Monday, May 31, 2010

German President suddenly leaves...

"German President Horst Koehler stunned the public by suddenly stepping down amid an ongoing controversy over comments he made about Afghanistan. He is the first German president to ever resign his post.",,5635018,00.html

Köhler was former IMF head before his job as President, if I remember right in 2004 he also took his hat there right before the crisis on Argentine broke out into the open...he must have knowledge on what's going on...He is also member of the Trilateral Commission...

interesting timing, somethings up...last week the strongest politician behind Merkel also took his hat....:

"German CDU leader Roland Koch resigns
By Ulrich Rippert
31 May 2010
The Hesse state premier,
Roland Koch of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), has announced that he will resign his post in late August and not run again for the CDU’s state chair at the party convention in June. His resignation is a deliberate affront to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), and the decision has exacerbated the dispute inside the CDU about the future direction of the party." Hessen is home to Germany's banking capital Frankfurt, housing also the European Central Bank with it's head Jean-Claude Trichet. Two weeks ago it just laid new cornerstone for it's new center - a twin tower building. "The meticulous project is also designed to rejuvenate the surrounding neighbourhood and commemorate the human cost of the wholesale market's troubled past. During the Nazi era, Jews were held in its basement before deportation to concentration camps."

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