Wednesday, May 05, 2010

killed for market

picture source: Focus, Germany

Strange enough the lecture I gave today at University had the title "killed for market"...coming home I see:

"Three people were killed in a firebomb attack on a bank in central Athens today as protests against the Greek Government turned violent...

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, urged MPs to back the emergency loan package agreed by EU finance ministers. Germany would be required to pay the largest part of the loans.

Quite simply, Europe’s future is at stake,” she said. The destiny of the EU and Germany’s place in it depended on the outcome of the Greek crisis, she added....

In Greece’s second city in the north of the country, Thessaloniki, about 14,000 people gathered to protest, police said.

Yesterday militant Communist Party members stormed the Acropolis and hung a giant protest banner over the parapet. Another group burst into a state television studio on Monday evening, interrupting a live news broadcast." LINK

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