity by which the sport and their families could travel safely to compete at the Games. But the merit in Samaranch would like to highlight is that it was able to update the bid to the Olympic Truce in the complex geopolitical context of the twentieth century. We showed everyone that, at certain times in our recent history, the sport could be an instrument of great help in building harmony between peoples and nations. ..." Link
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