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acciona Brasil

Matias Cortes, director of Prisa, and José Manuel Entrecanales, chairman of Acciona

.. Lula offers to Spain to participate in an investment plan of 675,000 million -

Carlos Molina - Madrid - 20.05.2010

"Brazil has become a country of large projects. "With this sentence, the president of Brazil commented yesterday the profound process of transformation has wrought in this nation's first national plan for accelerating growth, best known as PAC1, through which have been built 5000 km of new roads, power lines 7300 to eight new airports. And this project will have its continuation with a second phase, equipped with 675 000 million euros, already begun this year and invited the Brazilian president yesterday to join the large group of great Spanish businessmen gathered at a forum 'Brazil, the Alliance for the New Global Economy', organized by El Pais and the Brazilian newspaper Valor Economico. Among them were Julio Linares (Telefónica), Ignacio Sánchez Galán (Iberdrola) Antonio Vázquez (Iberia), Pablo Isla (Inditex), Luis del Rivero (Sacyr), Javier Gómez Navarro (Aldeasa), José Manuel Entrecanales (Acciona), Rafael del Pino (Ferrovial), Juan Miguel Villar Mir (OHL), Baldomero Falcones (FCC), Juan Antonio Germain (Mercadona), Angel Corcostegui (Magnum), Alejandro Legarda (CAF), José Terceiro (Abengoa), Santiago Bergareche (Cepsa), José Juan Ruiz (Santander), Petra Mateos (Hispasat) or Teófilo Serrano (Renfe). Javier Solana also attended and the secretaries general of the UGT and CCOO, Candido Mendez and Ignacio Fernandez Toxo."

"...One of the emblematic works of this second plan will accelerate the construction of a high-speed rail linking Rio and Sao Paulo, with a planned investment of 18.000 billion euros.

...Figures that led yesterday to the Minister of Finance to predict that there will be no gap between revenues and expenditures in 2012 and that this will serve to Brazil to take on the role of creditor and not as debtor, as it has had traditionally. "Brazil is ready to participate in the effort of the International Monetary Fund to help other countries with problems," he said.

The Brazilian president used the chance to criticize the role of the UN on imposing new sanctions on Iran as there have been agreed uranium exchanges with Brazil and Turkey. "The world order has changed. As the emerging countries we will provide two thirds of global growth in the coming years and that should be reflected in the role we have in organizations such as the G-20 without relying on the EU or the U.S." he remarked."



ACCIONA Chairman & CEO José Manuel Entrecanales met yesterday with the European Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard, and a number of major European corporate leaders to look at the possibility of establishing a more ambitious reduction target for GHG emissions. The target currently stands at 20%; however, the EU Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change (EUCLG), an organisation created under the auspices of HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, and which brings together premier corporations and brands, such as ACCIONA, is calling on EU authorities to bear in mind that there is a solid economic argument for reviewing the current emissions target" LINK

more on Solana and Acciona, see also:

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"Their Deadline for nomination: 20 May 2010", is again pointing to May 22,

The "International Day for Biological Diversity (or World Biodiversity Day)" - a United Nations–sanctioned international holiday. It is currently held on May 22." (Wikipedia). Remember:


I have reported about the Euromed Logo on the grails knight and grail tablet in the Film Indiana Jones 3.
In the same night 2008, May 22, also the film INDIANA JONES 4 was released worldwide, presenting the 12 around 1 Chrystal Skulls ritual mocking the last supper and coding "Gaia Mother Earth" as new Christ.
(I reported more such programming in German TV: )(also just yesterday, so close to May 22 again, the picture in the media of Georg Lucas holding the skull of main actor Shia Labeouf:Link )

I had written:
"13months from 22 of May 2008, the day of the EUromed night of dialogue and the presenting of the 12 plus one chrystal skull in a circle at the same night in the Indiana Jones film release worldwide? Did you know that in some catholic countries this was the day they celebratated 2008 MAY 22 "THE DAY OF CORPUS CHRISTI" (?!) "
"Its celebration on the Thursday following Trinity Sunday is meant to associate it with Jesus' institution of the Eucharist during the Last Supper"

"A new chapter in the history of mankind is about to
begin. One can call it
EARTH’s BAPTISM OF LIGHT, it’s first resurrection or whatever else – the
only meaning is to lift up earth and it’s people BY A CLEANSING PROCESS TO A HIGHER LEVEL OF VIBRATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS, that we are finally able to live in dignity and peace
and in the picture and parable of God….the seed of light wants to break free…”
Heinrich Elijah Benedikt in his occult book "Die Wiederkunft Christi" (p41).

Heinrich Elijah Benedikt is close friend with Club of Budapest, Club of Rome player Ervin Laszlo
and Noetic Science guy Edgar Mitchell (see above, "programming Germany").

and there is much more from the same the next days to come...
stay tuned!

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