Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Solana called to create more global management structures


Madrid, April 20 .- The former High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union (EU), Javier Solana, today urged to build more structures to manage the total financial structure, with the help of all world regions.

By participating in the seminar "From Rio de Janeiro to Madrid, a decade after, organized by the Ibero-American Secretariat (SEGIB), Spanish politician said" we have not yet been able to create mechanisms to govern the multipolarity. "

"We are very far from knowing how to deal with this structure and reach the goal of making it effectively," he said.

He explained that the realization that the world has ceased to be unipolar, "is something positive and are happy with that," but warned of the urgency of knowing how to manage to "know how to manage this without creating more problems."

Abounded that this occurs in a scenario of global problems requiring global solutions, "but there is no drive for it because of the national legitimacy."

Solana noted that despite United Nations efforts on many issues, and the G-20 on the topic of economic crisis, "still need to coordinate groups of countries based on their common elements, history, values and seek a common future. "

He also said that international relations are currently developing scenarios "within transfers of power between Member States and do not necessarily have things in common, and there was a different world view."

Regarding the relationship between the EU and Latin America, said the summit next May in Madrid between the two blocs have to be able to give substantive performance links have been forged in recent years.

He acknowledged that there are difficulties and differences on many issues, and they are an economic crisis, "but to pass these problems must be exploited and not lose the historic opportunity."

He suggested further work on the regionalization schemes, and international relations in the future will have very important groups, blocks and regions.

The seminar organized by the SEGIB met here with former presidents, representatives of multilateral institutions, academics and experts on transatlantic relations, to exchange experiences on the peaks Latin America, Caribbean and European Union."
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