Thursday, May 13, 2010

Europe 2030

Herman Van Rompuy with Felipe González,
Chairman of the Reflection Group
on the Future of Europe.LINK
© European Union, 2010
1.) Europe 2030 by Brookings:
Contributors include Oksana Antonenko (International Institute for Strategic Studies), José Manuel Durão Barroso (European Commission), José Cutileiro (former secretary general, Western European Union), Joschka Fischer (former minister of foreign affairs, Germany), Charles Grant (Center for European Reform), Andrew Hilton (Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation), Jonathan Laurence (German Marshall Fund, Boston College and Brookings Institution), Rui Chancerelle de Machete (consititutional and administrative attorney), Hubert Védrine (former minister of foreign affairs, France), and Joseph H.H. Weiler (New York University).

2.) Europe 2030 by EU Elders Reflection Group: Link
46 pages, pdf: Link

Members of the Reflection Group

Felipe González Márquez, Chairman

Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Vice-Chair

Jorma Ollila, Vice-Chair

Lykke Friis (until her nomination as Minister for Climate and Energy on 24 November 2009)

Rem Koolhaas

Richard Lambert

Mario Monti

Rainer Münz

Kalypso Nicolaïdis

Nicole Notat

Wolfgang Schuster

Lech Walesa

and 3.):

Promoted by the President of the Government of Catalonia, the

Catalan Reflection Group on the Future of the European Union

(in Catalan, Grup Català de Reflexió sobre el Futur de la Unió

Europea) was created in January 2009. The goal of the Reflection

Group is, from a Catalan perspective, to come up with proposals

on the future of the European Union and to provide input on the

kind of Europe that Catalonia would like. The aim is to submit the

proposals to the Reflexion Group, chaired by Felipe Gonzalez, on

the Future of Europe in the 2020-2030 Time Horizon.


The Group’s members are Eugenio Bregolat, Ignasi Carreras,

Carles Casajuana, Joan Clos, Concepció Ferrer, Gregorio Garzón,

Carles Gasòliba, Joan Majó, Juan Antonio March, Federico

Mayor Zaragoza, Miquel Nadal, Josep Piqué, Juan Prat, Eduardo

Punset, Jacint Ros Hombravella, Narcís Serra and Josep Verde


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