Monday, May 17, 2010

"A centralized National Government, with Rodrigo Rato and Javier Solana"

"A few months ago, an advertising campaign promoted by the Government related media terminals and led by the Chamber of Commerce proclaimed from the rooftops that this serious economic crisis we should fix the country together. I do not know if this is possible....

Last Saturday, without going any further, I went to dinner at a pizzeria in Zaragoza. At the next table had a meeting of young couples who spent half of lunch on the issue. Those eight people designed, in just over half an hour, the solution to this problem: a government of national concentration.

If I heard wrong, the proposal is as follows. Zapatero and Rajoy should be set aside. The major political forces have to reach an agreement to form a government without political color for the sole purpose of pushing through the national economy.

In front of the Executive should put three heavyweights: Javier Solana, Rodrigo Rato y Joaquín Almunia. Why are these three characters? Because the most serious challenge that Spain has now "they believe, is gaining credibility in international markets. No one better than these figures can do so.

What about the idea?

Personally I do not see this country ready (mature, I mean) to face-even distantly-this feature. But it sound, sounds good."


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